January 15 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

January 15 is the 15th day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar. People born on January 15 are very loyal, disciplined and intelligent, so they usually manage to achieve all their goals. If you are Capricorn born on this day, then you must be a very passionate and loyal person as well.

In this article you will have the opportunity to read all about the astrological meanings of January 15 zodiac sign. If you were born on Januar 15 or someone in you surrounding has this birthday, then you will certainly like this article. You will find out all about Januar 15 zodiac sign and its traits. Of course, a zodiac sign of Januar 15 is Capricorn, so you will get to know many things about people born under January 15 zodiac sign.

We will tell you something about personal characteristics of people born on January 15, but also about their love life and career. If you are interested in astrology and if January 15 is an important date for you, then you will enjoy this article.

Characteristics and Personality

As you probably already know, Capricorn is the zodiac sign for all people born on January 15. But, you may not have known that the astrological symbol of January 15 is the goat. Actually, this symbol represents all people that are born between December 22 and January 19. According to this, we can say that people born in this period have many common personal traits. As all other zodiac signs, Capricorn has also both positive and negative traits and now we will see some of them.

The planet that is ruling this zodiac sign is Saturn, but for people born on Januar 15 there is also a little of influence of Mercury. These two planets will make you be disciplined, responsible and patient. It is also believed that Mercury is related to developed communication skills and high intelligence. So, if you were born under January 15 zodiac sign, you will have the opportunity to become a great public speaker.

First of all it is known that these people are usually stubborn, but also very responsible for their loved ones. That’s why their families and their partners are feeling safe and protected.

The element that is related to January 15 zodiac sign is the Earth. It means that these people are usually very reasonable and also responsible. That’s why they love to deal with other responsible people.

There is no doubt that people born on January 15 are full of energy, but they also know to be very calm in some situations. It is interesting that people born on this date are usually very shy and they are almost never in the center of the attention. However, when they spend time with their friends, they are usually very humorous and people love them. When it comes to something serious or if there are any problems around them, they will be serious, cautious and ready to solve the problem. It is important that they never escape from problems, even though they may be very hard. As you can see, Capricorn people and especially people born on January 15 have many positive characteristics, so it is good to have this person as a friend.

Of course, there are also a few of negative characteristics that we can mention about these people. The most negative trait of all Capricorn people is their naivety. Sometimes they may be too naive and they trust everyone. That’s why they are usually deceived and disappointed in some people, but also in themselves. Another negative characteristic of these people is their pessimism. Very often they have negative thoughts and they are afraid of their future. They don’t like any risks in life because they are afraid of everything new that could happen in their lives.

Also, people born on January 15 don’t like changes and adventures. If you are adventurous person, we don’t think that you would have fun with someone born on January 15.

Family and children have a very important place in the lives of people born on Januar 15. They are ready to do anything to protect their families and to save them from disappointments.

Even though Capricorns have usually good health, people born on Januar 15 can be too sensitive, so it can have a negative impact on their health. It is recommended for these people to practice meditation and other relaxing techniques.

These persons are faithfull and loyal both in their friendships and relationships. If you would like to know more about love life of people born on January 15, you should continue reading this article.

Love Compatibility

When it comes to their love life, we have to say that people born under January 15 zodiac sign are usually very romantic and reliable. They love to be in a relationship with someone who is reliable as well. A person born on January 15 will love to have a partner who is intelligent and trustworthy. If you have a Capricorn partner, you can be sure that he/she will never deceive you. A Capricorn partner will protect you and make you feel safe. But, you have to do the same. The only way to conquer a Capricorn’s heart is to be honest and reliable. When a Capricorn decides to commit, you should know that it will be forever.

Very often a love story of someone born on January 15 has grown from previous friendship. It means that if a Capricorn had a very good friend, it is very possible that he/she will realize that this person may be the right one. That’s why these relationships usually last too long and they often lead to marriage.

As we have already said, a person born under January 15 zodiac sign will be very loyal and honest in a relationship. So, if your partner is a Capricorn or if he/she is born on January 15, then you are a lucky person. You don’t have to worry about your love life, because you have a loyal and reliable person by your side. Most important for you is to be loyal as well.


Of course, we can also mention that people born on January 15 are usually very passionate. They choose partners who will admire them and who can match both their physical and emotional energy.

