Itchy Nose – Meaning and Superstition

Humans have the need that is imprinted in us, that we must be fulfilled spiritually, and at times we need to explain the randomness of our lives and the bad things that happen to us, so we are trying to explain them by looking into sings beside the road. Scientists say that this is superstition that is even till this present in our lives.

We believe that some form of supernatural powers is close to us and that if we do certain things at a particular time, evil spirits and their forces will go away.

Above all, we believe in fate, and we are firmly sticking to the belief that there are time and days in which something may be, and something must not be done.

All of this explains why even today, in the modern era, when we know so much about the world and Universe in general, we still believe that certain things are true and that there is something in the ladybug that landed on our hand, in a bee that sting us, in a black cat that crossed our path, etc….

These superstitions are still well accepted in our lives, and we believe in them, even subconsciously, if we do not want to admit it.

Maybe we still believe, because there is something in those beliefs – old people were closer to them, and maybe they had it all figured out.

This can explain the survival of religion in modern and contemporary society, where almost everything is accessible and explained – maybe we have not moved on as much as we think we are.

The most common signs that the Universe sends us is through our own bodies, and when you think about it, who can tell us the best what is going on in our lives and more, then we?

In fact, there are so many beliefs in the people about what it means when a body part trembles or it itches for example – it can be a palm of your hand, your finger, mouth, eyebrow or nose, even.

According to some belief, the energy of other people in us “enters” through the palm of our hands, as we also give our energy to others in the same way. When you point to an inner side of the palm, he will fill you with nerves if he is nervous or if you are filled with tranquility if he is saddened.

The same belief speaks of our energy that wants to protect by tackling our noses.

Many of the everyday occurrences that are happening virtually every single day (and often times we are entirely unaware of them) people have been linking to the future events or the explanation of the current events that we do not understand fully.

One more thing needs to be added at the beginning of this story – it is a well-known fact that our body (with every part of our bodies, including face) is the material form of our mind, and therefore every part of the body reveals something about our interior.

So, when a palm of your hand itches, or when your eye is twitching, that certainly means something.

In today’s story, we are talking about our nose and the fact that there is something when our nose itches, but you are wondering what it could be, and different cultures and civilizations reveal a different story.

What does it mean when nose itches?

First, we must say that most of the cultures in the world, placed the meaning of the nose high in the system of values for a human – it once one of the most prominent features in the face, and the feature that helps us recognize people (or families) by their nose. Royal families have nose shape in one way, while the rest of the nation in another.


Even in the old days, when people knew so little of the world that surround them, they tried to make some connection between the itching their noses and the things that are about to happen around them.

For the majority of cultures, itching of the nose means that hypocrites are all around you, and your body is sending you signal. It means that in their presence, you do not feel comfortable and that you need to remove them from your surroundings as soon as possible.

Another meaning is – and you probably already hear about this meaning, is the one that tells you if your Nose itches it means that you are going to have a brawl with someone very, very soon. If the itching is unbearable, that means that you will have a real fight with a stranger, but most likely it means that you will have a huge fight the person you love, and then you will probably end your friendship with him or her forever. That is how big that fight can be. It is a very common belief that the intensity of the quarrel depends on how much your nose is itching.

In some parts of the world, irritation of the nose means that a guest will come from far away or possibly some mail that will bring some small, but exciting news. Some others say that this meaning depends on a nostril that itches, right or left.

Another interesting meaning that is connected to the nose is the one that says that in time when someone is angry at you or if some group of people is telling stories about you, possibly gossip about you – your nose will itch.

If people tell bad things about you, that are not even true, or if someone during a fight screams at you, you should do this – scratch your nose.

This comes from a belief that if nostrils are rubbed, in that case, you can make that lousy energy go away and leave you at peace.

Your nose may be telling you that you are in a bad company of people, who are nice to you when you are with them, but as soon as you look back, they are telling bad things about you. Your nose clearly shows how your body is irritated by them. You should remove those human allergic compounds from your environment.

If the nose itches you all the time, it means that the quarrels can be found at every step of your way and that something is seriously wrong with your environment. It also raises the question -maybe the problem is with you and your choice of friends.

