Gemini Sun Capricorn Moon – Personality, Compatibility

When the moon is in this sign it is best to catch up with the pending tasks. If we do not want the responsibilities to drown us, we need to get rid of them in an efficient way.

Don’t leave anything for later or you’ll regret it, it’s time to get down to the dough and prove you’re in control.

Coping with obligations can put us in a grim mood; don’t fall into that trap; If you take care of taking off weight on the days when the moon travels through Capricorn, you will see that then you feel relieved and with more time to devote to other things.

Each activity has its moment and the moon in Capricorn is very, very productive.

Gemini Sun Capricorn Moon – General Info

In the Moon in Capricorn feelings (moon) are associated with sincerity. But seriously, fortunately, it should not be confused with oppressed or unhappy!

The moon is the part of us that wants to feel, dream and wish. He is afraid of reality. But the position of the moon in Capricorn leaves little to dreams. Capricorn requires performance to feel good!

Showing emotions – many of them practice this for a lifetime. Sometimes it comes over a bit stiff when they do it. But it is definitely meant to be serious and sustainable!

They often need some effort to feel comfortable. For example through work and the associated recognition. Sometimes you get the impression that they do not want to make it easy! But doing something can satisfy her enormously emotionally! They then feel valuable and needed when they can contribute.

This also applies to children with moon in Capricorn. If you let them take responsibility, you strengthen their emotional development!

Someone with a moon in Capricorn feels most comfortable when there is a clear structure. For example, they often use daily or weekly schedules. Or they create structures in other ways. Some people also like to arrange something! For example cabinets or drawers.

Capricorn moons often feel comfortable in a very simple apartment. No frills or much decoration. More like Zen Buddhist. So not uncomfortable, but not overloaded. In the best sense simple and beautiful, in the sense of a rich modesty.

Although a person with a moon in Capricorn can experience duty as a joy. This really is a great feature that should not be underestimated! But feelings of guilt can arise when this moon sign says that it has done nothing.

Also on the subject of partnership: love has something to do with achievement. According to the motto “What you have not worked out, you can also accept badly.”

So they are naturally receptive to the idea of ​​achievement. They are therefore often diligent. But too many duties sometimes create great pressure. That could lead to excessive demands. In the man, his moon sign next to Venus is part of his mate search image.

It is the image of a woman who is slowly warming up. She could be a serious guy. Maybe she is even emotionally closed!? For fear of being hurt, she may tend to control her feelings. Maybe it’s too strict, so the man with the moon in Capricorn lets himself be judged by her.

It can be illusory in the most positive sense. Maybe this man imagines a life-saving woman. Someone who is there even in hard times or when you grow old together.


People take their profession very seriously with the moon sign Capricorn. Apparently her work leaves no time left for the realization of her feelings. These are held back and hidden.

Therefore, some think the Capricorn-born quickly aloof and a bit cold. But that’s not true. Basically, Capricorn is a very soulful person. He only shows this to people who have gained his trust.

Life is not a game for him, but a serious thing. Often he is afraid that he cannot cope with the demands of everyday life. Mankind combats its insecurity with the moon sign Capricorn with a quest for success. He feels good when he accumulates material goods and gradually achieves his goals.

Even in the partnership, it is not always easy for him to show his feelings. He needs a lot of trust in the other. Also for him often his work and his professional success is the highest priority.

In this case the mother will not be an overprotective mother but quite the opposite. We must understand that the traditional mother model in this case will not exist.

The mother will be very hardworking, quite modern and also a bit cold. In this way the child will get used to receiving a rather formal and somewhat distant treatment and will grow in the belief that such are the people who love one.

Because it is not that he will receive mistreatment or a certain contempt, but a coldness and formality more typical of masculine than feminine behavior. The child will then be impregnated with this distant energy and will carry that energy into his adult life.

Good Traits

The moon in Capricorn tells us of responsible natives, people to whom it can be delegated and who can be entrusted to carry the command.

