Gemini Man and Virgo Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

It is enough to say that Air and Earth do not go together. Just like their elements, these to people are too different. Although they are both children of Mercury this doesn’t actually connect them. They use their mind in a very different manner.

Gemini craves for one thing and Virgo the other. Trust is tricky for this couple as Gemini is flirty and witty, and Virgo on the contrary is serious and reserved. They can try as couple but the odds are minimal.

Gemini man

The first thing you notice about a Gemini guy`s appearance is that he is boyish, youthful, and no matter what his age seems to be, he has a really magnetic appeal.

When we speak about man born under the sign of Gemini, we speak about a man who is quite different compared to other horoscope signs, especially when we speak about emotional relationships.

Since this sign is marked by dualism, Gemini man can be very surprising and spontaneous as well as dark and mysterious. This is exactly what makes him so seductive and appealing to  women.

You had a bad day, you need to talk about something that bothers you, or you just want to share something you have just heard of? Gemini man will listen to you as well as he will talk to you about everything.

When it comes to ladies, this guy will find his way to capture woman`s attention and she will easily be drawn to his magnetic sex appeal. He likes to talk a lot and he will easily make a woman laugh, so that is his greatest advantage.

With his smooth talking, he is a natural charmer. Except for being chatty, this man is also very flirtatious and that`s something that makes him amazingly attractive to others.

When Gemini man is interested in a woman he will use his greatest power, that is his mind. He will start a conversation very smoothly, finding his way to catch her attention.

Once he starts to like a woman, he becomes very inquisitive to know each and every detail about her. He will develop strong and deep feelings for his lady.

The main thing about this man is that he needs a lot of personal space, so relationship can be challenging for his partner. He needs trust in a relationship.

If he becomes bored and feels like he is suffocating in relationship, he will not hesitate about ending it in order to move on to something better. However, if the relationship is a source of support and happiness, there is no more loyal partner than Gemini man.

If a woman prefers sex to be somewhat varied and unpredictable. That is exactly what Gemini guy can give. Since he really likes to talk, that can be used in a bedroom , sexy talk is a big turn-on for him.

Plenty of foreplay? He won`t mind it at all. This man can easily turn on a woman since he pays attention on what she likes, so he knows exactly how to evoke the right responses from her. Be sure about one thing, Gemini man doesn’t want a rushing sex without atmosphere. Of course, it depends much of the Ascendant and position of the planets in the birth chart.

Virgo Woman

This girl is a true lady as her sign is the maiden, she walks and talks with dignity , calm, elegance and grace. Her body looks gracious too and her movements are easy and elegant. Her conduct is somehow royal that comes out naturally.

So, many people want to be around her. When she talks , she speaks in a perfect manner and everybody can understand her. Perfect diction, wide vocabulary, pleasant voice and she can find herself speaking in front of large crowd and she makes a good speaker.


She has great sense for criticism and analyzing but also sharp tongue. In most cases she is polite but when someone gets rude she will make it pretty much clear.

As everything around her must be clear and tidy she will have no unclear relations with people.

Some may like her some will not like her at all.But there is rarely anything bad that you can say about this person. As she strives for perfection in everything she does you may think that she is perfect too.

Virgo is very loyal, loving and caring person. She likes to help other and she often does charity and other to help people in trouble. Her friends can rely on her when it comes to getting a task done, and not only one, multiple.

In love, Virgo seems distant and cold and sometimes people think of her as superficial. She might be obsessed with details and will criticize if things are almost perfect but is doesn’t mean she doesn’t have emotions.

She is capable of great emotions and can love like anybody else. Above all, she will deny feelings and that can cause problems in her love life. Also, she is afraid of physical contact and being hurt.

Once she relaxes and feels comfortable ( that will probably take much time),  she will have almost childish need for love and care as enormous amount of emotions will be released.

She needs a patient partner who will teach her how to relax and enjoy moments of love.

Therefore, her concept of love is ‘’idealistic and almost medieval’’. Courtship, love letters, flowers, gifts and ‘’platonic love’’ is how she thinks of it. Love is consumed in a way of purpose of having children and personal pleasure is put away.

Marriage is sacral matter and she sees it as ultimate act of love.

She would use somebody to change a bit such understandings of love and show her how mutual feelings and love work out. Of course , it depends much of the Ascendant and the position of the planets in the birth chart.

Love compatibility

This match doesn’t actually represent a sexual,neither emotional relationship. There is poor sexual connection and absence of passion.

First of all, both of them are driven by the intellect and do not give in to the carnal pleasures so much.

Simply, there is lack of emotions from both sides ( although Virgo has difficulties expressing feelings but she is capable of deep emotions) and also lack of sexual desire.

Gemini is , like said, more intellectually oriented but interested in personal relations a little. Virgo needs time to relax and feel secure so she can have sexual experience.

Her fear of physical contact and being hurt doesn’t let her to experience sex for a long time. Many of Virgos , actually stay virgins to the late age.

Even then, she is willing to make a compromise to make the relationship work. Gemini can take her efforts for granted and there is trouble arising.

She has great appreciation for her personality and won’t tolerate such behaviour.

Gemini has a tendency to act easygoing, carefree and easily  he will easily move to some other girl if Virgo criticize his life style. In that case, Virgo is master of critics but as they are both ruled by Mercury , Gemini won’t let in. He is intelligent enough to defend himself and those discussions can be endless.

Their communication will be good and each one of them will exactly make the point but their acts and words will clash as Gemini is mutable so that might bring confusion to their relation.

Gemini will always do his way, no matter if someone has the right he will just filtrate the words and continue his own thing.

Gemini has difficulties to commit himself to Virgo, and commitment means a world to Virgo. She needs a stable and secure relationship, without any unpredictable and sudden situations. She likes to have control over everything.

That is why she has hard time getting along with Gemini as Gemini is unpredictable and spontaneous. That is definitely not her stronger side so they collide in many things.

In many situations she finds him shallow and stupid. His acts and words can seem to her kind of reckless. That can irritate her and he would do on purpose,  so can go acting childish.

Again, she won’t tolerate much fooling around and acting like a 5 year old, simply because they are adults.

They can maybe be better friends than partners in love as they have a lot things to talk about but only if that doesn’t include bigger commitment.


One of the places where Gemini and Virgo can start friendship is surely school. It can start from early age , sitting next to each other or it can start  on a class at some prestigious college. They are both knowledge thirsty and they can even meet in the library.

Also, they can be co-workers , working on some research ( in the lab or do analysis_) as both of them own great intellectual capacities, detailed and methodical way of thinking.

They will probably spend time together on team-buildings with other colleagues or maybe go the the theater to see a play or go to a concert of classical music.

Everything that empowers and enriches spirit and mind is appealing to them.

It can happen that from these moments can grow something more, as they have similar interests and appreciation for art.

But, most probably they will remain friends that can hang out together from time to time.