Gemini Sun Aquarius Moon – Personality, Compatibility

The energy of Aquarius and Gemini in this combination, is motivated to sustain and maintain our sense of social and intellectual self-esteem through identification with groups of our own choice.

The energy of Aquarius is oriented entirely to the group and presents great difficulties focusing on individuals and their needs.

The Moon in Aquarius needs to feel accepted and an equal member of the group. The sense of group acceptance is the most important Security Need for people with the Moon in Aquarius. To be accepted as an equitable member of the group.

Learn to appreciate the value of the individual, and recognize that sometimes the needs of an individual are more important than those of the group.

You are surrounded by others who share common beliefs, opinions, ideals and social status; be accepted as a member of the group.

Gemini Sun Aquarius Moon – General Info

The lunar positioning at birth defines in the astral chart what our relationship with our emotions and feelings will be throughout our lives. See the article on how sentimental issues deal with people born with the moon in an aquarium.

Those who are born with the moon in an aquarium are usually very dear to everyone around them. He develops deep friendships with many people, including his partner, being a companion for all hours, intensely values ​​being always surrounded by friendly people.

They are endowed with a sense of brotherhood, so they are unprejudiced people who like justice and equality and often get involved in humanitarian causes to help those in need.

Because of their characteristics, they are often popular people and often the center of attention, but they hate to try to control your life, they value your freedom and privacy very much, and they don’t like others to push you to make it a pre-set standard.

By chance, he has difficulty with patterns and labels and dislikes some relationship issues such as charges: “are they already dating?”, “And when is marriage for?” “And when will children come?” This drives people with the moon in an aquarium seriously, because they hate this kind of charge.

They don’t like drama – it scares them, scares them away, makes them end long relationships overnight because they detest such emotional blackmail. If you have an aquarium moon, you have a hard time dealing with the outburst of emotions, don’t know how to react to the other’s feelings, and may even be considered insensitive by your partner.

Many times they end up avoiding sad situations because they cannot handle this feeling, but this ignorance ends up bringing moments of melancholy and loneliness. Who has the moon in an aquarium needs to learn to deal with human feelings in a natural and calm way to balance their own emotions.

The identity of the group is being questioned and others do not seem to understand feelings and beliefs; when you are forced to apply emotions in a specific and focused way, in individual situations.

Withdraw mentally, socially and theoretically and avoid emotional expressions. You protect yourself by hiding behind the rules, conventions, theories and ideals. You operate in abstract terms instead of applying these to specific situations.

Aquarius is surely the most abstract and theoretical Air sign. While the Moon in Aquarius has a great deal of compassion, it has difficulty expressing it in individual situations. The Moon in Aquarius has a great love for humanity, but has difficulty loving individuals.

So, if your Moon is in Aquarius, you will feel safe as long as you feel you belong to something, and whenever you feel that your group shares your ideas and perceptions.


In every situation, and in every relationship, you will look for the things you have in common with others in order to maintain the group feeling. All groups contain many subgroups, and each of them is defined by an idea, a different value or belief.

It is said that Aquarius has a great love for humanity – but he has difficulty loving humans in particular. This does not mean that with the Moon in Aquarius you are unable to love! However, it does mean that you feel more comfortable with emotions in the abstract than with specific emotions.

You would feel much more comfortable working for charity where you know your efforts will go to helping people you don’t know than helping a specific person – especially when that person is not a member of your group.

If your Moon is in Aquarius, your need for Security is related to how many things you have in common with other people. You need to feel that you understand the rules and structures that define the group, in order to feel free to explore the limits.

Aquarian energy has a reputation for being unpredictable, but this is simply because sometimes the group’s boundaries are undefined.

It may also be the case that you are not aware of what defines your group relationship. Pay attention to the moments when you find yourself defending your position and taking sides. What are the limits that you are not willing to accept or tolerate? This helps define what your ideas of a group are.

In the end, the only group that matters is humanity, and we are all equal members of that group. When you can accept yourself and give credit to yourself and others for being human, you will realize that it is not so important to share the same point of view.

Good Traits

There is something distant in those people who have their natal moon located in the sign of Aquarius; it is as if they had absolute control over their emotions or as if they were not too intense. Luna in Aquarius feels much more comfortable within a group than in face-to-face relationships.