Nothing is more stressful to a lunar Capricorn than disorder or chaos. They are people who take their lives very seriously; when they give their word, they really do it and with their hands in their hearts, so they don’t expect less from the promises you have made to them.

They are afraid of failure and that is why they work with all the hard work in the world to guarantee success.

They are extremely resistant, withstand physical and intellectual exhaustion very well. Generally, they have more than earned the trust that others give them since they never avoid their responsibilities and are prepared to face any unforeseen events.

From a very young age, they have that stubbornness of survivors and although they are not older siblings, it is possible that parents give them responsibilities. To feel safe they need to be certain that everything is under control, that you will not fail them and that your word is as reliable as their own.

They prefer to follow the rules and not take too many risks, everything that guarantees that they are on the right path is welcome. Although they know that fame costs, it is their last goal. The spirit of Capricorn always craves recognition.

Bad Traits

He moon in Capricorn can be quite cold with the closest people and with those you love most.

This moon will need to be seen in depth instead of judging it, and you have to understand how it really is. His coldness does not mean indifference without just a way of being.

On the other hand the moon in Capricorn can be very calculating, but that calculation can use it to accompany the people you want, and you can go to the need of the other and be very faithful.

They are also people who will take their own when they reach their goals and their success, and many of these successes can be, in some way, dedicated to relatives, couples or dearest friends, since they see their personal development as a way of showing affection for others.

Gemini Sun Capricorn Moon in Love

The Moon in Capricorn experiences the full range of emotions. Even so, against it, the Moon in Capricorn worries about how to express emotions, and often people with the Moon in Capricorn seem to be cold and reserved.

This does not mean that they do not experience emotions, only that they find it difficult to find an acceptable way to express them.

The Moon in the sign of Capricorn is detrimental. Capricorn is in opposition to the sign of Cancer, the ruling sign of the Moon. When the planets are at their weakest sign, they must learn how to use their force in a different way than usual.

The Moon in Cancer can express emotions freely, but must learn self-confidence and good limits. The Moon in Capricorn (Detriment) finds self-control easily – expressing emotions in an unexpected way.

In love they will not be different from how they are handled in other areas of their emotional life. Being quite cold and a bit speculative, it may take time to find a partner and also choose people who are not very demanding in this regard.

The moon in Capricorn tends to make your partner a means to achieve professional or work goals, so it is very likely that you find your partner at work, or that you propose labor companies with your partner. Therefore work and love can be, in this case, very mixed and there will be no conflict but quite the opposite.

If she is a woman with this moon she will look for a man who is very masculine, in some cases she can look for her opposite, that is, someone extremely sensitive, to take charge of the relationship.

If he is a man, he will not like women too complicated. Here the simple is very important. Simplicity, elegance, some austere success and clear ideas.

Gemini Sun Capricorn Moon – Best Match

Those born under the influence of the Moon in Capricorn like romantic gallants, but above all, belonging to a formal relationship.

They are made to form a traditional family, with children and a warm and welcoming home.

In love they are generous people who give everything, so they expect to receive devotion, sincere love and balance.

It is possible that they live some other superficial relationship, based on imaginary feelings, with negative endings, and therefore may require greater recognition for their part of their inner world, only then will they be able to find the right person.


As we say this person will take that coldness that he lived as a child into his adult life, will therefore be conditioned by this kind of somewhat distant and cold emotion and as a consequence of that the moons in Capricorn will be shown in principle that way to others.

Either in connection with your friends or in the establishment of close family or couple ties there will be a tone of indifference and inexpression.

The moon in this sign is one that maintains its coldness even in the most complicated and difficult emotional circumstances. You always have to take into account the other planets and the configuration of your natal chart, but the truth is that they are those people who are generally accused of being too mental or calculating, too little emotional.

The distance in this case is not something that is generated as a result of anger or not considering the other, but simply a pattern of behavior associated (although it seems strange) to affection and closeness.