When it comes to love compatibility, we have to say that people born on January 15 are most compatible with people born on 1st, 6th and 9th of a month, but also with people born on 15th, 19th, 24th and 27th. It is also believed that people under January 15 zodiac sign are usually attracted to other earth signs, such as Virgo and Taurus. Actually, these three signs are very similar because they have the same visions and opinions in life.

Capricorn is a sign that believes in true love. This sign is always searching for a reliable and charming partner who could motivate them and make them feel protected. According to astrology, the most suitable partner for people born under January 15 zodiac is Cancer. On the other side, we will also mention a partner who is not suitable for them at all and this is Sagittarius. If you are Capricorn zodiac sign and especially if you are born on Januar 15, then you should never have a relationship with someone born under Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Purpose and Career

These people are usually interested in phylosophy and art, but also in education, science and technical things. We have already mentioned that many of them have great communication skills, but they have to overcome their shyness first.

When it comes to their career, people born on January 15 don’t like to work with people who are not serious and responsible. They hate when they have to postpone or to change their plans because of other people. People born on January 15 are very practical as well.

There is no doubt that these people are hard working and intelligent. They have their own goals in life and they never give up. Career goals are very important for them, so they are ready to work hard to reach them.

Symbols, Lucky Numbers and Colors

It is believed that people born under January 15 zodiac sign have their lucky numbers, lucky days and lucky colors. Some of the luckiest numbers for them are 2, 4, 12, 19 and also number 26. It is believed that for people born on January 15 Saturday is a lucky day. For Capricorn people this day is a symbol of stability and also desire. Also, Friday is mentioned as a lucky day for people born under January 15 zodiac sign. Saturday and Friday will have a special meaning for these people, especially when they fall on 6th or 7th of a month.

It is believed that the favorite color of people born on Januar 15 is brown. It means that these people should usually wear clothes in brown color or they can choose brown objects for their house. Capricorn people also love people whose color of eyes is brown, because those people are determined and it is easy to deal with them.

Also, it is believed that people with brown eyes are usually very reliable and disciplined. Of course, brown is not the only color that is considered to be lucky for people born on January 15. Their lucky colors could also be dark green, dark blue and black. Women born under this zodiac sign can love pink color as well.

We will also mention an important symbol for people born on January 15. The birthstone for people born on this date is the Garnet. It is a symbol of awareness and also faithfulness, so it is recommended for people born on January 15 to wear this zodiac birthstone as a part of their jewelry or accessories. Another important characteristic of the Garnet is that it brings balance in someone’s life.

Also, if you have nightmares and if you are afraid of something, it is recommended for you to wear this energizing birthstone. The Garnet can be found in India, Africa and also in Sri Lanka. There is also another birthstone that could bring good things to people born on Januar 15. It is the Sapphire and it is usually a symbol of sincerity and stability.

If you are looking for a gift for someone who was born on January 15, we recommend you to choose a book that consists of short stories. It is true that these people love reading, but sometimes they are not patient enough to focus on a very long novel. Sometimes they don’t have enough patience and they may easily get bored.

Historical Events on January 15th

There were also many important historical events that happened on January 15 and now you will see some of the most important.

1535 – Henry VIII declared himself as the head of the English church

1559 – Elizabeth I was crowned Queen of England

1759 – British Museum was opened

1892 – James Naismith published the basketball rules

1895 – It was the premiere of Tchaikovsky’s ballet called “Swan Lake“

1936 – In Toledo (Ohio) was built the first building that was all covered in glass

2001 – Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger launched Wikipedia online

Famous People Born on January 15th

You have seen the secret meanings and symbolism that January 15 can have for you, if you were born under this date. Also, there is no doubt that many famous personalities and great thinkers were born on January 15. First we will mention a popular French playwright and actor Molière, who was well known for his comedies. He was born on January 15, 1622 and he was one of the most important personalities in Western literature.

One of the most famous people born on January 15 was also Martin Luther King, an American activist and minister who won the Nobel Prize. He was born in the year 1929.  His emotional partner was Coretta Scott King, who was born under Taurus zodiac sign.

Another famous Capricorn born on January 15 was Aristotle Onassis, who was the Greek shipping tycoon. He was born on January 15 1906 and he was one of the richest people in the world.