Hummingbird – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Cute little hummingbird is probably the smallest of all bird species on Earth and one of the tiniest animals we know of. Despite of that, its symbolism is huge and powerful.

How it is possible that so gentle little fellow possesses so strong spiritual energy? Hummingbirds are fascinating creatures, indeed.

There are many amazing and interesting facts about their biology, behavior and appearance. These small benevolent birds emit incredibly strong spiritual vibrations. They are associated with things magical and enchanting.

People tend to ascribe heavenly powers to beings that fascinate them and fill their hearts and minds with both grace and wonder.

Hummingbirds are beautiful and mysterious, so they certainly fall under the category of ‘magical’; Hummingbird meaning varies depending on particular cultural concept just a little bit.

All people could strongly agree upon their charm, cuteness and positive vibes their presence spreads around. There is probably no other creature of so small body size and so grandiose aura.

Beings that possess similar spiritual proportions are creatures such as butterflies, dragonflies and some other insects.

No birds or four-legged fellows are as magical as hummingbirds are.

Did you know hummingbirds exclusively inhabit America? That is correct, although their amazing characteristics are known worldwide and they are popular as symbols and motifs all around the planet.

However, speaking about spiritual meaning of these tiny birds, we must rely on interpretations originating from Americas.

In America, hummingbirds represent immortality, bravery, courage and endurance;

Perhaps you might think such great and strong characteristics do not fit small beings like these little birds, but hummingbirds are indeed naturally fascinating animals.

You probably do not know these tiny fellows fly over two hundred kilometers to reach northern parts of South America, when days start to grow cooler and the winter is approaching in southern areas!

You sure could agree this is an amazing ability.

Therefore, hummingbirds are believed to be symbols of great endurance, bravery and longevity.

Spiritual meaning of hummingbirds

What do hummingbirds represent? Well, such sweet and adorable flying fellows sure must represent beautiful things.


Yes, exactly so; hummingbirds are associated with grace and beauty, with peace, tranquility, love and positive life force. Many people think of hummingbirds as magical beings that are able to wake up hidden and forgotten energy we all possess.

Humans suffer from stress, we occupy ourselves with materiality, jobs, responsibilities and tasks of all sorts, which is not bad, but it often makes us forget about our spiritual self.

People say hummingbirds remind us of those hidden powers we all have within our souls.

Hummingbirds are powerful spiritual creatures that remind us of hidden life energy we posses and commonly forget about. Those tiny magical birds wake up our souls and spiritual selves;

It is believed hummingbirds bring joy and peace to people who see them. These beautiful creatures are able to make us smile and they chase away shadows of everyday worries.

It is said a hummingbird is able to make even the oldest person feel joy of life, to regain some of their youthful energy and optimism. People who are guided by a hummingbird totem are happy, joyful people who embrace all of the simply beautiful things in life.

Hummingbirds remind us the true beauty lies in simplicity of life, that no luxury is needed to be satisfied and content.

Hummingbirds remind us to value our life and our emotions. They represent true, pure and innocent beauty of life and nature.

All luxuries are only an addition to our wonderful life; Hummingbirds remind us what is it like to be young, optimistic and careless; what is it like to live without worries and fears.

Of course, our lives are made up of both good and bad elements, but the true key to satisfaction is to value what we have.

That is something people tend to completely forget. Hummingbirds invite us to dive into the beauty of life, to suck the sweet nectar of life with all of our senses, to let ourselves free of stress and worries for a while.

Hummingbirds symbolically embody the idea of carpe diem – they invite us to enjoy every day of our life, from sunrise to another one.

These magical tiny birds send the message: Life is one, live it, enjoy it, love, be passionate, value yourself and the ones around you.

Value the beauty of the day and your surroundings. There is so much beauty in the world, but we are prone to forgetting and neglecting it.

What does a hummingbird symbolize?

We could associate many things with these little birds. It is commonly said hummingbirds are magical beings that open up people’s hearts. These colorful birds are amongst the strongest symbols and motifs used to represent pleasant things in life, such as joy, love and beauty.

They are worldwide known for their incredibly colorful feathers.

These tiny birds have feathery coat that reminds us of rainbow (their feathers are of different colors that shine and refract in such an amazing way). They represent amazing things.

Focus and endurance – As we have said before, hummingbirds are able to fly for miles to reach more suitable environment.

Surely amazing information about hummingbirds astounds you. A journey long over two hundred kilometers for such a tiny being?

Hummingbirds must be magical creatures, because such a venture is challenging and probably impossible for humans.

It is not just the journey itself that matters; in symbolical world, this behavior is associated with steadiness, endurance, keeping focus and hope. Hummingbirds invite us to chase our dreams and to dedicate ourselves to achieving our goals or finding them.

Hummingbirds represent the importance of focus and persistence;

Value and respect – Just imagine a sight of this little fellow sucking nectar from a flower. With such an eagerness and joy this tiny bird approaches to each flower, knowing that its scented heard hides the potion of life.

Hummingbirds do not ‘harm’ flowers; they live in perfect harmony with all life on Earth. These small birds represent respect, love and harmony of life.

Whenever you feel sad, unaccomplished, unsatisfied with your life, remember there are always good things you can turn to, in order to gain energy and motivation for moving on.

Symbolically, hummingbirds are here to make us always remember that.

