Goat – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Contrary to the general belief, goats are actually very smart animals. The symbolism of a goat is present in many myths, where the goat is depicted as a sign of health and vitality as well as determination and sensuality.

Goats are one of the first animal humans tamed. They are very social animals, which prefer the company of other goats in the flock, and can become indisposed if kept alone.

They are exquisite climbers, even capable of climbing trees.

Goats are also known for having excellent coordination and balance, capable of surviving in the harshest conditions and moving steadily in the shakiest of terrains.

Thanks to their feet, goats have exquisite climbing abilities.

Their feet are soft on the inside, and hard on the outside, and they can wiggle their toes as well, so they can grip better to whatever surface.

Goats also have an excellent vision, even at night time. With rectangular pupils, goats have a vision of up to 320 – 340 degrees, which means they don’t have to move their heads almost at all to be able to see something.

They are known to cross great distances in search for good food. They are very choosy about their food as well, and eat only what they consider clean and tasty.

Baby goats are very close to their mothers and they recognize each other’s calls soon after the babies are born.

As a totem animal, a goat brings very powerful gifts to the ones who are happy to have it as their totem.

It’s important to note there is a difference between a male and a female Goat symbolism. While a male Goat is a symbol of virility, a female symbolizes abundance, fertility and reproduction.

What does the Goat Symbolize?

Goats are powerful totem animals.

As a totem animal, a goat symbolizes curiosity, accomplishment, confidence, determination, persistence, balance, patience, choosiness, steady progress, sacrifice, faith, great achievements, virility, abundance, ambition, agility, courage, energy, dignity, exploration, heights, intelligence, independence, peace, sacrifice, respect, vitality, seeking, strength, endurance, etc.

As a spirit animal, the goat is especially a symbol of maintaining balance and overcoming difficult obstacles, with determination.

It gives us the confidence in our abilities to achieve whatever we want.

It also teaches us to create a firm foundation for every accomplishment we desire, and then move towards the achievement.


This spirit animal teaches us to move forward slowly but steadily, one step after another until we finally reach the top.

Goats as totem animals also symbolize curiosity and new experiences. A goat encourages you to throw yourself in new and exciting adventures.

Goats also symbolize our spiritual ambitions.

Sometimes a goat as a spirit animal symbolizes materialism and looking at things through the prism of money and gain.

The Meanings of a Goat as a Spirit Animal

The goat as a spirit animal can have many different meanings. Here are some of them:

Intelligence and curiosity. Goats are known for their intelligence and curiosity, a trait which has led to a widespread misconception they eat all they can get their teeth into. The fact is, they are constantly exploring unfamiliar things, or they are just curious to see if, what’s in their mouth is good enough to eat.

If a goat is your totem animal, you are probably gifted with the trait of curiosity.

You are probably often on the go, discovering and learning new things, and that makes you very satisfied.

It often indicates your adventurous spirit.

Confidence and faith. Goats are extremely confident animals, confronting every obstacle they encounter on the way. If the goat is your spirit animal, it teaches you to trust in your abilities to achieve everything you desire in life.

Determination and persistence. Goats are one of the most determined animals in the animal kingdom. They don’t stop until they reach the spot they are heading towards. A goat as your totem animal is reminding you of the need to cultivate this trait in your personality. No matter how talented, educated or experienced you are, you cannot reach anywhere if you don’t have the determination.

Sometimes this trait can be a negative one, if you tend to be aggressive and pushy towards others, to achieve what you want.

Balance. Goats are masters of balance. They can climb steep rocks without much effort at angles above 60 degrees. You have to agree that’s amazing. Having that gift, the goat as your totem reminds you of the necessity of a balanced approach towards things in your life.

Courage. A goat is a courageous animal, and gives you that gift if it is your totem animal. You are probably fearless when it comes to accomplishing your goals.

Steady progress and patience. If a goat is your totem animal it teaches you to be patient and move steadily towards achieving your desired goals.

