Goose – Spirit Animal, Symbolism, Totem and Meaning

Geese are waterfowls, species of birds highly adapted for existence on the water surface.

The male is called a gander, while the term goose is usually used for the female. Young geese are called goslings. A group of geese on the ground is called a gaggle, and in flight they can be called a team, a skein or a wedge. When geese fly close together they are called a plump.

This bird is commonly considered as not very intelligent. Although they have a reputation as being stupid, these birds are actually very intelligent and sensitive. Many geese species have a mate for life.

They are very compassionate and demonstrate behavior similar to ours in certain situations. For example, when a loved one dies, these birds are in mourning and they stop eating and such behavior can last for months. These are indeed very special birds.

A goose as a spirit animal is attracted by people who are intelligent, brave, sensitive, compassionate, loyal and kind.
If a goose is your spirit animal, it means you have some important life lessons to learn from this bird.

What does the Goose Symbolize?

Goose as spirit animals symbolize a lot of things. Mainly, they symbolize bravery, dedication, communication, assistance, cooperation, determination, friendship, guidance, fertility, happiness, assistance, imagination, knowledge, loyalty, fidelity in marriage, beginnings, parenthood, productivity, movement, protection, wisdom, reliability, stability, soul path, teamwork.

A goose is a reminder to follow your intuition and instincts to achieve your goals. It is also a reminder to respect your roots and the people who have helped you succeed.

They also symbolize the need for communication in order to make things clear, but also to receive the help you need and deserve. They also symbolize the need to protect the things you value most in life.

The Meanings of Goose as a Spirit Animal

The goose as a spirit animal can have many different meanings. Here are some of them:

Let others take the lead. A goose will let others take the lead when they are tired. If a goose is your totem, maybe its message at this moment is to slow down your tempo a bit, and let others do something for a change.

Loyalty, bravery and dedication. Geese are brave and loyal birds. They won’t hesitate to help an injured member of the flock at the cost of staying behind. This is a very positive trait the goose as your spirit animal is teaching you.

Do not be afraid to stand up or even sacrifice for the ones that deserve your love and support. Show them your love and devotion and you’ll be rewarded with the same.

Following the right path. Geese instinctively know their path. If a goose is your totem, maybe it’s calling you to reevaluate your life goals and path. Are you satisfied with where you are in life and is that what you want for yourself?

If you realize you’ve lost your sense of direction, you need to set your priorities again and move forward toward the goals you want.

Compassion. Geese are very compassionate birds. These birds care a lot about other members of their group. When a member of their group suffers an accident, they stay along the injured bird until it recovers or dies. When loved ones die, geese sincerely mourn over them.

If a goose is your spirit animal, it teaches you to be compassionate toward others, especially the ones close to you.


Spiritual path. The goose as your spirit animal supports you on your path of spiritual awakening. When you reach a state of spiritual enlightenment, you will find out many new opportunities coming into your life.

After that process, you will discover that you are a completely different person, with a more calming approach towards things that once were upsetting you. Also, you will realize you’ve gained a totally new perspective on things and your life as a whole.

Gratefulness. A goose as your spirit animal reminds you to be grateful to all the people who have helped you achieve success. That refers to the members of your family and friends in the first place, but also all others who were there for you on that path.

Friendship. If a goose is your spirit animal, it also teaches you about the importance of friendship. You need to show appreciation to your friends. They are the ones standing alongside you when times were tough and the ones you can always rely on.

Communication. Geese have advanced skills of communication. They sense trouble very well and warn others. They also communicate the path and the landing stations with each other. The goose spirit animal teaches you the need to communicate. You need to openly express your thoughts to others in order to progress in life or receive the help you need.

If this is your totem, sometimes it indicates your openness to speak. You most likely don’t hesitate to say what you think and sometimes stand up for others, when they need help and protection.

Leadership. This animal as your totem teaches you how to lead others. You can be a leader with no problem and you can be trusted with this role.

Protection. Geese are very protective animals. They bravely protect their young from predators. If a goose is your spirit animal, you are most likely very protective of family members, especially your children, but also your friends. You’ll do all you can to make them happy and feel secure.

Marriage fidelity. Geese are animals which mate for life. If this is your animal totem, you probably share this trait. You chose your partner wisely, and when you tie the knot, for you that’s a tie for life. You are a faithful and caring partner and spouse.

Determination. A goose spirit animal gives you a trait of determination. You don’t stop until you finish your goals, and you do all it takes to do that. Nothing can stop you in the pursuit of your desires.

Sometimes you are just too determined, and forget about other things in life, like time for yourself, but also family and close friends, and your spirit animal is reminding you to slow down a bit.

Teamwork. Geese are also known for their teamwork. They travel together in flocks, and remain in the group until they reach their destination. It takes real team work to achieve that.

That is why, one of the goose’s lessons as your spirit animal is the need to be a part of a team, working together for the achievement of the same goal. Some goals in life can only be achieved by being a part of a team.

Goose as Your Totem Animal

If a goose is your totem animal, it signifies your devotion to family life and friends. You are a kind and loyal person, and you take good care of the people you love, especially your family members and friends.

You are communicative and sociable. People enjoy your company and your compassion. You always have everyone’s best interest in mind, sometimes even to the point of sacrificing your own wishes and desires.

You are a loyal and devoted spouse and when you find the one you love, you stop looking anywhere else. As far as you are concerned that is a lifelong relationship.

You are protective towards your family and generally towards the people you love. Somehow you have the feeling what’s best for other people and you are good at giving advice and pointing the right direction for them to take.

You are inclined towards making good life conditions in your family, and sometimes extend that tendency of yours to your friends and other people that are dear to you.

What if the Goose Appears in Your Life?

If a goose is your spirit animal, its appearance might be reminding you to follow your own path in life and not the path others, such as the members of your family, friends or even your community, expect you to follow.

If a goose appears suddenly in your life, you should ask yourself if the life you are currently living is the life you really want to live, or you have chosen it because that was expected from you.

A goose might also forewarn of huge changes in your life that are about to happen soon, but they won’t have big effects on your life.

When a goose appears to you it’s a message to protect the things and people in your life that are important.

The goose also encourages you to be confident about the life path you have chosen. It even encourages you to question your path and change it if you realize that it’s the wrong one. This spirit animal is teaching you to follow your own guidance about the choices you should make, and stop doing things that are expected from you if you don’t feel that’s the right thing for you.

The goose inspires you to pursue your desires and passions. It is also encouraging you to try different things and determine what truly makes you happy. Think about yourself for a change.

When to call on Goose?

You should call on Goose as your spirit animal when:

  • You need encouragement about your abilities to achieve your highest goals.
  • You need some guidance about life choices and major life decisions.
  • You want some new opportunities in life.
  • You need support and encouragement about your instinctive decisions to choose a certain path in life.
  • You want to stop adjusting and adapting to other people’s needs and desires.
  • You want to do what you truly desire, without the feeling of guilt about what others, which are used to you behaving differently, might say about that.
  • You want to spend more time with your family.
  • You want to show more compassion.

Dreams about Goose – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about a flock of geese might symbolize your instinct and intuition.

A goose in a dream usually represents permanent partnerships and happy home life. It is also a symbol of fertility and family.

Sometimes, a goose can signify awakening of your spirituality. It can sometimes foretell major changes and events in your life. Sometimes, it is an announcement of new beginnings.

A goose seen in a dream can also be a symbol of bad fortune.