Gemini Man and Libra Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

There are no two persons in the world that are  a hundred percent. There will always be some difference.  Gemini man and Libra lady makes almost a perfect mach , harmonious and well suited!

This is an excellent relationship, based on a common intellectual interests, vivacity and mental clarity. The charming Libra lady is able to balance the nature of the Gemini man, and he in return, knows how to make a smile his lady with his conversations.

Gemini man

The sign of the Twin holds many conflicting energies within one person. Gemini man has a duel nature that easily shift from light and charming to dark and mysterious.

When his looks are concerned, he is very stylish and he always cares for his appearance. He has no problem going from a relaxed outfit to a much more formal one. Gemini men is slender, graceful in his movements.

He has very attractive appearance which almost does not decay with age. Even mature Gemini man looks youthful. If your attention is quickly captured and you are easily drawn to magnetic sex appeal of a man before you  be sure that he is Gemini.

Everything you have to know about Gemini man (or about Gemini sign in particular) is that he really  loves to talk. Conversation fuels a Gemini.

He can talk for hours, but if you think that you will be bored in his company,  you won`t for sure. So, if you just met a guy who asks questions about everything you are speaking to a Gemini man,  you have noticed that he is an excellent debater.

Man born under the sign of Gemini is considered to be one of the most intellectual signs, due to Mercury as a ruler planet. With his smooth talking, he is a natural charmer.

Except for being chatty, this man is also very flirtatious and that`s something that makes him amazingly attractive to others.

His talkative nature pairs nicely with his curiosity and intelligence since he knows a little bit about everything and you can talk to him about almost every topic.

Even though Gemini can impress with his inherent wit and charm, the dual nature of this sign may be difficult for others to comprehend and they have feeling that they are dealing with more than one person at the same time!

One of the main characteristic of this sign is strong sense of justice. Gemini doesn’t   like injustice, so he devotes himself to protect the weak and defenceless. This man is enthusiastic, charming and very clever.

He is among the intellectuals of the zodiac, so his mental power is related to his lack of emotions and he has very low tolerance for boredom. This man needs a partner who gives him enough freedom and space, who is fun, stimulating, adventurous, who laughs at his jokes. When he falls in love, it is hard to say how long it will last.

The fact is, he is not a sign that can easily deal with his emotions. However, if he realizes that he is truly in love, he will come out of his shell in a very short time. If you want a partner who is gentle, exciting, who will make silly faces in order to make you laugh, then Gemini is the right one.

Gemini is also enthusiastic, full of life, adventurous and humorous, so this makes him the perfect partner if person is energetic and dynamic. Of course, it depends much of the Ascendant and position of the planets in the birth chart.

Libra woman

An embodied fairness, justice and balance , a few words about Libra lady. Sure there is few more like loyal, intellectual, creative.


Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love ,  two things she never stops chasing. Everything about this lady is balance.

Libra woman seeks peace and harmony in every area of her life. She may be innately attracted to drama and that is her greatest vice.

This gentle lady find beauty in the simple things. She is attracted to liveliness and laughter as much as to being alone, curled up with a good book or sitting somewhere surrounded by nature.

Have you ever met a girl who is the nicest, most charming person in the whole world? You met a Libra girl then. She also has a great social skills, she is charming, communicative and has very pleasing manners.

If you like a woman who always looks good, can charm anyone, and who embraces her feminine and wild sides , she is a perfect woman.

Woman born under the sigh of Libra is sort of a perfectionist, and she is afraid that one small mistake will throw off her inner peace.

She is in love with the idealistic nature of love, she truly believes in true love.  Refined and caring, Libra loves everything about romance, seduction and partnership. She will constantly work toward improving a relationship, and care for her partner both physically and emotionally.

Libra woman often take relationships very seriously, they really don`t like being single for long. We speak here of a hopeless romantic.

Also, she is very selfless, she always puts the needs of others before her own. If you need an advice , Libra is the best person you could approach. It takes a lot to make a Libra mad.

She rarely loses her temper. Even though her stubbornness, she will say ‘’sorry’’ first . She can`t stand dishonesty, Libra`s all about fair play and justice.  She has a deep appreciation for creativity and natural beauty.

Sometimes, she has a problem with making decisions, which is because she wants to see things from many ‘’angles’. This lady wants to be surrounded with perfection, balance and beautiful things and harmony.

Libra lady loves love, and they spend a lot of their time focused on finding a perfect partner. When she loves, she is not scared to do anything for her loved one.

If you like being cherished and in the middle of someone`s attention ,  Libra lady is the one for you. The Libra feels complete when she is with her love partner forever. Of course, it depends much of the Ascendant and position of the planets in the birth chart.

Love compatibility 

This pair, Gemini man and Libra lady is a lively combination in which communication doesn’t just flow, it bounces and leaps. This relationship is filled with romance, travel, music and love.

They are quite the compatible pair in more ways than not. They both have artistic natures, they are very sensible and intelligent.

Their mental energies meeting can be amazing. An amazing chemistry is witnessed when two Air signs are involved. Both the Gemini male and Libra female, instantly fall in love with one another.

The personality of Gemini man is charming and intelligent, and that is enough to catch her attention and make her fall for this person. Gemini man is, on the other hand, amazed by  the beauty, love and sensibility that Libra lady possess.

Both of them value things in common. There is a lot of respect towards one another, they acknowledge the state of mind that the other one has and show a lot of compatibility in general.

Gemini man appreciates the vigor of his Libra lady and allows her to follow her dreams. Because of the strong desire to satisfy her partner, Libra is tolerant and compassionate for her Gemini man.

They sometimes can so easily understand each others needs, so there is no need to use words. Libra, with her passionate and charming personality melts her Gemini man with small romantic gestures. Gemini guy, on the other hand, brings humor and laughter in their relationship.

They are both passionate, smart, honest and flexible like air. Since they are both air signs and marked by duality, that creates a strong empathy between them. Gemini man loves Libra`s energy and desire for peace, and Libra lady help steady Gemini`s wavering nature. This is one of the combination that is unlikely to break up.

The art of love between Gemini man and Libra woman is one that is taken carefully, keeping it delicate and beautiful. Being on a more romantic level than a physical one, the sexual relationship of this couple is more peaceful in nature. That doesn’t always mean that there is no room for erotic appetites or vulgar moves in their sexual intimacy. The physical relationship between these two is passionate and filled with love, affection and romance.

They may not be as intensely sensual but their act of making love is romantic enough touch each other emotionally and be satisfied intimately.


These two can be some of the best friends in the zodiac. They`re perfectly suited for this role.  Both of them are sociable, they have a great gift for communication and highly respect each other`s intelligence, so that is a great basis for a wonderful friendship.

Both share the same ‘’air’’ essence, that is the base of their mutual compatibility in friendship. The really like talking to each other.

Friendship between these two is found on fun. Both of them are well-informed, they enjoy discussing everything, from very serious topics to silly things.

But there can be small difficulties, like choosing the movie to watch together, since Libra can never make up her mind, and Gemini change his every five seconds.

But beside that, this friendship is lasting and usually not very complicated. From the very beginning they share a common bond  which is great conversation skills.