Ambition and high achievements. For goats, there isn’t a hill or a mountain top they cannot conquer. If you are fortunate to have a goat as your spirit animal, you probably have this ability as well. You are probably a person who sets your goals high and don’t stop until you reach them.

Having a goat as your spirit animal probably portends you as a very ambitious individual who does everything to accomplish your desires.

You probably have high goals for your future.

Abundance. A goat as your totem animal can also be a sign of abundance you will soon experience in your life. Maybe you have been doing a lot of work in acquiring wealth, and you can soon expect miracles to start happening.
Strength and endurance. A goat as a spirit animal reminds you never to give up, no matter how hard the difficulties you are encountering are.

You have what it takes to overcome any obstacle and challenge and be victorious at the end.

Independence. If a goat is your totem, you are probably an independent person, capable of managing your way in any circumstances.

Goat as Your Totem Animal

If your totem animal is a goat, that fact maybe signifies your abilities and confidence to constantly aim for and reach new heights, even the ones you don’t feel as comfortable with. This totem animal reminds you never to doubt your abilities to succeed.

A goat could also signify your character and being a person who takes time when doing things, taking one step after another.

If a goat is your spirit animal, you might be highly intuitive, having a gut feeling about things and knowing who you should trust. You are cautious and confident at the same time.

You are also a very stable and balanced person.

A goat as your totem animal can also speak about your choosiness. It can also indicate that you are a person who thinks well before saying anything.

This totem animal also signifies your readiness and persistence. It is also a sign of your achievement and being ready to overcome whatever obstacle and give all your effort to accomplish your goals. You have strong working habits and discipline.

You don’t have fears to confront whatever comes your way when you set your mind on something.

This animal is often a sign of your quests to explore your spirituality and the hidden spheres of your personality.
This animal as your totem also indicates that you prefer working behind the scenes and because of that you might be underestimated and overlooked in many occasions.

A female Goat spirit animal is bringing you the gift of nurturing. It can come into your life to give you comfort and a sigh of relief. It might be your guide to the spirit realm.

If your Goat spirit animal is a male, it brings you the ability to regenerate a part of yourself you thought has been lost long ago.

It also brings you the gift of inventiveness and assertiveness.

A male Goat totem is encouraging you to turn to Nature and make a new connection to it.

What if the Goat Appears in Your Life?

When a goat appears in your life, such appearance has a significant meaning. It indicates changes in your life and heading towards new endeavors and heights in your accomplishments.

It is a reminder to carefully plan your actions and potential obstacles so you can be prepared along the way.

Sometimes this animal appears in our lives to remind us it’s time to start asking more of life and ourselves and expand our goals more.

Maybe you feel as if you deserve and could achieve more and now is the right moment to start your quest because that’s the goat’s message.

A goat appearing in your life can be an encouragement to trust yourself and your abilities to succeed and safely overcome any challenge on the way.

It is a messenger of faith and pushes you towards the achievement of your goals.

When to call on Goat?

You should call on a goat as your spirit animal in times when you:

  • Need to become more independent.
  • Want to accomplish abundance in your life.
  • Want to start something new, and you feel guilty about it.
  • Need a boost of confidence and goals for your spiritual advancement.
  • Feel stuck in some situation, or don’t have a clear view of your path.
  • Need determination to achieve something.
  • Need strength and courage.
  • Need patience or focus.
  • Need some excitement in life.
  • Want to move forward with your life and leave the past behind.

Dreams about a Goat – Interpretation and Meaning

If you dreamed about goats on a farm, such dream is a very good omen, a sign of wealth and abundance.

If you saw goats in a strange place, where goats usually cannot be seen, such dream might signify being cautious and slowly and steadily moving on your way to the top.

If a goat kicked you in your dream, such dream is not a good sign, signifying some people who would like to see you ruined, and warns you to beware of them.

Drinking goat milk in a dream is usually a good sign, related to your health and wellbeing. It is a sign of improvement of your health and recovering from an illness.

It reminds you of the importance of using the power of your mind to provide the best possible outcome of any situation.

For young women, this dream could signify gaining wealth through marriage.