Goldfinch – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Tiny European goldfinch or simply goldfinch is one of the most colorful songbirds.

This charming little fellow inhabits large areas of European continent, except the northernmost, coolest parts of the land.Its relatives live in Asia.

Their vibrant colors and adorable looks are simply irresistible. Goldfinches are fragile and sensitive tiny beauties, characterized by an extraordinary colored feather coat, pointy beak and gentle, dancing-like flight manner.

Since historical times, people have been amazed by charming appearance of goldfinches, especially by remarkable gold-yellow stripes on their wings;

Both male and female goldfinches have distinctive patterns of feathers. Their heads are red-white-black, which makes a beautiful contrast, their backs are yellowish-brown, while their tails and wing ending feathers are black with white spots. Goldfinch undersides are white and soft.

They are certainly one of the most adorable songbird species!

People keep goldfinches in captivity, because of their extraordinary appearance and beautiful melodies they sing;

Goldfinches are cautious and caring little ones. They are masters of disguise and camouflage. Goldfinch females make their nests in treetops and design it so they are invisible to predators.

These birds love apple and cherry trees, while in parks they would build nests on maple and poplar trees.

Goldfinches mostly live in lowlands and commonly inhabit human populated environment. However, in some countries, they could be found at heights of more than 2000 m above sea level.

Lovely goldfinch birds are caring and loving parents;

These adorable birds both take care of their young ones. A male brings food to his birdie, while she lies on their eggs; once little birds are born, both of them feed young goldfinches. Goldfinches are sociable birds and they move in large flocks.

Goldfinch Christian meaning

Goldfinch represents many things, just as other of his beautiful singing relatives. In Christianity, this tiny colorful bird is a symbol of resurrection, sacrifice, soul and death, the four important Biblical concepts.

People also believed this bird brings luck and recovery to ill people.

Goldfinch is a common motif in art, often that of some theological importance.

During the Renaissance, beautiful goldfinch became one of the important motifs in artworks with religious background;


Goldfinch feeds on thorny plants, which is symbolically interpreted as an important connection with Christianity. According to an old legend, the Goldfinch saw Jesus carrying his cross and wearing his wreath of thorns on his head.

The Goldfinch was disturbed and so sorry to see that, so he tried to take off the thorns. While doing so, drops of Jesus’ blood splashed over the bird’s head.

According to a legend, goldfinches got red spots on their heads because one of them tried to help Jesus and pluck off the thorns off his wreath;

There are many similar stories about goldfinch, but also about other birds and their red feathers.

Goldfinch is also featured in Christian paintings as a symbol of resurrection.

Goldfinch symbolism and spiritual meaning

In addition to these religious interpretations, goldfinches are generally seen as positive spirits and they represent good omens.

This beautiful tiny fellow represents some of the greatest values in our lives, such as love, beauty, harmony, family and health.

They are truly fortunate little spirits and people generally think well about them.

Love and devotion – Goldfinch are true symbol of love and devotion. They lovely appearance and behavior makes them popular amongst people. Looking at goldfinches flying, hearing their beautiful melodies reminds us of positive things in life. It makes us embrace ourselves, share love with people around us and live in harmony with the nature.

They represent devotion, emotions, love and peace.

Beauty and art – Beautiful goldfinch is a common motif in art. It embodies the very idea of art and creation! Goldfinches produce irresistible, enchanting melodies and they look amazing. True beauty is to be found in the most humble and purest things in the world. Tiny goldfinches are modest artists, some of the most gifted in animals’ kingdom.

Therefore, in our world of symbols, they represent beauty and art.

Family and friendship – We have seen with how much care goldfinch parents raise up their young ones. These birds are loving and nurturing parents, so they naturally represent and symbolize family bonds and connections. Goldfinches are sociable little ones and they live in large groups.

They symbolize loyalty, honesty and true, everlasting friendship and supports.

Frailty and softness – Goldfinch is a delicate little creature. They symbolize grace, frailty and softness. It is not strange poets and writers would use them as a metaphor for a human soul. There is something magical and divine about them!

Goldfinch motif is common in artwork as a symbol of beautiful, but delicate and fragile things.

Goldfinch totem and spirit animal

Goldfinch totem is a gentle and caring one. It will teach you true values of life!

People born under this totem are kind and delicate by nature. They are very sensitive, emotional and intuitive.

Goldfinch people are usually gifted in arts and are kind of romantic souls. They possess amazing and positive aura.

  • Artistic and romantic

Goldfinch people are dreamers. No one can take that from them! They enjoy nature and art and usually have talents for music, painting, writing or any other form of expressing creative ideas in an artistic manner.

These people have pure thoughts and never think bad to others.

They are also intelligent and love to share different stories with other people. Goldfinch people are talkative, friendly and charismatic.

  • Sensitive and emotional
  • Loving and caring

These people are intuitive and emotional. They have great empathy for other living beings and have hard time dealing with bad things happening on our planet.

You cannot change everything or help everyone! That is the lesson all Goldfinch people have to learn.

Embrace your life with open arms and enjoy all the beautiful things around you. If you are able to change something, you will know that deep in your heart.

  • Harmonious and positive

Although great misfortunes out of their control could make them feel down from time to time, Goldfinch people generally have an optimistic view on the world.

They recover easily, because they do not care only about themselves.

They always make sure people they love feel good and comfortable.

Loyal friends and a happy family full of love are all that a Goldfinch person needs to feel good.