Hug – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Did you know that besides people, animals are those who also dream (you must undoubtedly have seen a dog that is jumping and barking while he sleeps, and this is their version of dreaming process)?

They do, as well as human beings, and we have been dreaming since the beginning of life, and scientists claim that fetus also has dreams that contain sounds and touches.

Another astonishing data is the one that human beings, on average, spend half of their lives sleeping, and maybe we all spend the rest of that time thinking about what those dreams mean for us.

We are continually looking for reasons why we dream about certain things, why some dreams repeat, why are some dreams so violent and scary, and others divide and sensual.

In today’s case, we are looking for the answers what are beneath the dream about the Hug.

A hug, in our everyday communication and almost in every civilization in the world, is the sign of acknowledgement, friendship or love feeling, but it can also be an embrace that is a sign of support.

The Hug is so essential for human beings is a way of sharing of disappointment and pain with someone, and imply some rapprochement after a fight.

The hug that is a representation of the urge to show trust to someone, to wish him success and happiness, or to thank someone for their help or good actions.

Meaning of a Hug in a Dream

As we have said, dreams that have primary motive a hug, are often fascinating and depending on who is the person that is giving or receiving a hug, such dreams have different meanings.

The meaning of a dream can also change, depending on whether or not we love the act of hugging with someone, and whether we also have some feelings about the person we hug, or we are just hugging someone out of pure courtesy.

Now, this dream, in general, means that you envy someone both in success and luck and in trying to spite him under the “mask” of false friendship, and you want to deny him a job or an emotional partner, and you are very corrupt and calculating in your behavior.

According to some other interpretations of this dream, it implies that in reality you are wholly lonely and unfortunate and unhappy, and you are disappointed in your loved ones, because you find that you have been entirely unjustly neglected and rejected, and you fail to find peace, and you suffer so much because no one understands you.

In the opposite direction, the dream where someone else is giving you a hug, such dream signifies sadness. It is possible that you did not get over the person you were once in a relationship with.

You are comforted by the thought that you are about to meet the love of your life, but you realize that the problem is within you and that you are not ready to move on.

The Symbolism of Seeing a Deceased Loved One in a Dream

If in a dream, you see yourself hugging your current emotional or marital partner in a dream, it is the symbol of emotional fulfillment.

You are successfully expressing the love and tenderness you feel for that person.


But if you are hugging your loved one and you feel some negative feeling while you do that, it is the symbol that of dissatisfaction with your relationship with your loved one.

If in a dream you see that you are giving a hug to a person that has a blurry face, such dream has a very adverse symbolism and indicates that you need to be very careful because you are in danger.

If a dream that you have shown yourself hugging a dear and long-time friend – this is a symbol of gratitude. It is a clear sign that you are thankful for all support or support that you receive (and give) from that friend.

What also must be mentioned here is the fact that this dream brings one more symbolical aspect – it has the connotation that you are facing a very unlucky season and significant restrictions.

If in a dream you see that you are hugging your enemy, or someone who hurt you in your real life (it can be some minor mistake or something that happened a long time ago, but it left the impact on you).

Surprisingly, this dream has a symbolism that is quite or beautiful and is remarkably good, and implies that you will make some new acquaintances and make very nice and valuable friendships, and there is a chance that you may encounter someone or the excellent and perfectly ideal emotional partner in your “new person” who is match made in heaven for you.

In the end, the symbolism of a dream where you are giving a hug to a person who is a complete stranger (but you can see his face clearly), is this – loneliness. This is a dream that suggests that you are very lonely and that you need a friend, or someone you can handle and trust.

Do I have to be worried?

In cases where you are giving a hug to your partner, it is a good sign, and a confirmation that you are sharing moments of closeness and “warmth of embrace”, that is in the open or meaning that you are very relieved and emotionally fulfilled.

It is also the symbol that you will experience some great successes and material gains, and that you will have very favorable business opportunities to take advantage of. In this case, the dream of a hug does not bring anything worrying into your wake life.

In the variation of the dream in which you feel negative while hugging your loved one, such a dream carries a somewhat worrying aspect. It means that you have been neglecting and suppressing your emotions and desire to verbally clash with them, repress yourself and project into your dreams.

Dreams, where you are hugging your friend who you did not see for a long time, means that you are about to realize that that you cannot rely at all on persons whom you considered close, whom you trusted and always helped, and you are frustrated and very sad and unwilling.

What to do if I had this Dream?

Dreams that have a hug as a motive often means that you are a person who is very communicative and socially realistic and that you can easily make new friends and always care to keep in touch with the people you love, and if necessary help or support and comfort them when they have any problem.

In the version of this dream where you are giving a hug to a person with the blurry face, this is a time to think and act fast, because you might be in danger.

Such a dream implies that you are facing some great challenges or temptations and that you are surrounded by people who do not wish you well and try to provoke you, and how to deal with them. In front of you, there is going to be many conflicts and consequently will be embarrassed and ashamed.

We need to add one more aspect of this dream that is relevant to know – there is one version of this dream where you are hugging a member of your family who is sick (this happens all the time).

Such a dream is a clear sign that you must talk to him soon and tell him how you feel and wish him to heal quickly.

Often dreams like this occur when one is ill (someone who is close to you), and there is a chance of dying soon – this dream is a kind of forgiveness from dear people and the dreamer hugs them for the last time.

Alternatively, such a dream may be the reflection of your fear that you will lose someone you care deeply, so you are “showing” that person warm emotions in a dream.


As you were able to see in this piece, dreams that have a hug as the primary motive are most often connected with the loss of a loved one, ending a love affair.

It can also be a dream where you are hugging parents, and it can even be connected to some issue in your life, some form of trauma that you experienced.

Most often, it is associated with something that you feel like an aspect that you lack off in your young life.

But, such dreams can be connected to happiness, a sense of security, compassion, good will, comfort, support, honesty, respect, or some kind of pleasure.

There are numerous variations of this dream, and in some cases, it can be a truly delightful experience. We often dream of deceased people who are hugging us in our dreams, and this is a message that we are protected from the ones that we love very much.

To conclude this piece – dreams of a hug are the reflection of the fact that you are a public person who lacked attention or closeness in your personal relationships, and you may not have succeeded in completely opening yourself up to your emotional partner or friends later.

This is definitely an issue to deal with in the future, and you should be happy that you had such a dreaming experience.

This dream often comes as a result in repressing all your emotions and discontent, and you are quite confused and do not know whether to rejoice or be sad and when someone sends you a “nice word” or give it your attention.