Green Candle – Meaning and Symbolism

It is a known fact, since the human first light up the fire; such power has been used since time immemorial when it was necessary to purify the great energy of lifeless thought forms left in some space.

Today, in modern days, a home that is filled with light provides a sense of joy and happiness. Candle light is an element of fire and creates a special atmosphere in space.

Home fire represents pure energy and signifies willpower. Candle light refreshes the space. The smoke from her flame serves to convey messages from the realm of the material to the astral world.

Now, in today’s case, we are looking for the meanings, symbols, and best rituals that we should use in the case of the green candle.

If your room seems a little cold and depressing, there is too much bad energy.

You need to boost yang energy as soon as possible, and you will first achieve this by grouping three green candles right next to the entrance of your home.

If you like scented candles, choose the scent of lavender, for example.

Meaning of Green Candle

As a color, green is connected to things that are natural, earthy, and it is not surprising that these candles are practiced for the process of connecting with nature, and for the purpose of rising spiritual nature, maturity, healing and good fortune that is necessary for you to make something out of your life.

So, when we talk about the meanings of green candles, we must say that green color is known as the stimulator of extension the things that matter for you the most, whatever this may be for you.

Green shades in candles are amazing for the purposes of wealth-building charms, producing a fluctuation of love for yourself and self-completion that acknowledges the effects of success.

Here we want to say one more thing – the green color is connected to all matters of wealth, and translated in modern language we are talking about the money. This implies next – such candles are used for the charms that are directed toward wealth and success.

They could bring the energy of these things – very successful job, occupation, performance of individual purposes, and performance are all positively influenced by green, bringing immeasurable luck when it comes to your personal occupation.

So, candles that are green colored are linked with anything to do with fullness, from productivity to accumulation (whatever that may be for from fruits and vegetables in your garden, to money) to incorporate green in your amulet is to guarantee strength and achievement.

Now, it is very clear that the green color is associated with grass, and therefore with the element of Earth. And it is a known fact that the Earth is connected to birth (Mother Earth), and it could take the meaning of the birth of ideas, not just children.

They take the meaning of physical and passionate healing, youthfulness, revitalization, and resurrection. In the old days, women used green candles to help a good crop for that year, and such a “ritual” remained till this day in some countries.

As we have said, the green color is known for its soothing ability, and in many hospitals around the world, the walls are colored in pale green, since it is considered that such color has a soothing and healing effect on patients.


So, if we translate such energy on the Green Candles, we could say that they have a similar effect.

Some say that darker tones of green colors could be applied in charms for desire, friendship, and performing sensual love with the person you love, or you want to be within the future.

But there is one thing that we must say, and to do that we will compare it with another candle that is connected to passions and love – the red candle.

These two candles are about the same thing, and their energies are similar in some way – but with one difference. Red is more about the passions, secret and often hidden desire that could be dark; and the green one is more connected to the motives in love such as faithfulness, rapprochement, fairness, harmony, juvenility, associations, group gatherings and pleasures.

It is recommended to use such candles of green color when you need to summon pleasures in your life, or to cure or heal some health issue that you may have, even if the prognosis is discouraging.

Green, as the color of the candle, is also practiced in any situation when you need a new, more youthful viewpoint, or a renovation of charm to immortalize it, or guard it against degeneration in some way.

When to use Green Candle?

Now, the big question that you want to ask, now that you know the majority of meanings that are connected to this type of candle, is when the best time to use them in some “ritual” is?

It is highly recommended from the experts, that you should use this candle in the times when you feel that you are stuck at the moment when you cannot move any further when you fell that sensations like confusion or anger are overwhelming you and that you are losing control over your life.

Then light this candle so the green energy will help you reduce anxiety, force, irritation, and annoyance that you may be feeling at that moment.

It is also recommended to be used in the times of emotional struggle since this color, and its energy is beneficial when you are in a relationship that is unstable and bad for you.

You could aloes use this type of candles when you feel that jealousy is all around you or vice versa that you are the person who is jealous and is becoming greedy.

Protect yourself from the resentment, selfishness, mistrust, resentment, ailment, a condition that is causing you to feel bad, and disharmony that you may feel in your life, even if you do not know what the real reason behind it is.

In the end, us the pale colors as the symbols of good fortune, or you could use this type of candle in combination with some other color candle, for example, the brownish color candles that are excellent for connecting with the energy that comes from nature.

The Symbolism of Green Candle

Like the symbol, the green is connected to the element of Earth (just like the Brown, and this is one of the reasons why these two are often mixed together, and as candles are recommended to be lit together).

It is the color that connected us to the most Divine actions of all – planting the seed that will become something meaningful in our lives.

In this sense, the symbols that we associate with green color, and in this case, with the energy of the Green Candle are imagination, faith, joy, enjoyment, fullness and development.

In this sense, there are numerous shades of the green candle, and we are talking about the candles it is the same case – and the deep green color candle is associated with motives like productivity, the foundation of growth, and determination.

The bright kind of green in the candle represents the sentimental characters, coping with anxiety. Soft green, as in color connected to the healing method that could potentially transform your life if you are sick in any way, emotionally or physically.

Now, as far as the symbolism of green candles goes, we must say that its planetary ruler is planet Venus that has female power (and you could clearly see the connection with the term Mother Earth and the symbol of green in terms of nature).

It shows symbols such as sentiment, compassion and understanding. It speaks of the process of healing, for services including extension and by comparison – the increase of business in accomplishment ceremonies.

So, light green candles when you want to summon wealth, money, anything that you want to have, but you do not have at the moment.

They will burn and share the energy of expansion and it is recommended to look like the candle slowly burns and share the power – it supports a progressive improvement in values or sources.

It is best to practice such rituals when the Moon is full when you see the Venus in the sky (it is the brightest “star” in the night sky, especially when you are far from the city, where all stars are blurred). Days that are connected to Green candles or the best days that you should use them are Friday and Thursday.


To conclude this story about the Earthly power of the Green Candles, we will say that you should use them, even just if you let them burn in your room, and wait for the energy to spread around you. It is dedicated to origins, an extension of virtues, resourcefulness, energy, regeneration, stimulation, balance, and above the amazing process of healing.

In the end, we are talking about the opportunity to maintain or gain some financial success, good fluke, and abundance in everything that you should or would have.