Gemini Sun Taurus Moon – Personality, Compatibility

The inward yin energy of the Taurus’s sign is followed by another counter pulse with the first air sign Gemini. The sun with its increasing radiance pulls a seemingly higher arc over the earth and thus becomes the pictorial symbol of the spirit, which rises above the matter.

The instinctual and instinctive motivation of the two previous signs Aries and Taurus is replaced by the recognition of the polarities.

The human ability to distinguish things and make connections is assigned to the sign Gemini.

Even in evolutionary history, the moment when man straightened up from the earth was associated with a tremendous leap in intelligence. He perceived himself as an independent being and thus gained the ability to self-confidence.

This behavior often makes him appear superficial at first glance – this is certainly an aspect of this sign, but it would be wrong to make it negative.

It is simply the task of this sign to move on the surface, to pass on all the information and impressions as quickly as possible, in order to take up new impulses again and again.

In today’s text, we are going to explore the meaning of the Gemini Sun and Taurus Moon.

Gemini Sun Taurus Moon – General Info

Gemini are extremely inquisitive and interested in a variety of topics. In doing so, they look at things, like all air signs, from a certain distance. In other words, they take on a fairly objective perspective without feeling fully and completely emotionally involved.

Mercury, the symbol ruler of the Gemini, symbolizes in astrology the way of thinking and communicating. Accordingly, Gemini usually have an excellent mind.

Also, they can usually best express themselves in word and writing. They learn very fast, and have the ability to pass on knowledge in a way that is easy to understand.

With their charming and entertaining nature, Gemini are welcome guests at every party. They easily make new contacts, always have something to tell. Gathering or circulating the newest rumors makes Gemini born great fun.

Due to the many-sided interests, Gemini often have problems to decide for a cause. This dilemma they try to get a grip on with their incredible speed. Only this has the consequence that much can only be learned and carried out superficially.

The typical Gemini born dance at several weddings. Just do not miss anything is his motto. That’s why he stays nowhere longer, there is still so much else to experience.

So it’s not surprising to rarely meet balanced and relaxed Gemini. Gemini are energized, thrilled, and usually want to do two, if not three, things at once.

Among them sometimes suffers the depth and thoroughness. Why stop with such details, saying the impatient Gemini and was not seen in the next moment!

The cliché that two souls live in Gemini is already a great deal. Otherwise it can hardly explain the moodiness of this sign. Gladly and cheerful a moment ago, it suddenly turns nagging and criticizing.


The contradictoriness of the Gemini character is reflected not only in his unsteady mind. The Gemini is a variable, mobile personality: she can easily change her mind radically from one day to the next, change her wardrobe completely in no time, or pack her suitcase unexpectedly to start a whole new life elsewhere! The Gemini is just an unstable contemporary, who will rarely commit to binding.

Where the Gemini appears, the sun shines. Apart from his moods, the Gemini are a very friendly and kind person. He loves society and it costs, as articulated as he is, to lead discussions and convince his interlocutors with clever arguments.

Only rarely do you meet a Gemini who silently follows a conversation or is miserable!

The Gemini occasionally fools his fellow man. It can go so far that he flunkers, with his own advantage in mind. So it happens that the Gemini are sometimes said to be obscure and dubious. But this dark side of Gemini is more than rare. This star child is actually an honest skin that should not be assumed to be evil.

If Gemini use half-truth, then they are “only” because they wanted to help their desired success a little bit. They did not want to harm anyone!

In contrast to the Aries-born, who prefers to assert himself alone, the person with Taurus needs the protection of the community in order to feel well-being. The Taurus principle corresponds to the clan association, the we-feeling, the rooted, the sedentary and thus the “possession”.

The one I’m sitting on belongs to me and cannot be taken away from me anymore. At the same time, it makes you immobile. Another Taurus quality is the physicality and thus the sensuality and enjoyment.

In the infant’s social development, this can be compared with the “foreign phase”: identity through belonging, security through demarcation.

As a toddler, in the original sense of the word man “grasps” the world over the five senses. It wants to hear, smell, taste, and feel.

This close mother-child bond also includes all the values ​​and beliefs that the mother embodies. The father will feel often enough excluded from this close bond. Initially, the child will enjoy protection and belonging, but the older it gets and the more it develops its own self, its individuality, the more it will find the embrace of the mother overwhelming.