They are experts in merging with the crowd while keeping their strong sense of individuality intact. Let us not deceive ourselves, although they are more gregarious than any other, the Aquariums have wood of leaders and they know very well what the qualities that make them unique and special are.

They are extremely cerebral and nothing is more exciting than great ideas. They would like to lead the progress of humanity.

Progress for the sake of a common welfare is your idea of ​​accomplishment. They will want to guide the crowds towards a better future, but they will never allow anything or anyone to constrain their need for individual freedom.

If you want to make a person happy with Luna in Aquarius, never try to pressure him to do something or insist that he change his mind. Aquarius belongs to the fixed mode. They are stubborn as mules and will do things their own way and point.

They also like to be original. They look for new solutions to old problems. They have their sights set on the future and go through the present on tiptoe.

The future is undoubtedly a much better place in which the changes that are already advocating have taken shape: Aquarius will defend with guts human rights, animal rights, political revolutions … and any radical change that is based on detonating the preceding structures in favor of a common ideal.

Luna in Aquarius pampers you passionately defending your right to a better tomorrow. He cares about his generation and respects the freedom of the other. If you want to make him happy, support him in his quest for change and give him all the air he needs so he doesn’t feel limited.

While the moon is in the sign of Aquarius we feel compelled to integrate with people. It is not a time to be alone or withdraw, but to meet with a group of friends and have conversations about the solution to global problems.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and takes out the rebel in you. Adjusting to schedules and routines will become heavier than ever. We will be less afraid of change and will defend our desire for freedom at all costs.

Bad Traits

Aquarian energy does not understand the concept of individual. The energy of Aquarius is centered in the group. What is important for Aquarius is that everyone in the group is at the same level, and that everyone has absolute freedom within the group definition.

If your Moon is in Aquarius you will instinctively look for what you have in common with others. The things you have in common with others are what defines the group. Now, keep in mind that the group can have only one individual (you). The group can also be defined by absolutely nothing.

You are not considering only the most common beliefs and obvious groups (religion, race, social status, etc.). A group can be defined as people who wear sports shoes, or people with brown hair.

The more things the group members have in common, the stronger the group identity will be, but the point is that anything can define a group in what respects Aquarius.

Gemini Sun Aquarius Moon in Love

You will feel safe as long as others behave according to the group definition. When someone separates from the group and shows that they are no longer part of it, you will feel betrayed because you will think that you may not be part of the group that you thought.

For example, consider that you love the movie Titanic, and that this is one of the bases that make up your group. You feel safe when you are with other people who also like Titanic. As long as you all agree on the movie, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have any other movie in common.

You can discuss and debate the merits of Citizen Kane or Halloween and you will never find a common base, but you will feel safe knowing that you share a common base by liking all Titanic. If, on the contrary, you discover that a member of your group cannot support Leonardo DiCaprio, you will feel threatened because this goes against the definition of the group.

You will no longer feel that you share the same values as the rest of the group, and you will begin to doubt if you deserve to be in this group after all.

Gemini Sun Aquarius Moon Best Match

If your Moon is in Aquarius, you will feel more secure when you are surrounded by others who share your beliefs, opinions and social status. Group dynamics is very important to you and it is where you feel most secure.

Even so, you have to learn that on certain occasions the legitimate needs of an individual are more important than the needs of a group.

The Moon in Aquarius seeks its own approval through being accepted as a member of a group. As with the Moon in Leo, if you’re Moon is in Aquarius it is essential that you learn to take responsibility for your own well-being.

It doesn’t matter if you rely on others to be accepted or in a whole group, every time you look outside you will feel disappointed.


Remember that the Moon in Aquarius equate security with social acceptance. Aquarius is an Air sign, and the Air signs are not especially interested in the emotional side of things.

If your Moon is in Aquarius you will realize that you prefer to approach your emotions from a point of logical perspective (and yes, this is as difficult to do as it sounds).

Ultimately, you don’t feel comfortable exploring your emotions on a deeper level – and when you feel pressured to do so you feel threatened.

You prefer to explore your emotions in a more abstract and theoretical way.