Gemini Man and Gemini Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Gemini is the first Air sign in the zodiac. It represents twins. From the other perspective, it is a symbol of dualism. And now we have a Gemini man and a Gemini woman in a relationship. How will the things go? Great, absolutely great. This is one fun and relaxed relation. As they are pretty similar, there won’t be a need for arguing.

The only problem here can be that none of them will take the relationship seriously.

Gemini man

This is the talker. Gemini man always speaks a lot. Not only he speaks but he also poses many questions. Gemini man is so curious that it can go on your nerves sometimes. The other times it will be so cute that you will spend hours and hours talking to him. His intelligence attracts people to get closer to him and have a word. Even if you talk with him for the first time, it will sound like you two know each other for the whole life. This is the way communication with the Gemini man goes.

Besides that the Gemini man is a really social type, he is very fun and outgoing, fast and perky. He is also active and wants to go everywhere. He is capable of doing more things at the same time. Multitasking is also the characteristic of intelligent people.

Yet, he talks a lot, but when it comes to turning words into action, the Gemini man will get tired. He needs someone to pushes him and go in step with him. This doesn’t mean he is lazy. Actually, he is hardworking, just doesn’t have the sense for the initiative. No one has that power of imagination and ideas such as the Gemini man. Sometimes people don’t truly understand his thoughts and he can feel neglected, but shouldn’t. Gemini man is a genius in the one hand and a complete silly in the other.

Women, be careful! Gemini man will get under your skin and you won’t even notice. Listening to him, looking at his smile, just being in his company is enough for you to fall in love with him. He has that charm and the aura that is fatal for the women. Besides his personality, he is also handsome and attractive physically. When you combine that two, it is hard to resist a man like Gemini.

Yet, he is used to the attention of the women. It is not strange that he is in a parallel relationship. He just can’t decide which one among that bunch of women he wants to be with. They offer themselves to the Gemini man, and don’t be afraid – he will take what is on the table.

This speaks a lot about the Gemini man’s trustworthiness. He is a flirt and will fly from one flower to another. In case you start a relationship with him, be prepared for the outflow of flirt with the other women.

He is not a gentleman and as he talks about the other things, he will talk about the women he had been with. He does that to prove himself as a man and to get more male friends.

The need of the Gemini man to constantly reassures himself that he is a macho type leads him in the wrong way. But, jumping from one to another relationship will eventually take him to the right woman. And that is when he will become loyal and reliable. Till then, don’t expect anything serious from this guy.

Gemini woman

You will maybe think that a Gemini woman is everything as a Gemini man, but there are some differences. Still, there are many similarities also.

Gemini woman is a social and friendly type. This woman likes to get to know new people and goes out a lot. What is important, her head is not in the clouds, she is not pretentious. If you want to approach her, it won’t be a complicated task. She is communicative and will give you at least some time. However, if you have the intention of involving emotions in the whole story, it takes some effort. If she considers you crossed the line, you will see another side of her personality. She will turn into arrogant and distant.

As you could conclude, intelligence is a strong side of the Gemini sign. The Gemini woman searches for someone who excites her mentally. If there is no deeper connection, all you can expect is that she will disappear. Gemini woman appreciates her mind and her body and won’t let someone inferior get close to any of these two.

Even though Gemini woman falls in love often, she will put an emotional limit on herself. This is something like a shield in order to protect herself and her emotions. However, usually, there is no need for putting barriers. Love can happen only once, so why would you chase it away? She chooses to have several partners at the same time. Romance is a game and playing with only one person seems boring to the Gemini woman.

There is no lot of men who can handle a partner like this. Being in a serious relationship with the Gemini woman can seem almost impossible. In her mind, there is a perfect guy, and she won’t settle until he appears.

Everyone likes her, men and women equally. Her friends like that she is always on the go. She won’t ever refuse shopping adventure, coffee or a night out. Gemini woman is tireless when we talk about social contacts.


However, a ratio is always in the first place. Gemini woman will be friends with powerful people or intellectuals. Sometimes she can even pretend to be friend with someone who is in the business or has money. This is that calculating side of the Gemini woman.

She is selfish also. Even though there is someone special in her life, there won’t be much space for that person if she had some other plans before. Compromising is okay, but only till when there is some interest for her. However, Gemini woman is not self-enough. Some kind of support is just required. Usually, the support comes from a man – father or husband.

Love and Marriage

The chemistry between the Gemini man and woman is huge. They attract each other in every possible way. They can find many things in one another. Their talks are sometimes deep, sometimes are superficial, it’s up to their choice. They learn from each other. You know that persons who end your sentences? They have this kind of communication. It is simply beautiful to see them in the middle of the conversation. Endless laugh and positivity is the characteristic of their relation.

The trust is very important for a healthy and serious relationship. Still, these two are not obsessed with trust. What’s more, they believe almost nothing at what the other says. Who would know Gemini better than the Gemini itself? They know they are not reliable. Gemini man and woman can turn this into a bad or a good thing. Of course, it is better to look at this from the bright side. They should give some freedom to the partner and if he/she is the one, the relationship will grow.

Emotions don’t go wild between the Gemini man and woman. Sometimes it is the question of their nature, the other time the question of the insecurities and the need to prevent being hurt. Hence, their relationship might seem cold. They agree on the intellectual level, but is it enough to marry someone? Being together requires some passion and desire also. They are in a serious issue when it comes to the romantic side of the relationship.

That is the thing with the survival and improvement of the relationship. If they get together, they will be excited at first. But, when the initial happiness goes down, they will remain with the question what are they doing together.

Gemini man and woman in marriage are almost the same as in a relationship. They will keep on doing many things like when they were single. Home atmosphere is nice, but they both need some time outside. Gemini man and woman are both good, not too demanding parents. They have that playful and childish side, that is what their children will adore.


Gemini man and Gemini woman can achieve friendship on a high level. There is nothing better than the two who understand the good and the bad sides of each other.

As they talk and laugh a lot together, they will see each other a lot. That can lead to living together also. Simply, they enjoy each other’s company. The number of activities they share is endless. Even if something is boring, they two will turn into a comedy. This good energy that is spread between them will affect everyone around them well.

Interesting Facts

Barbara and George Walker Bush are the Gemini man and Gemini woman couple. These two got along so well. Even in the old days, their relationship seemed like they were around 40. Pretty harmonical, their marriage lasted and their family is numerous. They have 6 children and much more grandchildren. This is something like an idyllic picture of a marriage between two Geminis.


We all search to that another half of the apple. Gemini man and Gemini woman can be that another half to each other. Well aware of their bad sides, they can work on it. The good sides only need to be caressed even more. A little problem is the lack of romantic feelings between the two.

Sometimes the relationship can seem sterile, but with the goodwill of both partners, they will find the way to light it up. This combination has a good perspective of the marriage.