Hugging a Dead Person in Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

There can be no denial that dreams are a part of the cognitive process that occurs in our minds, and those who believe in this theory say that dreams serve as the concepts of those elements that exist in our waking lives.

Motives and themes that appear in our dreams can be looked like thousands of diaries of the events and moments, and if we know what dreams mean, we can divide the content of dreams into a large number of different categories.

Some believe that dreams are seen through specific symbols that represent specific unconscious thoughts, and others believe that dreams can be very personal and that their interpretation must include the excellent knowledge of the person who dreams and his circumstances, desires, hopes and aspirations in life.

But, the truth may be lies somewhere in the middle, since both options are true, and only by combining these two we can find the answer what our dream means in its core, and how can we use the knowledge that it gives to us so that we can make our lives better.

Of course, during that process, we need to face dreams that are not pleasant, or that are very uncomfortable and even scary.

Just like in wake life, the dream of death, in any shape and form is not comfortable, or it is very rarely – the things get even worse when we dream of death connected to someone we care about deeply.

So, a dream where you, for example, have a certain interaction with a dead person, like touching, or hugging that person, with some exception, are accompanied by very strong and turbulent emotions, varying from immensely great fear of ecstasy and immense happiness (for seeing the person you did not see for a long time, etc.).

It is precise because of such facts that the dreams of the deceased are always remarkable and remain in memory for a long time.

Meaning of Hugging a Dead Person in Dreams

First of all, just the fact that a dead person is in your dream means that your dream is actually a reflection of your stressed and perhaps suppressed need to meet a person you once dreamed of meeting again.

If such a dream is accompanied by fear, it does not need to worry about you, because the fear in the dream of the deceased appears as a reaction of your subconscious to what you are in a conscious state unknown and strange.

But, this is not just a dream of a dead person, this is a dream where you are hugging that person, and one thing is mandatory for you to know.

You, as the dreamer, must be aware that this is one of the most common dreams of the deceased, especially if you dreamed of a dear or close person who died.

Such a dream is most often followed by immense happiness, a feeling of fulfillment, but often with tears, especially after a realization that this is just a dream and that you cannot touch that close person again.

Such a dream is most often associated with the most acute lack of feeling you feel towards the deceased dreamer.

The symbolism of Hugging a Dead Person in Dreams

There are many variations of this dream – if in a dream, while you are hugging a dead person, he tells you something, via whisper, or clearly, in any case, if he is trying to communicate or transmit certain information to you, consider the content and the meaning of this information. There may be a reason why you often dream of such a dream.

If in this dream you are hugging a dead person because that person is angry at you, this dream is most likely a reflection of your awareness of the fact that you have brought a certain gutter or did the procedure with which the deceased you had dreamed would not be in agreement.


We need to make one serious distinction here – there is a difference if you had a dream of a dead person that you know, and the dream where the dead person is someone you know and love.

If you have dreamed of a dead person that is close to you in real life, then this dream is a result of the fact that that person is missing you very much – it may be past lover, lost friend or a parent. With a real strong need and a desire to see this person at least once in your life, you may dream of it.

But in the other case, if the person is unknown and it is dead, and you are hugging him, this is the symbolism that is usually good. It is said that you can expect positive events and positive changes to be reported.

If in a dream when you are hugging a dead person, but your hug is incredibly strong and even uncomfortable, it may symbolize that you are venturing into very risky jobs that will, besides money, bring you many inconveniences.

The second alternative of this dream is that you have burned into a bad company from which you do not see the exit now.

If in a dream, you see yourself lying and hugging a dead person, it implies that you have given up fighting for some goal that you see as very important. You probably are dealing with health, financial, or emotional problems that are exhausting and require you to surrender.

While close people in your environment are working hard to encourage you, you will have to find the urge yourself to move from a dead-end and continue on.

If in a dream, you are hugging a dead person and after that, that dead person becomes alive – it is the symbol of sadness that will be short-lived. You will probably suffer a certain amount of time for the person you lost, but you will understand that in this way you do not do well to anyone.

You will try to return to normal and continue with your life because the person concerned would certainly want it.

The worst case is the dream in which you are hugging a dead person and that dead person a baby or a child.

In this case, it can be a symbol that is worried about the cause of some problem in your life (it is usually a problem that cannot go away, and it is chronic), but you will find a way out of this situation.

Do I have to be worried?

We believe not – not even in the case when a person is a reality is alive, and in a dream, he is dead. This does not mean that he or she is going to die.

As you were able to see, in a version of a dream where you are hugging a dead person, and he is trying to tell you something, you should try to remember what he is talking about, and to use that information in wake life.

What we must add also is the fact that this dream is closely connected to the feeling of guilt – in it, or right after waking up, you feel guilty. Try to reexamine your principles and stop actions that will impose your guilty conscience.

As a rule, in these are similar dreams, you, like all people, will feel real emotion and you will want to hug that person firmly and never let it go again. If you have fear in such a dream, do not worry, it has no negative meaning or a negative sign. In your subconscious, he was just afraid of meeting a dead man.

But, the part when you are hugging a dead person, it smiles at you, it also has a positive meaning. It is a sign that you are bound to positive memories and emotions that you share with the person you see as dead in your dream.

Additionally, sadness that appears in some variations of this dream is said to be short-lived, and the fact is that you will overcome your obstacles fast.

What should I do if I had this dream?

It is clear that when you see and hug a dead person in your dream, without a doubt, you feel the accumulated emotions of the person who has lost someone close, and you do not want to let go.

Also, in the chapter where we spoke about the symbolism of this dream, we said that in some cases, this is the dream that hints good things that are about to come.

These events and these changes are connected to you, but also people from your immediate environment.

In some versions of this dream (where a hug is very strong), it may be a warning that you are the person who wants to quickly and easily enrich, but the events you will attend will make you seriously review your decisions.

Try to get out of this situation so that you do not get into much more serious problems.

Sometimes the dream of hugging a dead person is connected to problems and hopelessness that occurs when we cannot solve them.

The most important thing about you is how you look at life’s problems. If you just talk about how much your situation is hopeless, it will really become like that, and you cannot get out from that circle of “non-solutions”.

The best thing that you could do is to be close to people who have only a positive influence on you. When you change the angle of looking at the problems, you will realize that they are not as horrible as it seemed to you.


In some general way, dreams in which motive of a dead person, in any form, is present are not as frequent as you may expect, but they are not rare.

Also, they do not belong to the repetitive dreams, but this can happen in some cases and version of this dream.

May this be as it is, when you experience these dreams, they as a rule always cause the appearance of very intense emotions, which not only follow the dream, but also transfer to your conscious, or awake state.

After you had such a dream you will find yourself in a real-life with intense emotions – that the nature of a man is expressed by the suppressed fear of meeting with the dead, and also these intense emotions can also be expressed through the sight of positive, or very violent emotions if you dream of a dear and beloved deceased person.

But you should not feel after you realize that this was just a dream – at least you were able to see someone you care for deeply, and maybe if you looked at details of a dream seriously, maybe you will learn what this dream is about.