Gemini Man and Cancer Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Gemini man and Cancer woman make a tough love combination. These two have different values and thoughts about life, love, and family. He is the Air and she is the Water.

The compatibility of these two elements is hard to maintain, even though it is not impossible.

Gemini Man

Characteristic of a man in this zodiac sign is uncontrollable nature. You just never know who is his behavior going to be. In one moment he is all happy, in the other he is moody. Still, it is less likely that you will see a Gemini man out of tune.

This guy is always on the run. He has so much energy and passion for everything he does. Sometimes it can look like he has some special fuel that keeps him going. Further, even though he has nothing to do, he will make it up. Gemini man will do anything to keep him busy because the empty walk is something like the worst nightmare for him.

He has a lot of hobbies because only one is simply not interesting. That is why he needs to put in something new from time to time. Otherwise, he would lose interest in everything very fast.

Concluding, he is interested in everything and nothing. Gemini man wants to do many things, but always has in his mind some new, more interesting activity. It is not important what is it, the new excitement is what he is looking for.

If we can compare a Gemini man to some animal, it would definitely be a butterfly – beautiful, with wide wings, going from one flower to another. And as in life, the same thing is with love. Gemini man adores women. They are his inspiration and stimulus.

Every woman has some spark from the perspective of the Gemini man. This doesn’t mean he wants to get into a relationship with every woman he runs into, but he will flirt with many of them. This phenomenon is a part of the everyday life of the Gemini man.

If you need someone who will listen carefully, then the right person is the Gemini man. He is thirsty for some new stories, cognitions, life lessons. The conversation with him is very easy-going. Not only that he will listen, but also he will say what he thinks. And believe it, those are not empty words. This guy is intelligent and knows at least a little about everything. He doesn’t like everyone but is capable to pretend to be everyone’s best friend. In this sense, Gemini man is not someone you can really talk to about everything. Be careful, this guy can be double-faced.

Freedom is the most important thing in the world. He will sacrifice whatever it takes just to save his freedom. Relationships are some kind of a burden for the Gemini man. He can feel like he is suffocating if his partner asks him to be constantly there. Hence, let him breathe. He will appreciate that and will come back to you.

Cancer Woman

The soul of the Cancer woman is very prominent. The way she feels everything is at least doubled in comparison to the other people. Her senses and feelings are strong. When she is happy, there is no one happier than her, but when she is sad, her emotions are the deepest sorrow on the earth.

She is esthetic and everything around her is well organized. If you come to her home or garden, you will be pleasantly surprised. Cancer woman has that talent to combine colors, details, materials perfectly.

Even though the Cancer woman seems vulnerable at first, the truth is completely the opposite. She is fierce! The Cancer woman knows how to take care of herself. She likes to seduce. Enhanced curves and femininity help her get a man she wants. Of course, she is the home type, but until then she will live it to the fullest.

What will surprise you about the Cancer woman is that she has constant changes of mood. Yes, this lovely woman can turn into a drama queen. Even though time with her can be calm and relaxing, something that you only imagined, the next day you can feel the tension. Still, that doesn’t bother her friends or partner, as she knows the best ways to compensate it.

The Cancer woman has that childish, playful side. She is everything but boring. You can expect silly but very nice adventures with her. What she truly needs is a partner who with she can be herself. If the partner gives her the love and cares for her, she is going to be the best woman in the world. Then she turns off the brakes and shows herself in the best light.

Cancer woman doesn’t know how to live without love. Sometimes she is in the desperate need of a partner. We talk here about the emotional support, she is not a nympho. With a man by her side, she feels secure. A warm hug and a hand to hold is all she needs.


Still, don’t ever try to treat her with disrespect. Aggression is definitely something she can’t cope with and won’t stand. In this case, you will see that strong side of the Cancer woman. She will leave without any regrets.

What you can resent to the Cancer woman is that she can pretend to be completely innocent, when you know she isn’t. The Cancer woman doesn’t know anything but actually, knows everything.

Also, she sees a way to the success through the men. That is why she chooses often rich and ambitious partners. Aware of the beauty she poses, the Cancer woman will try to take advantage of it in the best possible way.

Love and Marriage

Gemini man has a perception of love where both partners have their freedom but are together. He doesn’t think about a relationship in the sense of developing but. It is more like – it will last until it lasts. And the Cancer woman has a different tendency. She wants someone for serious, not someone who will be there now and gone in five minutes.

The expectations of the Gemini man that his partner tells him that he loves him all the time won’t be achieved. He would be more talkative, and the Cancer woman is more practical. You won’t hear her say “I love you” all the time, but she will show it in many ways every day. On the other side, the Gemini man will say it, but some of his actions won’t prove that fully.

Cancer woman is romantic, while the Gemini man isn’t. He is into flirting, but no such things as romantic dinners, walks by the river, looking at the stars. He is too cold for the Cancer woman. She is the typical housewife, likes to cook and look after children. Her meals are so delicious, not to talk about the desserts. The warmness of the home of the Cancer woman can please almost everyone, but no the Gemini man. This scenario doesn’t match his thoughts of life together. He just has to go out a lot and won’t spend much time with the family. This will hurt the Cancer woman and her ideal of family.

Even though they have different views of marriage, when they have kids, both are very dedicated. Gemini man is definitely not the best husband, but he has all the characteristics of a good father. There is almost no need to describe the Cancer woman as a mother. She is very loving. Children are in the first place and she is willing to sacrifice everything to make them happy. That is why she will sacrifice her needs in some way.

The Gemini man as a husband won’t give her much love and attention. However, he will be a good father, and that is something she appreciates a lot. The Cancer woman won’t ever want to divorce as the secret of marriage and family is sacral. If it eventually comes to a divorce, it will be the initiative of the husband.


The Gemini man and Cancer woman function differently. He is a talker, she is a worker. Still, even though the Cancer woman seems naïve, she is very often completely opposite. That side of her will please the Gemini man. These two can do things together. As they both are materialistic, you can meet them in some luxurious place, or on some celebrity event. They can help each other meet other people. He knows her taste and the opposite.

The Gemini man and the Cancer woman have their childish sides, they will think of many intrigues and laugh at it together.

Interesting Facts

You would maybe never guess, but the Cancer woman is fiery in the bedroom. She won’t make the first step to get close to a man, but when she relaxes a bit, her man will be surprised by her lust. The Gemini man however, doesn’t carry that passion within. He is more passive.


You can’t tie the wind. In other words, don’t try to tie the Gemini man, or you will lose him. The Cancer woman wants to do that exactly, and that’s the problem. She has some sense of adventure, and that is what is going to attract the Gemini, besides her looks. But, she thinks too much and expects total loyalty – something the Gemini man can’t give.

However, it is possible to get into the marriage. The Cancer woman will surrender herself completely to the home and the kids, without much thinking about what her husband is doing outside.