Gemini Man and Capricorn Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Chances are small that the Air (Gemini man) and the Earth (Capricorn woman) will make a connection. They will touch each other in some way, but that would be it. Capricorn woman, a traditionalist, will be boring for the Gemini man.

The relationship will exhaust both partners mentally, leaving them with a feeling of relief after the break-up. A love romance is probably inevitable, but lasting examples of this combination are very rare to find.

Gemini man

If you are looking to meet someone who is endlessly interesting and exciting, well this is the one! Gemini man is everything but static. People in his surrounding get a piece of his energy. Space is filled with laughter and good atmosphere. Don’t be surprised if you show up at the Gemini man’s birthday and you see he invited around 200 people. There are a million ways he can meet new people and soon after that become friends with them. The optimistic energy is what brings him new connections.

And by “connections” we mean love contacts also. Some women are crazy about this type of guy. You will understand at first that he is not a light pray. When you combine his love for freedom and all those women who are interested in him, you will see how hard is to get to him. You would have to fight for his attention with a bunch of other women, which is somehow not interesting. Still, this amuses the Gemini man a lot! A show of two women fighting over him would be a perfect performance.

As you can see, the Gemini man needs constant entertainment. This is a typical behavior of a child. You have to keep him busy with something or it will make a mess. This is an immature side of the Gemini man. It often happens that this zodiac sign marries an older woman. His partner could be his mother’s age. The other scenario is that he has many relationships at the time. This won’t make him truly happy, but as long as it lasts, he would think that is happiness.

This man is intelligent. It gives him the power of manipulating with other people, usually women. He will tell them goodnight stories while preparing for a night out with another girl. It is not too hard to say “I love you”. These are the magic words for the Gemini man which will open many doors. As a real talker, he won’t think too much of the effect these words produce.

You have to be ready for many outcomes of the relationship with the Gemini man. Even be okay that your heart can be broken. However, this is not his real intention. Love is a game, and the participants in the game shouldn’t be mad if they lose.

Loving the Gemini man can be beautiful. He will tell you that you are beautiful all the time, take you to extraordinary places. Your parents will love him. But, be aware of the risk. The best possible thing to do is to enjoy it. Nice things don’t happen too often, so take it with no fears. Once he sees this behavior in a woman, the chances are 99% that he will stay with her.
Capricorn Woman

A Capricorn woman is the real representative of the Earth signs. She is definitely down to earth kind of person. There is no space for dreams and illusions in her life. Everything should be as real as possible. To be aware of yourself and your qualities is the pre-condition for success. The Capricorn woman is highly aware of herself, and that is why she achieves a lot in life. Believe us when we say that there is nothing in this world that will change her course. This horoscope sign has the horns for some reason – to knock down everything that gets on the way.

Men can be sometimes afraid of this nature of the Capricorn woman. You know how they say that men don’t like strong women. This is true when we talk about this type of woman. An independent, hard-working woman can have all she wants without anyone’s help. And men like being dominant. With the Capricorn woman, it is not possible. She is the one who will be a leader and make important decisions. Knowing all this, you can conclude that the right guy for her is someone calm and lenient, someone who doesn’t have to be always right.

Under the surface, there is a fun and witty woman. The Capricorn woman seems distant and cold, even though it is just a mask. A strong woman can handle all the life problems but doesn’t want to bear with it alone.

Even though she is a careerist, a family will be always in the first place. They are the reason she can lower expectations of the job and the money.

There is no chance that the Capricorn woman will fall in love at first sight. Two or three-day relationships are not her things either. This won’t take her anywhere. The goal is to find someone who has serious intentions, just as she does. Her time is precious and she won’t waste it on someone who is not 100% with her.

Out of all the thing she has to do, there is no much time for meeting new people outside the job. Because of that, if she recognized the required qualities in a man she will be the initiator of the contact. Yes, she doesn’t have restraints when it comes to this aspect of love. She likes you – she will tell you.

It would be a shame if her partner would be a person who has a lower income than hers. We wouldn’t recommend getting closer to someone who she met through the job. Still, the perfect partner is someone who is in the same position, but from another branch. In every other case, she would compete until she falls down just to prove him she is better.

The perfect partner for the Capricorn woman would be a Virgo, a Cancer or a Taurus man. One of these men will fulfill her emotional needs. However, she will experiment with the other signs a little bit.


Love and Marriage

There will be a lot of initial attraction here. First of all, their intellect is similar. Secondly, the carrier and material segment is one of the top 3 lists of priorities for these signs. Those things will make a connection, which won’t last because of the different values of these two.

The Capricorn woman will find something new and intriguing in the Gemini man’s charm. Even though she is tough, something will happen with her mind and she will fall for this man. Yet, the cold shower will follow. She will realize how unreliable the Gemini man is. And she is searching for stability and security. The Gemini man is everything but stable and secure.

The Capricorn woman will find his mood swings hard to handle. One day he will say the most beautiful words, tomorrow he would be extremely ignorant. The Capricorn woman doesn’t want to play that hot and cold game, as we said earlier. “Take it or leave it” is definitely her device.

Unfortunately, this relationship can easily become full of frustrations. Capricorn woman will irritate the Gemini man. He will, on the other hand, make her feel neglected and alone. While she would spend time home, he will roam around with whomever.

Gemini man is flexible in every field but love. That is mostly why his relationship with the Capricorn woman won’t last. But, still, if he is willing to make some changes, maybe they can make it.


The Gemini man and Capricorn woman have great tendencies for a social status. You know that this can’t be achieved without having a big carrier. This is a bond which ties them together. Maybe they don’t have a special base for being good friends, but they will be good co-workers or business partners. This combination leads to success. She would prepare the best strategy, while he will put it into action. Yes, when it comes to a job, the Gemini man can be serious – totally opposite from the private life.

The Capricorn woman has that mother instinct. You remember when we said that the Gemini behaves immaturely from time to time? Well, she can be something like a mother figure to him. She will take care of him, and the Gemini man will appreciate this as a friend. He will, on the other hand, be there to make her smile while she is going through a tough period.

Interesting Facts

One of the best representatives of the Capricorn Woman is Kate Middleton. The Duchess is very elegant and classy. She is one of the style icons of our time.

Did you know that the Gemini man hates sleeping? Yes, that’s right. Maybe we can ascribe this to his always-on-the-go lifestyle, so he thinks that he will miss something important while sleeping.


When someone is so serious, dedicated, and persistent in everything he/she does, it is hard to understand the other people who are not that way. Well, this is the situation with the Capricorn woman and the Gemini man. He needs to be careful about what he says.

The Capricorn woman will burn up in the games of her partner. Even though he would not be happy in the relationship, she will be the one who breaks up. Still, if he wants to keep her, there is a way. But that way is rocky as hell.