Itchiness of the Nose can be an ‘announcement’ of disgusting verbal fights – very soon you will have a serious fight with someone, and you and that other person will say so many negative and insulting things to each other.

What does it symbolize when your nose itches?

Itching can be very irritating and annoying, especially if it lasts long, and as you were able to see, it can be a signal that comes from your body that something wrong is happening all around you and that you should be prepared for a brawl.

As far as the symbolism goes, when your nose itches you, it is a symbol of warning – you will find yourself in a society that you will not be in any way suited for. The best thing that you could do is to complete this fellowship as soon as possible, or you will suffer some serious consequences in life.

Often, we do not do everything exactly the way we want it in your life and you are exactly in one such period. Your body as a material form of your spiritual self is telling what you should do, or not do; and in this sense, we are obligated to listen to what it has to say.

This symbolism cannot be wrong, since your body, in this case, your nose, to say it metaphorically, knows what is going on, and it has smelled the danger.

If your nose itches you just for a second, very little, then it symbolizes that you will experience injustice. It is possible that someone will blame you if a procedure or statement that is not your reason, and that many of the surrounding people will change their behavior towards you. It will be your fault that people know so little about you and have a wrong opinion about you as soon as they believe in everything they hear.

If your nose is itching you to the point that you cannot stand it anymore, and that is borderline with pain, it has a surprising symbolism. In this case, it signifies an insult that someone will give to you, and it will make you incredibly angry.

It may happen that someone will attach you features that you think you do not own, arguing that you are not what you are imagining. He will try to disrupt your reputation by using the tricks that people who know you well will be able to evaluate and ignore.

If your nose itches and it almost resembles pleasant tickle, it symbolizes a love adventure that you may be able to enjoy very soon. You will probably start a relationship that is not typical for you, and you will experience many pleasant and unpleasant surprises. Initially, you will not know how to set up, or how to define your relationship, but in the end, you will cease to wear out formalities and start enjoying what you enjoy.

Even if we must say that these are just superstitious beliefs, knowing this will certainly make us smile the next time our Nose itches.

Is it a good or a bad sign?

The nose is the organ that is very important for people; without it, we could not be able to enjoy life, but also to rescue ourselves from some bad things. At the same time, it is satisfaction and repulsion.

As you were able to see, it can be a body signal that you should pay attention to some things that are happening around you – it can speak about the changes that are about to happen, and they are not always lovely. Sometimes those changes are accompanied by the problems.

So, in this sense, we cannot say that itching of the nose is a good or a bad sign, but this means that you should free from toxins and bring emotions to the surface. When the problem is released, you are trying to suppress it, and your skin will express the problem until you process emotions.

In some alternative symbolism, this can be a good sign, as a reminder that the time for releasing negative people from your environment is now.

Of course, in this text, we spoke about the superstition about nose itching, but we have certainly drawn your attention, and you will think about these lines the next time you feel an itch in your nostrils.


As you were able to see, besides the palm of a hand, the nose is one “motive” that is very common in superstitions, and even today, in modern days people believe that itching if a nose means something meaningful.

Many oriental exercises pay special attention to the parts of the body, like ears, nose and hands, and they have a whole map of the entire human body on them, which modern medicine does not deny that they have some importance for overall well being.  They go as far as saying that nose itching can be connected to some much deeper and higher things, than superstition.

Besides some most common beliefs regarding nose itching, we want to discuss for the ending of this story, about one more meaning that is maybe even more important than any previous one.

We will end this piece by speaking some more about the spiritual transition that we all should strive in life, and it is a common fact that during that time our body in mind can endure many changes.

The length of your spiritual journey can vary – and in this sense, you can experience many signals from your body, and it is essential for you to read them.

At times in the moments when our body changes as well as our minds, we might feel uncomfortable, or a certain part of our body can hurt us, or in some others cases, it can itches.

You should see this sign as a blessing and a true confirmation that your spiritual awakening has started. You should never be afraid of such events if your ear buzzes, or your nose itches – finding an inner peace a good sense of humor are your best tools for dealing with these “symptoms”.