Guava Fruit – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Generally speaking, dreams about fruit are very often. Meanings vary from eroticism and financial gains and losses. They talk about false friends and secret love affairs.

Guava fruit is considered an exotic fruit that symbolises good health and happiness. It is connected with the spheres of beauty, social status and lifestyle in general.

Meaning of Guava Fruit Dream

If you saw a ripe guava fruit, it shows that you will soon be carefree. If you started a business that was complicated and was keeping you awake at night, know that that period is over.

You will, at last, be able to get good results and get back to normal. If someone else is eating a ripe guava fruit in your dream, they will overcome their problems thanks to you.

Rotten guava fruit in your dream only means one thing, a considerable disappointment. You will probably have a chance to see that people are not reliable and often don’t keep their promises.

That experience will teach you to stand by yourself and win your battles. If someone is eating a rotten guava fruit, a close person will be disappointed in you.

If you saw a guava fruit in color, it usually means minor problems and the more guava fruits in your dreams, the more problems. If you are eating a colorful guava fruit, it means that someone close to you will have an issue, but will overcome it.

If you eat a ripe and tasty guava fruit, it signifies that work success and personal joy is about to happen. It may happen that you will visit a place that you spent your childhood.

You will be at peace reminiscing all the events that marked a significant period of your life. In some moment you will wish to go back a few years earlier and relive those happy moments that are the opposite of what you are facing now.

The Symbolism of Guava Fruit Dream

Dreaming of eating this exotic fruit usually means that you are strongly attracted to someone. It is possible that you will have a short but passionate relationship with that person, without any deeper emotions involved.

It can be a sign that you have a strong admiration towards someone or the beginning of an end of a period of your life, which doesn’t have to be anything negative.

Planting a guava fruit tree signifies a paid off investment. You can expect significant financial gain, business or personal wise. Success is on your way, and you can pick the fruits of your labor.

Dreaming about picking a ripe and juicy guava fruit is a good sign for every fan of love and passion. A new, passionate acquaintance is coming to you, or you will light an old flame.

You will fell the magic of flirting and longing once again that will soon become a reality. For married people, this means a new member of the family.

If you are preparing a meal that involves a guava fruit, it is a good sign that you have finally earned respect from the people that matter to you.

With your traits and character, you paved a way to make your dreams come true, and on that way, you have the support of all the people that will do anything to help. You represent a stable and reliable person, so enjoy all the attention you receive from others.


When you dream about a guava fruit that is broken, it is a sign of problems, usually the ones related to your personal life. If you are married or in a long term relationship, it can mean the end of that relationship. But that won’t come as a surprise since you are probably aware of those issues.

If you are the person that broke the fruit in your dream, don’t look another person to blame, because the only guilty party in this situation is you.

If you are given a guava fruit as a present, especially by your love interest, it is highly likely that you will become an object of affection for someone of the opposite sex, someone that wants to have you for themselves and control your emotions.

However, luck is on your side, and you will be able to resist the offer and avoid all guilty pleasures.

Eating any ripe fruit, in general, symbolises that if you are working on something that doesn’t have any potential, but with your resilience and hard work, you will manage to make it successful. It also signifies work-related problems that you will lead to overcome and resolve.

Healthwise, it can also mean a common cold, so be careful and take more care of yourself.

Dreaming about several guava fruits implicates that you will finally enjoy in your love life. Consider yourself lucky because you have finally met someone affectionate, kind and thoughtful.

That person is continuously sharing his deepest thoughts and emotions with you, and even though you will have a brief affair with that person, you will realise that you belong together and want to start living with one another.

Do I have to be worried?

As previously stated, picking a guava fruit symbolises success in every field. You represent a kind of person that can distribute and organise your time well without neglecting any aspect of your life you think it’s valuable.

Besides family and work, you see your friends often and use every opportunity to learn new things and work on personal growth.

Eating a guava fruit that is not mature yet, symbolises discomfort. It can happen that you will make a mistake at work and will receive criticism by your superiors.

The objection could be stated publicly, which you won’t approve since all of your coworkers will be aware of your disadvantages.

What should I do if I had this dream?

When you are looking and admiring a guava fruit, it means that you will have a meaningful journey soon.

You will go somewhere you always wanted to go and learn about other cultures and meet new people that you will forever stay in touch.

This type of dream generally means that a favorable period of your life is about to start.

If you dream about this exotic fruit in an unusual form or shape, it implicates that an excellent business opportunity is showing itself.

If you want to use it correctly, you need to start thinking outside the box and try even though it is possible that the results are not definitive.

When you are about to give a guava fruit to someone, it is a sign that you shouldn’t be scared to advise someone close to you.

If that person is living an unhealthy lifestyle, you should feel free to criticise that person to make better choices for themselves.


Guava fruit related dreams are pretty unusual. Statistically speaking, since guava fruit is an exotic plant, it appears more in the thoughts of people that live in more exotic and rural areas and near the sea.

If guava fruits surround us or we have a job that involves this strange fruit, we do not read into those dreams.

We also don’t pay attention to thoughts about guava fruit if we ate them a day before. Color of this fruit in the goal doesn’t affect the meaning of the idea.

Opposite to common belief, even though this fruit is considered exotic, the purpose of those dreams is usually more straightforward and not that deep.