Hedgehog – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Hedgehogs are cute little animals. But when in danger, these animals are all but cute. When they sense danger, they turn themselves into a menacing looking ball.

Namely, when a hedgehog is in danger, it rolls itself into a ball, pointing its quills outwards. That position protects the parts of its body which aren’t covered with spikes.

Hedgehogs can have around 5000 – 7000 spikes, which last about a year. Whoever tries to attack or bite this little creature, will end up with a nasty bite from its quills.

That means catching a hedgehog isn’t easy at all.

These animals are active mostly at night. Their eyesight is very poor, but their sense of hearing and smell is excellent.

A hedgehog is a symbol of fertility. Its symbolism is also connected to the earth and nature due to the closeness of its body to the surface of the earth.

Hedgehogs are known to be immune to snake venom, which is another proof of their abilities. These animals are very intelligent as well. They are known to find resourceful ways of finding and picking their food.

As a spirit animal, a hedgehog is a very useful support.

What does the Hedgehog Symbolize?

The hedgehog as a spirit animal has many symbolisms.

It symbolizes energy, defensiveness, defense, protection, fertility, intuition, psychic abilities, visions, vitality, protection, intelligence, resourcefulness, uniqueness, perception, calmness, curiosity, inner wisdom, resistance, endurance, etc.

The Meanings of Hedgehog as a Spirit Animal

The hedgehog as a spirit animal can have many different meanings. Here are some of them:

Defensiveness and protection. The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of a hedgehog is large and painful quills, which it uses to defend itself. If a hedgehog is your totem animal, you are probably like your totem, defensive and protective of yourself.

Uniqueness. No need to explain this symbolism, the hedgehog’s appearance speaks for itself. If you have a hedgehog for your spirit animal, you are probably very special and different from the average. That refers to your appearance, as well as your beliefs attitude, style, etc.

Curiosity. Hedgehogs are very inquisitive by nature. When they feel there’s no danger, they will embark on a quest to explore thoroughly their surroundings. If this is your totem animal, you probably share the same traits, always exploring something and searching for new experiences and things to learn.

Resistance. These animals are immune to viper venom. Not many animals can brag about a similar fact. Because of that ability, they are considered a symbol of resistance and resurrection. This spirit animal gives you the strength to resist the harshest conditions and challenges.

You probably have a strong immune system as well.


Intuition and visions. Being mostly a nocturnal animal, hedgehog’s symbolism is also related with psychic abilities, visions and intuition. If a hedgehog is your totem, you are probably highly intuitive. This animal encourages you to listen to your inner wisdom and guidance because it has all the answers you need.

People probably often ask advice from you because you intuitively know the right thing to say.

Calmness. These creatures are so calm and collected when facing trouble, and that is their message for the ones having them as a totem animal. No matter how insignificant you might feel, you should face any situation with calm and collected attitude.

Fertility and nature. The closeness of the hedgehog body to the earth, as well as its almost fetal position while defending itself, connects this creature with the symbolism of earth and fertility as well as mother nature. If you have a hedgehog as your totem, you probably enjoy spending time in nature, gardening and planting.

Energy and endurance. Although it doesn’t seem that way, hedgehogs are very enduring animals, capable of running very fast. They are also skilled swimmers and climbers. You are probably gifted with a great stamina, just like your spirit animal.

Hedgehog as Your Totem Animal

If a hedgehog is your totem, you are probably very intuitive and curious. You are also protective of yourself and know how to defend.

People who have a hedgehog for their spirit animal are usually very defensive towards others and know how to protect themselves and their tender nature from negativity.

If this animal is your totem, you are probably a person who knows how to get through life challenges and come out victorious.

And you do that in a calm and graceful manner.

As a hedgehog person, you are very tied to nature and love spending time there. You are probably fond of gardening and planting as well.

Hedgehogs are known to be immune to snake venom, which is another proof of their abilities. They are also a symbol of resistance and resurrection.

This spirit animal also gives you the gift of weather forecasting. If a hedgehog is your totem, you somehow always seem to know how the weather will be.

What if the Hedgehog Appears in Your Life?

If a hedgehog appears in your life, it is often a reminder to stop hiding yourself and being so defensive. It is calling you to open up to others.

A hedgehog also teaches you not to take things very personally, when someone doesn’t understand you well.

Its appearance might be a reminder to be true to you, regardless of what others say. It reminds you to stand firm on the ground and never feel the need to hide.

It might also be a message you need some time off and some personal space.

When a hedgehog appears in your life, maybe it reminds you to enjoy life more, regardless of your current life circumstances.

When to call on Hedgehog?

You should call on hedgehog, your spirit animal when:

  • You need to be more open towards others and stop being overly defensive.
  • You desire to spend more time in touch with nature.
  • You are embarking on a new adventure, exploring something or learning something new.
  • You need to use your inner wisdom to make some decision.
  • You need to calmly face some situation.

Dreams about Hedgehog – Interpretation and Meaning

A hedgehog in a dream is not a common symbol.

If you dreamed about a hedgehog, such dream might reveal your sensitivity towards the people around you. This symbol in a dream might indicate being overly sensitive, and overreacting in some situations.

Maybe this dream signifies you are being too personal about things.

A dream about a hedgehog can also indicate hurting others while behaving defensively. You should be aware someone could be hurt if unjustly treated by you.

Sometimes a dream about hedgehog might indicate meeting with someone you haven’t seen in a while.

A hedgehog in a dream is also symbol of honesty and loyalty.