Holding Hands – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

A Dream world often reflects our real life, but it is not always a scenario that is realistic in some way – even things that are a completely normal event in the world of dreams takes a different connotation, and it can be dark or absurd.

Other times, dreams are a perfect upgrade of the real-life events – they could genuinely resemble a fairytale that is beyond compare. And these are dreams that after we wake up, we wish that dream has lasted a bit longer.

Mostly we are talking about the dreams that are correlated to something that is connected to matters of love, to our partners, trips and holidays, a particular event that takes us that happy place.

When we are mentioning maters of love, one of the common motives in a dream is the one regarding holding hands with someone – of course, the first thing that has come to your mind is holding hands with the lover, but this dream comes in many different variations, and they are all equally fascinating.

Meaning of a Dream of Holding Hands

In real life, hands are significant – for communication and everyday activities. They are the symbol of many things in life, and without them, we might be lost. And holding hands in wake life is a sign of support or help and is synonymous with love, friendship.

It shows people who are always ready to help someone and sacrifice themselves nobly and selflessly for others’ well-being and happiness.

Now, we are wondering what does this dream. Does it prove that something is not ok with our love, friendship, and we have lost our support from the people we care? Or it means something else?

In the beginning, we must say that such dream usually carries a good meaning, and it can be a signal that new love is coming your way, or it can mean that you are ready to dedicate yourself to the problems that have been bothering you for a long time.

The meaning of such a dream depends on a large number of factors, as well as the specific situations and events in which such a dream is created.

Mostly, it depends who are you holding hands with – and are you’re the person who is holding hands with someone.

If you are holding hands with the person, you do not know, and it means that you are never walking away from the chance to face some new challenges and possibilities and that it is easy to make new acquaintances and friendships because you are a very open and forthcoming character.

If in a dream you are holding hands with many people at once, it means that you are a member of one organization, and in it, you have your well-deserved place.

The Symbolism of a Dream of Holding Hands

Hands in general symbolism represents connections with those around you and how you are compared to the world.

You may need to help someone, or you are the one that needs help, there is no doubt about it – hands are the symbol of support, or help, depending on how you look at it.

If in a dream, you see yourself holding hands with someone (it is not an identified person), it can be a symbol of loneliness and desperate desire to be needed.

It signifies your hunger for love and emotions that you probably do not have in real life.


If in a dream you see someone else holding hands, it is the symbol of loyalty and friendship – you are the person who is a very loyal and faithful friend, and that you are always ready to give everyone help and support.

If a dream revolves around the motive of holding hands with your significant other, it has a symbolism that you are going to be seduced by some new people, but it can have alternative symbolism. It can be a manifestation of your subconsciousness and anxiety or stress, that the person you love will deceive or leave you.

If in a dream, you are holding hand to someone to help that person, not for some romantic reason, it is the symbol that is not good or positive and implies that someone will leave you when you need support.

If you are holding hands with the person who is your enemy, or at least not your friend, such dream symbolizes that you are someone who is flexible and quite able to look at things the right way, that you know others’ mistakes and flaws, and that you are not inclined to sentence anyone or to judge anyone criticize, you are already ready to accommodate.

In the end, if you have a dream that you are holding hands with people who need you in some way, but it is very clear that they do, even if they are trying to hide it, it can be the confirmation that you are a person who works the best while in the team.

Do I have to be worried?

Mostly you do not have to be worried since this is the dream that signifies good events that are connected to love, presumably a new love story that is coming to your ways; or it can mean that you are about to (successfully) deal with problems that have been bothering you.

Sometimes this dream will announce that you will be left “to dry”, at the moment when you need assistance the most.  It might be the moment when you are in trouble because you are not capable of managing yourself, in some unexpected situations that are “new” to you.

Most of the time, these are the dreams that are connected to the fears that are bothering us of the inside, and we are not aware of them.

But in some other versions, dreams of holding hands implies that you are the person who provides support for people who are close to you, and in this sense, it is just a confirmation of your kindness.

In one of the versions of this dream, it shows that you have a fear of being deceit from your lover, and the dream comes as a consequence.

You are trying to please your lover with tenderness and attention.

What to do if I had this Dream?

Some of these dreams show that a dreamer is lonely and lack both kindness and closeness, and that you are “eager” for attention and love, and strive to be loved and that you expect some happiness and joy because you deserve it.

You should strive for this in life, regardless of the circumstances in your life.

In some other dream symbolism regarding holding hands, you should congratulate yourself, since you are the person who is honest and loyal friend, always ready to help others, and the best part is that you never expect anything for your deeds.

In the end, this dream can be a confirmation that you believe in human kindness and view the world around you in a completely positive and sometimes overly positive way.

You should become more critical toward others, but at the same time, taking care of others emotions and their hidden weaknesses.


All in all, we must say that this dream about holding hands has a good symbolical value, and you should mostly be happy that you had it.

What is clear is that this dream is always about you and your interpersonal relations, that is based on loyalty, honesty and support, or in them, there are no these things, so you crave for them.

Many of these dreams that have a central symbol holding hands signify your attempt to cope with you with some climb or obstacle, and in real life such dreams have the symbolism that you are a person who is inclined to be a “team player”, and that you need to adjust a little more and better.

Sometimes, you need to find those small things in the team that will make a big difference, especially for those who need help.

Often times, this is a dream that speaks about love and the situations you find yourself in, to succeed with your lovers, associates or business partners, reach a common goal and make improvement.

In some cases, such dream shows that you are the person who is hungry for tenderness and emotions, and you cannot find in reality, so your dream world is reflecting such need.