Grasshopper – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Grasshoppers are insects older than dinosaurs, whose origin dates 250 million years ago. There are more than 10.000 species of them. Most of them can fly, but there are some species without wings.

Regardless of the fact if they have wings or not they spend most of the time on the ground. They escape danger using their strong back legs to jump high and distance themselves from the threat.

Grasshoppers can only jump forward. They can’t jump sideways or backwards.

Grasshoppers develop through partial metamorphosis. In some cases and under certain conditions, some species can change colors and behavior and form into swarms, becoming locusts.

When that happens, they turn into a pestilence, destroying crops over vast areas. Many people relate grasshoppers to biblical pestilence events.

Grasshoppers have different ways of frightening their enemies. Some species even have frightening color patterns to warn of potential predators.

Their ears are located on a weird spot on their body, on their belly, under their wings, and their hearing isn’t well.

Different species of grasshoppers have different songs. Only males produce these sounds when they are competing for females.

What does the Grasshopper Symbolize?

Grasshoppers are symbols of freedom, enlightenment, independence, overcoming obstacles, achievement, abundance, challenges, well – doing, connections, courage, drama, fearlessness, adaptability, disguises, creativity, fertility, good luck, happiness, good health, intuition, instinct, leaps of faith, karma, longevity, gossip, messenger, resourcefulness, optimism, moving forward, motivation, taking chances, virtue, wealth, surprise, etc.

This totem is calling you to go places where others refuse to go, aim higher than you could imagine and you will accomplish amazing things.

The Meanings of Grasshopper as a Spirit Animal

The Grasshopper as a spirit animal can have many different meanings. Here are some of them:

Taking chances. If a grasshopper is your totem animal, it encourages you to take chances on the things you desire.

Maybe you are afraid to do something because you fear you won’t like the outcome, but this animal gives you the boost to take a risk and it will certainly be worth it.

Overcome your fears and just go with the flow, trusting that all will work out fine. This totem animal also reminds you to confront the issues you have been avoiding.

Maybe you have been putting off some decisions regarding your career or private life.

Well, the grasshopper tells you now it’s the time to deal with them. Sometimes this totem animal encourages you to go after your life goals.


Surprise. This insect is famous for catching you off guard. It appears out of nowhere and surprises you. If this is your spirit animal, you are probably free spirited as well. You probably come and go places as you will. Maybe you often surprise people when you suddenly disappear without a word.

Overcoming obstacles and achievement. A grasshopper as your spirit animal reminds you to believe in your personal strength and your ability to overcome all obstacles and achieve all your heart’s desires.

Freedom and independence. This spirit animal is all about moving around, going about its own way. It reminds you of the need to treasure your freedom and independence.

Fast moving forward. This insect always jumps forward. It teaches you how important it is to keep moving on and be persistent if you want to achieve your goals and be successful. It reminds you never to look back at the past, but only focus on the future and the good things coming into your life.

Good luck and abundance. A grasshopper totem animal can help you overcome blockages to success and abundance. It can reveal the things blocking your way to achieving your goals and point you in the right direction.

Grasshopper brings you good luck as well, through opportunities you will encounter on the way. It will encourage you to take more chances increasing your possibilities to succeed.

Intuition. This spirit animal encourages you to trust your gut in matters of the heart as well as in other areas of life. It will not allow you to get blindly into situations, but remind you to stop and listen to your inner voice messages. If your intuition is telling you something’s wrong, than you known you should trust it and move on towards something or someone else.

This spirit animal teaches you to listen to your heart.

Disguises. The grasshoppers can at times be almost invisible, using their natural mix of colors which can blend them into any kind of environment making them almost invisible. If you have a grasshopper as your totem animal, you are most likely very adaptable and can easily fit into any kind of social interactions.

If you desire, you can almost make yourself seem invisible and disappear.

Adaptability. With a grasshopper as your totem animal you are very flexible and get along well with people of all backgrounds. You can adapt to any situation without a problem.

Daydreaming. A grasshopper can also give you the trait of daydreaming. Although this trait can be a good thing, sometimes it can be a problem. Maybe you forget about real life at times, living in the reality of your dreams. It’s important to take action and do something to actually make your dreams into reality.

Meditation. When grasshoppers aren’t moving, they can stand still for a long time, without any movement. This totem animal teaches you the gift of still thinking and focusing. This is often necessary before making important decisions in your life.

Grasshopper as Your Totem Animal

If a grasshopper is your totem animal, you are probably successful in all your endeavors and ventures. You often have an innovative way of thinking and don’t miss opportunities to move forward towards success.

You have strong instincts and intuition you rely upon, especially when you need to make some important decisions.

If this is your spirit animal, you are probably very generous and enjoy sharing and giving others.

Most likely you often change places and constantly seek for new opportunities for progress.

This spirit animal has chosen you because you want to progress in life using your unique approach and way of thinking as well as your mindset, oriented towards success.

What if the Grasshopper Appears in Your Life?

If a grasshopper has suddenly appeared in your life, don’t underestimate the meaning of that encounter. It might be calling you to trust your intuition and immerse yourself into the unknown without knowing the possible outcome.

Maybe you have wanted to do something for a long time, or you have been avoiding doing something for a long time.

When a grasshopper comes into your life, the message is: jump into it. Be decisive and do whatever you have been postponing so far. Confront the issues which scare you.

Maybe you need to make some major changes in your life, and the grasshopper is calling you to have faith and make them. Those might be career changes or changes related to your relationship.

Sometimes these changes can be related to your personality.

The grasshopper’s message is: you have the strength and wisdom to overcome all challenges and expect a fortunate outcome. The grasshopper is teaching us to accept success with humility.

When a grasshopper comes into your life, it might be the right moment to start listening to your intuition and inner guidance.

A grasshopper can also appear in your life when you are a situation where others are controlling what and when you do.

This animal totem is teaching you the gift of freedom and independence and the need to fight for them.

You need to set boundaries to the things you will and will not do or tolerate.

When to call on Grasshopper?

You should call on Grasshopper, your spirit guide when:

  • You are stuck and need some new ideas and opportunities.
  • You feel discouraged and need a boost to start taking some chances.
  • You need a boost of creativity.
  • You need more adventure in your life.
  • You need courage to face some situation or overcome some obstacles.
  • You want to take a chance on something.
  • You need to embark on something completely unknown.

Dreams about Grasshopper – Interpretation and Meaning

Grasshoppers in dreams often announce an upcoming success.

Dreams about grasshoppers can sometimes indicate struggling to commit to a decision you made. Maybe you need to settle in one place to finish something and it’s hard for you to do that.

A grasshopper moving away from you in a dream might signify something out of reach. Maybe what you desire isn’t available to you.

Maybe you need to undergo some sort of change to get what you want.

If you dreamed of trying to catch grasshoppers, such dream usually symbolizes attempting to make some changes in your life so you could improve it.

If you actually caught a grasshopper in your dream, such dream maybe indicates being successful in changing your life for the better.

If you listened to grasshoppers, making chirping sounds in your dream, such dream often isn’t a good sign.

This dream can indicate carrying too much about other people’s opinion about you which limits your actions and consequently your success.