Since self-esteem is strongly fueled by the sense of belonging, the conflict that the adolescent person carries is all the greater if he wants to go his own way. In later bonds this difficulty is repeated.

Ultimately, the task here will be to have the courage to let go and find oneself. The memory of the warm feeling of security to the clan may help him. It is in the nature of our ripening process that the tasks that touch our wounds and which are the hardest to solve come up again and again.

Good Traits

The Moon in Taurus indicates very different needs than in Aries. Taurus are about safety and security. Moon / Taurus fears for his emotional safety and he will do whatever he can to avoid his safety.

So this subconscious urge can even determine the choice of career.

Ultimately, Moon / Taurus feels protected in the community and will therefore focus its attention on group orientation.

Also in matters of partnership, the moon / Taurus will want to prefer safety to adventure. It is crucial how the entire horoscope designed. The Moon in Taurus brings different skills with it. It gives the ability to give others a comfortable feeling, so that they feel comfortable.

Also, the people with the moon in the Taurus are mostly good cooks. Taurus as the earth sign is very physical and thus geared to observe the physical needs. So Moon / Taurus is very sensual, really needs body contact, likes to eat, and usually gets well.

Moon / Taurus shows the need to enjoy. Thus with this position the strong danger of attachment to the pleasures of life is given. Moon / Taurus can therefore have big problems with letting go.

Bad Traits

Here only helps to avoid any situation that could make him weak. Hardly a Taurus of the stars wants to stay single in the long term, he needs the bond and the affiliation.

On the other hand, he does not want to be tied up in a relationship. He can then also show a “Taurus-skull” dominance in the day.

Gemini Sun Taurus Moon in Love

First and foremost, the moon sign Taurus stands for calm, balanced and thoughtful people. They think rather practical and are more oriented to reason than to their feelings. Her balanced emotional state is also very pleasant for her fellow human beings.

Only sometimes the person born in Moon Sign Taurus can be very stubborn and try to enforce his stubborn headache at the expense of others.

They feel most comfortable when their lives are on a stable and secure foundation. This should consist of a good material basis, but also of a stable circle of loyal friends.

People with the moon sign Taurus are hospitable, love sensuous pleasures such as good food and drink and look after their guests as lovingly as they do their family and their partner.

The zodiac sign Taurus is dominated by the planet Venus and is therefore a very feminine sign. This is particularly evident in the fact that people with the moon sign Taurus show their love above all by the care of their loved ones.

They love children and are at home. They do a lot for their partner and want to live out their sensual, romantic and physical side with him / her.

Gemini Sun Taurus Moon – Best Match

It needs skin contact and touch to feel loved, as well as a physical presence of the parents. It will play for hours on sand, blocks, mud, or water, and learn about the “sensory” perception (not the intellectual “as in the Gemini Moon”) of how the world works.

For this it takes time and leisure, does not want to be pushed, and wants to “incorporate” things in the truest sense of the word through meditative repetition.

People who are most compatible with the Taurus Moon are the ones who are equally stable, such as people with a Moon in Virgo or Capricorn.

In the adult’s life this is quite similar: we experience the Taurus-moon principle in the pronounced ability to enjoy, in the strong need for sensual pleasures that include food, social gathering as well as eroticism and intimacy.

Completely in the sense of the element “earth”, to which the Taurus is assigned, the Taurus’s moon needs leisure, longevity, reliability, realism.

In partnership, this means a desire for security and consistency. The partner should be as present as possible, the Taurus-moon wants someone who sits next to you on the couch and that you can touch, languishing relationships of longing are not for him (who leaves the “fish moons”), as well as dramatically- passionate entanglements (in which “scorpion moons” like to get entangled).

Intimacy is given a high significance as a source of sensuality. Although the Taurus Moon is loyal because it loves what it is used to and does not like changing things, it is also easy to tempt on the other side.


As the moon represents the sensations and needs of a human being, it becomes clear that a Taurus-Moon-born affiliation perceives closeness and security as elemental.

The typical Gemini not only exudes good mood, but also a lot of humor.

A Gemini-born has always a joke in stock, he loves to make his fellow man laugh. From time to time beats the fun in this rainy spirit but also in biting irony – then you can even get stuck in the throat laughing!

At the systemic level, the child experiences his mother as a strong caregiver and forms a close community with her, which is strongly encouraged by the mother through her identification with her role.

Figuratively speaking, we had the mother in the Aries Moon as “Amazon”, while we find the “mother hen” at the Taurus Moon.