Gemini Sun Libra Moon – Personality, Compatibility

The moon has a very special symbolism in astrology. On the one hand it refers to the mother, the figure that took care of us, the instincts, and the temperament that we bring as standard by family inheritance, roots, home, and genealogy.

On the other hand it symbolizes our emotional nature, how we care for others, how we want to be taken care of, what we need to feel safe.

Libra is a cardinal sign, of air and ruled by the planet Venus. Among all the signs of the Zodiac, Libra is the most seductive (not in vain they were to be daughters of Venus, right?).

He likes to like, moreover, he needs to like to feel comfortable. It is reflected in the eyes of others and the opinion of the rest is extremely important to them.

Gemini Sun Libra Moon – General Info

The Gemini sign symbol consists of two bowls, one above and one below, connected by two vertical lines. A vertical single symbolizes the personality condition: its ephemeral character. Two vertical lines symbolize the dual condition of personality, that is, its double nature.

They are the “two souls that live within me” (as expressed in the verses that Goethe put on Faust’s mouth). Penetrating the true and deep essence of Gemini is difficult because, very often, it is shown differently than it really is.

On the one hand it can be light, adaptable and diplomatic, and on the other it can exhibit a cunning and ingenious character.

Its main problems are duality and multiplicity, and these are also its tests on the spiritual path. This is clearly expressed in the Gemini symbol.

The open bowl above represents the receptive principle. Everything is admitted, whether material or spiritual, good or bad, valuable or worthless, etc. Everything penetrates through that bowl, passes through the personality filter and is transmitted back to the environment.

The lower bowl symbolizes the output of energies, knowledge and qualities. It is the great principle of mediation that we mentioned in the previous post and that is carried out through the mutable cross, the air element and the mental agility of the regent Mercury.

Mediation is one of the most important skills of this sign but it is also one of its greatest difficulties. In Gemini the development of the dimension of time begins. In this sign, space and time meet. In Taurus we create a space.

Now, in Gemini, we can move in this space. Gemini cannot sit in one place: he goes to the nearest object and studies it, wants to know it closely, know how it is built and what it is made of. When we move in space we meet people and realize that we are not alone.

Neighbors, brothers, relatives and acquaintances are close to us, and when we approach them we always experience and learn something. If we open ourselves to our surroundings with an awakened consciousness and an active intelligence we can learn a lot.

In the month of Gemini we collect information and knowledge. But we can also find out something about us. We may ask ourselves: What do others think of me? How do you value my behavior? In Gemini, not only is others found, it is also possible to find oneself.

It is a mutable sign and the word mutable indicates fluency. Everything that changes or needs to change fascinates Gemini. Mutable thinking is characterized by a great capacity for adaptation, with a tendency to give in and dodge.

What really matters are the mutual effects, the contact and the relationships. Especially interpersonal contacts, but also relationships with animals, plants, things and situations. The world is perceived as a set of relationships between people and their environment.


The meaning of everything that happens is sought. Why things are as they are and not otherwise. Cultural and artistic thought also comes from this cross, since all cultures were developed almost exclusively by human beings. Culture needs the stimulus of contact with the environment.

The culture is also developed by the need of the community and not only by the creative will of the artist.

At the level of personality integration, duality becomes a fluid synthesis because through encounter and alignment there is an exchange and contact, that is, a handshake. The phrase or esoteric mantra of Gemini: “I recognize my other self and, in the waning of that self, I grow and shine” refers to this process.

The other self-vanishes as its substance flows to us and we ourselves become an inner glow. In short, it is to find the balance between two forms of behavior: the horizontal orientation in which the person projects their desires outward and lives without any self-limitation, and the vertical orientation in which the person looks inward, recognizes what you need and, selectively, just choose what is truly important and essential.

They can’t stand feeling rejected. Libra rules the seventh house of the zodiac, which deals with our relationships with partners and partners.

For people with a moon in Libra, symbiosis with the other is essential. They are very good negotiators and seek harmony trying to reach agreements. They have an absolute need for balance. Fights, screams, rudeness…

Forget about falling under if you want to keep someone with the moon in Libra by your side. They need to be treated gently and their opinions always taken into account. In their quest for balance, they will sometimes fall into indecision … Nothing can disturb someone with a moon in Libra more than pressuring them to make a quick decision.