Hummingbirds represent the importance of respect and value of small things in life. Life is made up of little things forming amazing pattern;

Continuity and infinity – Did you know hummingbirds are able to fly sideways, backwards and to keep the same position in air, to literally ‘hang’ in the air. Their wings have and astounding moving force and speed (hummingbirds’ wings move fast, reaching about eighty swings per second!).

These natural characteristics symbolically represent persistence, endurance, continuity, tranquility, longevity and infinity. It seems hummingbirds are tireless little beings.

Hummingbirds represent the perfect balance between action and rest, thus, they embody the concept of continuity and longevity;

Rest and balance – However, their secret lies in perfect harmony and balance. Hummingbirds know they have to rest and they teach us rest, patience and steadiness are vital aspects of life.

Another interesting fact about them says their heartbeats drastically slow down when they go to sleep. It is a natural mechanism that allows these birds to perform other incredible actions we have mentioned.

Therefore, hummingbirds symbolically represent dreams, rest and sleep.

The message they share with us is clear; you should rest from time to time, in order to advance and develop.
Hummingbirds symbolize the importance of being patient and taking rest;

Joy and fun – Although hummingbirds are active, focused and responsible fellows, they never seem to do things with difficulty. These little birds are very thorough, as well. Their tiny bodies are capable of processing nectar from about one thousand flowers on a daily basis!

Hummingbirds are organized and detailed while searching for food, but it seems they really enjoy such a quest.

Hummingbirds symbolize laughter, openness of our hearts and embracement of all joys life has to offer;

Hummingbirds symbolize joys of life, pleasure and having fun. We should not take everything so seriously, meaning not all our tasks and responsibilities should be considered difficult. Even if they are, it is much easier and better to embrace them as they are and seek for better.

Try to have fun while you work on making your life better. That is exactly what hummingbirds represent.

Hummingbird totem and spirit animal

Hummingbirds are surely very positive totem animals. Their huge aura will make you feel good about yourself, more relaxed and ready to face challenges of life with a pure heart.

People tend to become so stressed and worried about their life conditions and each single aspect of their existence they completely forget to relax, let go off their fears and simply enjoy things they do have. Hummingbird totem will teach you do that and be there to remind you of the beauty, love and forgotten optimism that lie inside your soul.

Hummingbird totem people are individuals who know life is beautiful, no matter what happens. They are able to find love in their heart and to value life in general.

They are not naïve or such, but they would never let their fears and worries take over their thoughts and emotions.

These people are humble and of a pure heart. They are colorful personalities very enjoyable to have around.

  • Persistent and thorough
  • Patient and focused

Hummingbird people are determined, persistent and thorough. They are able to completely dedicate to their goals, but also to finding goals.

They are unlikely to lose hope things in life could get better. That force keeps them moving forward. These people are extremely well organized when it comes to realization of their ideas.

That is natural behavior for them, not a stressful obligation.

They are also able to wait for the right opportunity to come. Hummingbird people try to live in harmony with the world and they know you cannot force things to happen.

Sometimes, you have to be patient. Hummingbird people do not find it hard to wait. They embrace every day as a gift and enjoy things they currently do have, with a hope and idea for something bigger.

They, however, do not sit still and wait for a miracle, but keep working on their skills and personality.

  • Careless and easygoing

It might seem very opposing to previous hummingbird people traits, but those individuals are playful and careless.

It just means they are well aware there is no use of being strict and prim all the time. If you push things to hard, you will only break down.

Hummingbird people know this and they love to indulge themselves. They are rarely prone to wasting money or overly treat themselves, but it can happen if they do not pay attention.

However, most of hummingbird people have a natural sense of good balance between fun and responsibility.

They might be careless only about themselves. They are good friends, passionate partners, and also caring parents.

They do not neglect their loved ones and are always there to support them. Hummingbird people also have a strong sense of importance of environmental care and they have a special connection to nature.

They are not careless about such things.

  • Playful and relaxed

These people are a joyful company and individuals you would like to talk to whenever you feel down. They laugh a lot and love to make others feel good.

Their nature is calm and kind, so they are never aggressive in attempt to be funny or entertaining. They do not want the spotlight; hummingbird people are completely satisfied if they can make their loved ones feel relaxed and joyful as they are.

These people tend to look at life with pure heart and open mind. They are aware of misery and misfortune, but they never let them control their lives.

  • Creative and imaginative

Hummingbird people are usually artistic type of people. They love colors, they have rich imagination and love to create things. They are good in arts of all sorts and they often have amazing and inspiring artistic solutions and ideas.

They love to be fashionable, but are not spoiled or luxury seeking. They would rather design things on their own.

Other people often find this trait interesting and worth of admiration. Hummingbird people love to explore the world and absorb the beauty of the world around us and then transform it to some creative form they choose.

  • Hummingbird motifs meaning

Hummingbird motifs are used in art, fashion, design, literature and other creative forms of expression. They are either used to represent any of ideas mentioned above or simply as a beautiful and colorful pattern.

Hummingbird tattoos are a special category, because they are more personal.

Hummingbird tattoo meaning – Hummingbird tattoos are usually seen on ladies’ bodies, because they appear so gentle and cute, but that is not the rule.

Tattoos of hummingbirds usually represent love, grace, endurance, hope, joys of life and beauty.

These motifs are extremely suitable for tattooing because they are usually designed small, so you could place them wherever you want.

People decide for a hummingbird tattoo to accent their optimistic approach towards life, their will to keep promises and nurture ideas or emotions they identify with the most, such as love and hope, for example;