Gemini Man and Scorpio Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

These two are rare couple. If they manage to win their differences which they have many,  they can be a great couple, unusual but strong- built. A partnership between Gemini man and Scorpio woman works only if they both have an ambition to make things work. Tolerance between Gemini man and Scorpio woman is of the highest importance.

Gemini man

The first thing you notice about a Gemini guy`s appearance is that he is boyish, youthful, and no matter what his age seems to be, he has a really magnetic appeal.

When we speak about man born under the sign of Gemini, we speak about a man who is quite different compared to other horoscope signs, especially when we speak about emotional relationships.

Since this sign is marked by dualism, Gemini man can be very surprising and spontaneous as well as dark and mysterious. This is exactly what makes him so seductive and appealing to  women.

You had a bad day, you need to talk about something that bothers you, or you just want to share something you have just heard of? Gemini man will listen to you as well as he will talk to you about everything.

When it comes to ladies, this guy will find his way to capture woman`s attention and she will easily be drawn to his magnetic sex appeal. He likes to talk a lot and he will easily make a woman laugh, so that is his greatest advantage.

With his smooth talking, he is a natural charmer. Except for being chatty, this man is also very flirtatious and that`s something that makes him amazingly attractive to others.

When Gemini man is interested in a woman he will use his greatest power, that is his mind. He will start a conversation very smoothly, finding his way to catch her attention. Once he starts to like a woman, he becomes very inquisitive to know each and every detail about her. He will develop strong and deep feelings for his lady.

The main thing about this man is that he needs a lot of personal space, so relationship can be challenging for his partner. He needs trust in a relationship.

If he becomes bored and feels like he is suffocating in relationship, he will not hesitate about ending it in order to move on to something better. However, if the relationship is a source of support and happiness, there is no more loyal partner than Gemini man.

If a woman prefers sex to be somewhat varied and unpredictable. That is exactly what Gemini guy can give. Since he really likes to talk, that can be used in a bedroom , sexy talk is a big turn-on for him.

Plenty of foreplay? He won`t mind it at all. This man can easily turn on a woman since he pays attention on what she likes, so he knows exactly how to evoke the right responses from her. Be sure about one thing, Gemini man doesn’t want a rushing sex without atmosphere. Of course, it depends much of the Ascendant and position of the planets in the birth chart.

Scorpio woman

If you are standing in front of a woman who is the one of the sexiest and most mysterious you have ever met, don`t doubt ,  it`s a Scorpio lady in her exotic and magnetic appearance.

Her energy is impossible to ignore. Woman born under the sign of Scorpio is a powerful woman, dark, moody, real and infinitely sexy.

Intuitive, passionate and self confident, she often knows all of your secrets before you know, even a little anything about her.

This lady is intensely passionate and surprisingly emotional. She is one of the most sensitive signs in the zodiac. This woman feels her emotions intensely though she won`t always express them easily.


Her physical appetite is strong as her emotional one, so that can make her to be an enigma to her lover. Her real feelings and intentions are often hidden deep inside her.

She prefers to give her attention to those willing to go deep with her. When she loves, she loves with fierce devotion and deep passion. Once she is sure about her man, she loves him to her core and she is incredibly loyal.

This lady is extremely attractive and she attracts men easily. But that is not something to worry about,  although she likes attention she is loyal and devoted to man she loves and she always stays faithful.

Scorpio woman loves so called alpha man. That means smart, courageous, intelligent, ambitious, charming,  all that in one. She always prefers the best. When she falls in love, she won`t hesitate to show that to the world. But remember one thing, if she ever feels like she is betrayed, she is one vengeful miss.

As any sign she has her vices, but hers is one and only and that is jealousy. But jealousy here is not part of Scorpio`s insecurity. First of all, she is one extremely self-confident lady.

Once she strike her claim on a guy, she has hard time letting go. She won`t let easily her mate go into another woman`s arms without a battle.

Although her irresistibility and seductiveness, Scorpio woman have little interest in superficial connections, she seeks depth and passion in her relationship. Sex is very important to this lady, sharing a sexual connection with their lover is a necessity for her to feel completely fulfilled in life.

As with every other aspect of life, Scorpio lady don`t hold back in relationship. When strong feelings are involved, she can be even obsessed with her partner, jealousy is there too.

If you are wondering what you can expect from Scorpio lady in her bedroom – well, that one has only one answer. In front of you is a true sex goddess in all her glory. Her sexual power is her main characteristic.

She has a high libido and loves giving and receiving sensual pleasure. As a lover, Scorpio is emotional, intense and very demanding.

She loves sex, and she loves it profoundly but that doesn’t mean that she sleeps around or have a one night stand. She needs a perfect partner with whom she can share her all of her passion and intimacy. Sex is an area where creating and absorbing partner`s emotions is important as the act itself.

Love compatibility

First to tell, this pair is rarity. Despite this fact, those who finds themselves in this Gemini man-Scorpio woman relationship will find unusual but passionate relationship.

Scorpio`s quiet mystique can spark Gemini`s curiosity. Scorpio often uses their sexual magnetism and subtle ways to quietly attract a man. He finds it difficult to ignore her beauty and charisma.

She is sexually attracted to this man until she realizes she can never know all of his secrets, and that is something that will upset her in a long term. Scorpio won`t tolerate Gemini`s flirtatious nature.

If Gemini is willing to let a Scorpio to take the lead this relationship has a future.

They are both naturally intelligent and full of surprises, so they could spend a lifetime discovering each other.

For this relationship is very important that Gemini man has to give his Scorpio lover attention she need, and this lady has to give up her jealousy and possessiveness. Gemini likes his freedom and space, so Scorpio`s jealousy can be a problem for him.

Scorpio woman will be attracted to Gemini man`s intelligence, his youthful appearance, his charm. She will always admire her man for his intellect and his ability to make her feel special and loved.

Gemini man must realize from the beginning that he can`t go into this relationship with a ‘’light foot’.  He has to respects his Scorpio woman for her strength and passion she shows in every field of life, especially in their love life.

When it comes to sex, it is surprising that these two even get attracted to each other.  This guy has air as his element and this lady has water as her element. As a result Gemini man is not into the sexual nature that Scorpio woman is.

Scorpio is always very sensual and very sexual, and Gemini is superficial in sexual area, a little to lightweight for her taste. This difference is the main problem for their compatibility.

For Gemini sex is like some sort of a game, but Scorpio always takes her sex life very seriously. Sex for Scorpio is dark and spiritual and for Gemini it is just a physical act.

Gemini wants a quantity and Scorpio quality. She is very direct and focused on sex and on the contrary, he prefers to be more focused on romance, love and intimacy.

These two must sit down and openly talk about their sexuality, their wishes and boundaries, and a talk is Gemini`s thing.


Since both signs love taking risks and chances, they could have a lots of excitement together. But the main problem in this friendship is the fact that Gemini is really social  and outgoing, Scorpio is total opposite.

She is secretive and reserved. Gemini is far more flexible and easygoing toward things, while Scorpio have a strong devotion to her friends. The best aspect of a friendship between Gemini and Scorpio is their combined energy when they work together.

Then, they can do anything together. Gemini and Scorpio work very hard and they never give up, forming a team that do whatever it takes to get whatever they want.