They like to put the pros and cons on each side of the scale and only when they are well sure of what is best, they will dare to opt for one or the other option. They are unable to hurt your feelings and before doing something like that they will fall into the sin of the white lie.

If you want someone capable of telling you the truth without any hesitation, ask someone with a very strong Aries, Scorpio or Sagittarius, Libra will try to sweeten his opinions so as not to harm you.

Despite its softness in the forms, do not be fooled, it is a cardinal sign, born to take the initiative and start things. You cannot convince him unless you do it with compelling arguments.

Good Traits

Both character characteristics are oriented towards contacts and social exchange. Personal agility and versatility make this combination popular, communicative people.

on the one hand, the properties of adaptability (Libra) and on the other hand, the characteristics of versatility (twins), which makes something very airy, so you could easily attach something unpredictable or unreliable. You are mobile and communicative and can quickly establish relationships and conversations everywhere.

Bad Traits

But with your changeability and indecision, you quickly lose interest when the entertainment value is low. You do not want to burden yourself with too strong feelings. Your many contacts have a noncommittal and maybe even a superficial side.

Your attention is focused on the now, which on the one hand makes you mobile and lively, but on the other hand does not give too much importance to growth and growth.

Gemini Sun Libra Moon in Love

If you want to show them your love, buy them something nice. They love the details, the careful packaging, the beautiful gifts, the flowers … Everything that has been chosen with care and distils good taste will please you … And to keep them, remember that you should never lose your composure.

There are ups and downs in the emotional life of people with the moon sign Libra rather rare. They are mostly balanced and at peace with themselves. In order to maintain their emotional balance, internal and external conflicts are quickly resolved.

They also have a balancing effect on their environment. Born in the moon sign Libra feel only really well and happy, if there is absolute harmony. In conflicts, they score with their empathy and diplomatic skills.

His peace of mind also includes good friends and a harmonious relationship. They like to have people around them and wish them recognition and goodwill. Because they have a special sense for the finer things in life, their home will most of the time be artfully and aesthetically pleasing. So your home is an ideal place for joint gatherings and parties.

In their relationship, they are very harmonious. They cannot stand arguments and then give in quickly for the sake of holy peace. However, this evasion technique is not always conducive to a well-functioning relationship.

In Gemini, at the level of personality integration, duality becomes a fluid synthesis because through encounter and alignment there is an exchange and contact, that is, a handshake.

The phrase or esoteric mantra of Gemini: “I recognize my other self and, in the waning of that self, I grow and shine” refers to this process. The other self-vanishes as its substance flows to us and we ourselves become an inner glow.

Gemini Sun Libra Moon – Best Match

In the case of the moon, she tells us about our emotional side and how we interact with others in the emotional aspect.

When a person has the moon in Libra it is said that there is a great facility to make relationships with others and a certain charisma, but let’s look a little further and analyze some questions a little deeper about the characteristics of this moon.

This moon will tend to get carried away by emotions and ways of being of others, being in some cases people who amalgamate and mingle with their partner. However, there are some premises that the other must respect for the meeting to take place.

The first thing is that forms are venerated, that is, there must be some formality in relational attitudes. Also that the party, the encounter with friends, social life is part of the couple.

People with this moon, like to go on vacation with their partner and other friends and tend to organize great meetings and give their home and everything they have to make those meetings pleasant.

The choice of couple is conditioned by the taste for the multitude and the need to share spaces that go beyond the intimate. If she is a woman they will look for nice men and they will make the typical couple that everyone likes, if she is a man she will look for a woman who always stands well in front of the environment.

Elegance and good taste are essential for this sign and also the artistic and general culture. That is why refinement is always sought and in him, the person can open up and trust the other.


When this person grows according to the learning he has had as a child, he will tend to be someone who has his emotional life closely related to the responses of the environment. Therefore, he will tend to seek the approval of his inner feelings abroad.

In this way the person will build his affectivity according to what others express and think about the right or wrong of a procedure and not about his true feeling.