Gemini Man and Taurus Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

At the beginning of the relationship, Gemini man and Taurus woman will have similar goals. They will unite the strengths for some period and that is great.

But, in the long term relationship, the differences will come out more and more. This is a rare example of a successful relationship and marriage. The two will eventually remain friends.

Gemini Man

Gemini man is one of the most interesting zodiac signs. Intriguing stories always follow him. This guy is very appealing for the women and they often fight over him. And he won’t mind it at all. The story around him is just like a Spanish soap. The main character is pretty and handsome and a bunch is in the desperate need of his attention. He will often give them a motive for such acts, but sometimes he won’t do anything. It is just the energy and the attractiveness that he carries within.

When a Gemini man is in love, it is hard to say how long it will last. Even though he will give attention and tenderness to his woman, the question is will he continue to do that tomorrow. With the Gemini man, you just never know. In one moment you will be his queen and in the other, he won’t even talk to you.

Gemini man is not someone who is easy to handle, as you see. However, who will be better aware of his personality than the Gemini himself? He will use his charm to make you forgive him for all the bad things he has done in the past few days. What’s more, you can expect a surprise, or a romantic dinner, a present. Gemini has a sense for that.

Among the men signs in the zodiac, Gemini man is one of them who just needs his own time, his freedom. The thought of someone who is all over him will scare the Gemini man. He doesn’t like an aggressive woman. He requires understanding for his needs, and that is okay.

Because of the spontaneous side of his character, Gemini won’t make plans. What he wants, he will do in seconds. As an example, imagine drinking coffee with him in a café. You two have some easy talk, nothing special. In an hour from the moment you two split, he can call you and say that he is going out of the country. That is something you have to get used to if you are in whatever contact with Gemini man. That is why he doesn’t like women who plan every second, every detail. This is just too much for him and he will run away.

But, a woman who gets into his heart will experience something wonderful. He is Casanova through a great part of his life, but that doesn’t mean he can’t fall in love madly. When that happens, Gemini man turns into a completely new man. Even though it is hard to make him love someone truly, sooner or later he will surrender to someone.

Gemini man is very positive. His smile and laugh are his characteristics. The conversations with him can be either superficial or very deep. This is another side of his personality – his intellect.

Reliableness is not his thing. Now he is here, at the moment he is somewhere else. Gemini man talks sometimes too much. This leads to many false promises. It is hard to trust him and this is probably the greatest weakness of Gemini man’s personality.

Taurus Woman

This is one gracious woman! The representatives of this sign are very feminine. This nice aura around every Taurus woman attracts the sights all the time. The way she walks and carries herself, dresses – it all has some kind of magic within.

This woman is a magnet for the opposite sex. If there is someone she likes and wants to get with, she knows the right way how to achieve that. Taurus woman has some special techniques. She will rarely approach the man first. However, the signs she is addressing to the target of her desire are very obvious. And it is very hard for every man to resist a woman like the Taurus woman.

Every man deep inside yearns for a woman who knows what she needs and knows the way how to get it. This is the case with the Taurus woman. Once she lays her eyes on you, everything that follows will drag you more into her game.

Taurus woman is sensual and enjoys intimate relations. She is also demanding but will do everything to please her man. The night with her will be for sure the night to remember from every men’s perspective.

This zodiac sign generally loves luxury. We say, love, not like, there is an accent. Taurus woman probably won’t ever start a relationship with a man who is not generous. She asks for presents – jewelry, clothes, shoes, bags, everything. And she won’t stop here. She wants your attention and dedication, your time. Taurus woman simply wants all from you, and won’t settle for less. Someone can say she is a materialist. Even though she is, this characteristic is given to her by the stars.

The need to feel loved is huge. Yes, we said that she needs attention, but it is different from love. She is romantic and knows how to make the distinction between those two.
When you think about the attributes a woman should have, Taurus woman actually has it all. She is kind, caring, attentive, understanding, proud. Her goals are to have many kids and harmonic marriage. She has that charisma and is optimistic. Who wouldn’t want a woman like that?


Taurus woman is full of love. Even though if she is not in a committed relationship, she will have many friends, hobbies, pets. She has to funnel all that love to someone. But when she finds a partner, that is when she is actually fulfilled.

A typical characteristic of the Taurus is stubbornness. Sometimes you will have to spend hours and hours talking to her in order to explain that she is wrong. Of course, you have to be patient with her. Taurus woman’s problem is that she takes her partner for granted. After a couple of months together she will already picture their marriage and kids. She tends to have too serious intentions in the early phase of the relationship and that can scare her partner.

Love And Marriage

In the relationship between Gemini man and Taurus woman, she is much more likely to get attached to him. Even though he enjoys her company, this is something that will please him just for a couple of hours. Gemini man is not into that story of finding someone for the whole life. Maybe he will fall in love with a woman so deeply that he will stay with her till the death tears them apart. However, this scenario happens not so often.

Taurus woman, as we said, likes to plan things, to look to the future. She doesn’t have the sense of spontaneousness like Gemini. He will rather wait for the things to develop slowly than rush into things. The Taurus woman doesn’t want to rush either, but from the Gemini man’s perspective, it looks like that.

Taurus woman is the type who likes home and kids. Her dream is to have beautifully arranged home and garden. Her meals are delicious as she is a great cook. And all the efforts that she invests are huge when she is married. Once she realizes her husband doesn’t appreciate that she tries to look nice, to be a good mother, a good daughter-in-law and everything in between, she can become furious. This tension is not pleasant at all if the two are under the same roof. That is why she needs a reliable man, who with she can learn new things and build a harmonic marriage. Gemini man is everything but reliable.

Another issue here is that stability of the Taurus woman. She stands with her feet on the ground, and Gemini symbolizes air, it is changeable. The opposite nature of these two is a big obstacle for the relationship.

The initial interest between the Gemini man and Taurus woman will occur due to their curiosity. They are so different that it produces some kind of attraction. He wants to get to know her better, as she represents everything that he isn’t, and the opposite. For some time, this relationship can be very interesting for both sides.
Every relationship should make you a better man. Taurus man will show the romance and loving, stability and care to the Gemini man. He will teach her how to let things go a little bit and to relax. Taurus woman brings tension, but the Gemini man won’t just let her. However, the more time they spend together, great differences will be more than obvious.


Even though Gemini man and Taurus woman can have a rocky relationship, but when it comes to friendship things are better. That is why Taurus woman won’t get into this too emotionally. When she is in love, she can be nasty, but as a friend, she is very nice. Her friends see her as a sister or mother, gentle and understanding. She will take care of everyone.

Taurus woman’s fire nature is especially accented when she doesn’t get the response from a partner. In the friendship relations, she is much calmer. That is something that suits Gemini man, as he is pretty light. No strings attached, no possessiveness – the two can be good friends.

Interesting Facts

Gemini man and Taurus woman are not a match according to many aspects. But, what will surprise you is that this power couple made it in spite of everything. They are the example of the commitment and dedication of both partners. They were determined to succeed, and they did. They are Donald and Melania Trump.


It is hard to reconcile the Air and the Fire. Gemini man and Taurus woman are two different worlds. This type of relationship can sometimes end up in a really bad way, so it is much better for them to stay on the friendly terms. Big disowns are crucial is they want to stay together as a couple.