Gemini Sun Gemini Moon – Personality, Compatibility

The moon is always the feminine principle in man, what defines him emotionally.

It is also a signifier of love for the homeland, the fatherland, and the attachment to the family, depending on the aspects it creates, the place of birth, and indirectly one can see the relationship with the children that notes will have over the moon.

From all of the above we understand the importance of the moon, and especially that it is extremely fast, so it crosses the entire Zodiac in one cycle of 28 days. This means that it is just over two days in the same sign and the degree exceeds two hours.

Extremely fast, it carries with it the subtlety of every soul, every degree observed and measured. That is why it is important in relation to the sign in which it is.

Today we are going to explore the hidden meaning of the Gemini Sun and Moon combination and how these people truly are.

Gemini Sun Gemini Moon – General Info

The first thought of this position of the Moon in Gemini. A house full of books, a house where people talk, and a house full of educated people and a house where someone always comes and goes a house at a crossroads, a house near a school, a house full of children etc.

But what kind of soul really is? This person talks and while he sleeps, he constantly exchanges information, constantly writes, reads, talk and a mobile phone is his best friend. And at least there are two mobile phones.

This person has a constant need to find out and transmit information, and what and then for that matter we look in which direction Mercury is heading. And Mercury is he not the messenger of the gods?!

It is very important to these people that there is something going on all the time, that they are never alone and that there is always someone with whom they can immediately share their thoughts, gossip, or emotion.

They change their interests and they get bored all the time with their jobs changeable and a little unstable in everything they are not quite out of words but they do not intentionally now they think so, but that does not mean that in half an hour they will think the same.

They have the power to persuade you to go to the theater with them and when you finally decide and agree they simply decide to go to the cinema it is never known which Gemini, at what point, speaks from them.

I leave you with a good description of the people who have their moon in the sign of the twins and what is more convenient to do these days.

Natives with Luna in Gemini have a complex emotional nature. Sometimes they have a hard time deciding if they like or dislike something, if they like someone or not.

They are fickle and restless and prefer to consider all options, which is why they are not content to contemplate something from a single point of view.

They also have real obsession to communicate. They love the talk, they have a thousand anecdotes to share with you and they want you to tell them your concerns and what has happened to you. It’s hard for them to keep quiet and still.

They’re a bunch of nerves with a tendency to gesture and move their hands when they speak. Your mind is analytical and fast.


They have a sense of humor to tell good jokes and are the kings of puns and double meanings. A conversation with a lunar Gemini cannot be boring since they know a little of everything and keep you entertained.

If you have one of these natives around you and you want to make him happy, offer him a thousand plans to make together, try to make him laugh and keep up to date on all areas … he will want to know your opinion, and believe me, they are always on day. Feed your insatiable curiosity and fill it with good vibes.

One thing is clear: When the moon travels the sign of the twins, it is best not to sit still. Girls, this is not the time to rest or take things easy. Wake up, baby! Gemini is like a curious child eager to learn and have fun. And that is the mood of these days.

Try to keep your mind and body busy. Dust your agenda and take the opportunity to catch up. That friend/relative who had long been pending to call that visit that you should no longer postpone, the exhibition that you wanted to see and are about to withdraw, that book that you gave away and you haven’t started yet. It will not be for lack of options.

These are eternal children, mischievous and harmless in their souls as little ones, easy, superficial and unburdened. Curious and curious about everything, strong speaking power and rich vocabulary it is difficult to surpass them when it comes to communication they all have the right WORD and they can answer you all.

The mother is a young, not very pronounced motherly instinct, but to her children she is a great companion, a highly educated, well-read woman, she has been learning something all her life and is always surrounded by people and is constantly on the move.

Good Traits

The Gemini in the house of Mercury, the soul in the house of information. What can this bring us? Eternal children, cheerful and pitchers who are like the spring breeze. Always ready for action and, of course, well informed on trends and tendencies.

Ladies with this Moon position are very nimble drivers, and even parking is not a bum. These are women who can do two jobs at the same time. They work great under pressure, as dexterity helps them get anywhere in time. This is a picture of a woman getting fancy while holding a cellphone and typing a message in one hand.

Gentlemen with this moon will fascinate you with their ease of communication, excellent speech and knowledge of everything. Always with a trendy vehicle.

Very often it is a scooter or motorcycle, and if it is a car, there is a good chance that it is Italian or French. They will invite you for coffee to a cafe in the middle of the town square, which is preferably like a window shop, where everything can be clearly seen.

You will delight them with their knowledge of electronics and modern communications, and if you thank them on Twitter after the meeting, you will confirm your position. If they didn’t hang onto Twitter or Facebook, well they didn’t.

These are the people who, after crossing the state border, inform where they are, so what does it cost to cost! Roaming? No problem! Gemini moon already has a list of the most favorable operators in the region.

Bad Traits

Fast, fast, it always means. Sometimes too fast and so the Zodiac Gemini is particularly susceptible to stress and impatience. He wants to have everything and preferably immediately.

The zodiac sign is also influenced and therefore looks flighty and nervous. In the long run, unfortunately, he is unreliable.

Staying serious is not an easy task for him, and so the twin-born is happy to be scattered and looks completely lost.

Even though he can easily make contacts, the question remains of how long they are.

Gemini Sun Gemini Moon in Love

Mostly they live in an apartment, in a new building if possible. They love new parts of the city and newly constructed buildings full of bright surfaces. The sharp edges of the furniture are implied.

The living room must have all means of communication, which are networked and accessible at all times. Lack of network, Wi-Fi, cable? Aw, here’s Belaya! If possible, they share the apartment on two levels, and very often their building has two entrances.

These are the people who always have option B, in everything. Starting from work, through a buddy to go out, to a spare “love”.

Even if they are the most faithful, there will always be someone there who would rush to their seductive smile!

Gemini Sun Gemini Moon – Best Match

If you want to keep this person, do not insist on emotions. They’ll talk a lot, and they won’t tell you anything. Not because they do not love you, but because they are loved by the story, for the sake of the story itself and not for the point of being spoken. It will get tangled, and you will get the wrong impression of disinterest.

If you want to fascinate them, give them a ticket to northern Italy or take them to the Monza race. This is a person who inherited an intellect from her mother, and her mother often traded, communicated or traveled extensively.

These are the people who feel better on the road than at home! She will often sleep better on a plane, a car than in her own bed! This is an eternal child who will make you feel the most up-to-date fora every day.

These are work colleagues who greet you in the morning with coffee.

The great love does not look for the typical twin first. Wild flirting and a phone book full of numbers for a passionate night is rather the reality and satisfies his need enough.

In flirting the zodiac is professional, however. His object of desire, he wraps easily around the little finger. He knows a spell for every situation and always finds the right words to turn the head of the lady or gentleman.

While the Gemini deliberately has no interest in a committed relationship, the singles fall in love a second. His character is just too appealing to resist.

The only problem is that his affairs are already feverishly awaiting the wedding altar and the number of adventures can be doomed to the twin. He loves his freedom and freedom. Those who actually get it into their hearts should not block it with jealousy or break it.


This month will bring us openness to learn new things with a constant hunger for information. These are the people out of place, the ones who will never burden you and be a hindrance.

If you want someone to cheer you up and show you the most up-to-date places in the city, bring with you the person who wears the Moon in Gemini.

Remember, you always go to places full of people, dynamics, and interactions with them. Do not inadvertently plan a trip to the mountains or some lonely place. The nerves will hurt them.

A month in Gemini does not tolerate quirkiness or too much thinking, and will endure for a maximum of two days in a quiet place, and on the third day they grab the first vehicle and run as far as their feet carry!