Gemini Man and Aries Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Gemini man and Aries woman are a good combination in general. These two signs are both communicative and will have endless conversations. Further, their relationship tends to be very interesting and vivid.

Despite the dynamics, Gemini man’s need to flirt with the other women can endanger the relationship if we talk about something in the long run.

Gemini man

On the day Gemini man is born, he was given the endless charm. This guy is someone who will capture many women’s heart. Gemini man’s best description is Don Juan. He’s got that something that attracts the opposite sex. Rarely he will be seduced, but more a seducer. This irresistibleness is something that is hard to describe.

What’s more, Gemini man is well aware of this. Even in the younger age, he will notice the attention of the others and will enjoy it. Not only that he will enjoy, but many times he will take advantage of it. This is something that will follow Gemini man, even more, when he is a grown man. Gemini man is that guy in his 40s who has some gray hair here and there, well dressed, a couple of wrinkles but is very charming. When he walks into the room full of 20-something young men, he draws the attention of all the girls.

It is funny, but when a Gemini man wants to get with you, there is no way to escape it. Even if you don’t like him at first, you will after a very short time. He likes to be a hunter. This is something like a challenge and he wants to test his abilities. The seducing game also keeps them in shape. What is sure, a Gemini man won’t get discouraged by your refusing. It will make him fight even more for you.

He will push it so hard, trying to figure out which scheme to apply to make you his. Yes, this can sound a little bit crazy, but believe us when we say – his method will have the effect. Every woman likes someone who cares and shows attention, someone who is willing to jump off the roof to show his love. And this is what you will get if you are a Gemini man’s target.

Intelligence is something that adorns a man born in this sign. Besides the intelligence, his other trump is communication. He talks all the time and enjoys it. These conversations aren’t shallow at all. Whatsoever, the Gemini man is full of many clever thoughts. In the periods when he is not into joking, there is a lot to learn from this guy.

Because of these characteristics, the Gemini man is a favorite person in every company. Everybody wants to talk to him. And who wouldn’t like someone who is full of energy.

Gemini man is unreliable. His nature is such that he loses his interest very often. He needs constant excitement, as in life as in love. If there is nothing interesting, he will walk away without second thoughts. He can easily promise you the world, and in the other second act as if he doesn’t know you.

As someone who flirts a lot, it is hard for a Gemini man to settle down. Gemini man is hard to get for something longer. He will find a partner easily, but it won’t last. However, when he determines to be with one woman, that is how it is going to be for the rest of his life.

Aries Woman

Aries woman is a strong woman. She doesn’t need a man in her life but dreams about love. This is the type who will fight for herself and will achieve every goal. However, don’t let this shield she put in front of herself play you. Underneath is a scared and lonely child that wants protection. We all can be brave and courageous but will yearn for someone who will hold us in their safe arms. And with the Aries woman, this scenario is enhanced thousand times.

You may think that we talk about doubled personality here, but it is not the case. It’s just, there are too many things about Aries woman’s personality. She is brave but vulnerable. She is self-enough but needs support. She is extravagant, but romantic at the same time. Yet, it is not a lot to handle. When an Aries woman is in love, she is different – more calm and balanced, emotional.

Still, it is not easy to impress Aries woman. We already said she is the strong and independent type. That means she will ask for a man who is at least in the same range. But, she actually wants someone who is even more stable than her. The perfect man for Aries woman would be someone with the sense for adventure and fun, but at the same time serious about some life matters.

Pride of an Aries woman is huge. She walks with her head held high, well aware of the qualities she possesses. You will never hear this woman talk negatively about herself or her family. Even though things are not so good, she will present that a fairytale is happening. That’s why many people out there are jealous of her.

Aries woman is very honest. She will say what’s on her mind no matter what. This directness can be attractive to the opposite sex. Her occurrence tells you that she knows what she wants.

You can meet very often an Aries woman on a football game, in the reconstruction areas, with a helmet, in the army. She has that masculine side of her personality.


She has some bad sides also. One of them is jealousness. Even if she is stable in life, in love she is pretty insecure. That is the source of her jealousy. The other bad side is that she wants a social status. Sometimes it is so excessive that it irritates her friends, family or her partner.

If she is cheated on, this will enlighten the fire inside. That fire will burn the emotions for the other person. She will also have the need to take revenge because she is betrayed. Aries woman holds on to the principle “Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth”.

Love And Marriage

When it comes to Gemini man and Aries woman compatibility, we can say they are relatively compatible. Gemini man is sometimes uncontrollable. This is the air sign in the zodiac. That means that he needs control. A woman in the sign of Aries can do it. What’s more, she can help him turn the thought and words into action. Gemini man definitely lacks the initiative.
This side of their relationship is good for marriage, as the two will be able to complete everything they imagine together. The woman will have a greater impact here but sometimes it’s not bad at all.

Gemini man looks for a woman who has similar interests, sense of humor. Very often he marries a woman who he has been working with. This type of man is not dedicated to a wife and marriage too much. As an air sign, he doesn’t want to be tamed. Jealousness is something that drives him mad.

Here we come to the Aries woman. She is the jealous type. This emotion is very hard to control and Gemini man just won’t have the patience to explain things over and over again to his woman. Flirting is Gemini man’s hobby, just reconcile with that. On the other side, an Aries woman is possessive and needs a man who has the same dose of it. She is hungry for attention. If she doesn’t get enough of it, she will be very unhappy.

Aries woman is not the type of a housewife. She will cook and clean, but the story doesn’t end here. She needs some action in order to make life interesting. And that is similar to the Gemini man. This is the good aspect of their marriage. Both of them are hyperactive and will do many things together. Also, they agree on the intellectual level.

She has more drive and passion than him. Gemini man is into intimate relations, but a fire is a fire. He is more into flirting, not into the work. Yet, the situation in the bedroom can be on an average level.


As we said above, Gemini man is not that much into real work. He is an intellectual, a thinker. That is why Aries woman fixes things up here. If they are business partners, this relation can be great.

Also, both of them are really talkative and have similar interest and hobbies. It’s not weird that they as friends spend the whole night talking. If they are in a debate, Aries woman will always force it that she has the right. Watching the two in the debate can be really interesting. They are on the same level, but the stubbornness of the Aries woman will win here.

Interesting Facts

Famous Gemini men: Donald Trump, Kanye West, Prince, Don Juan.

Famous Aries woman: Miranda Kerr, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner.


In the relationship, as in marriage, it is the most important to complement each other. That is the thing with the Gemini man and Aries woman. These two have a wonderful communication, and that is a good precondition for any relation. They won’t ever get bored when they are together.

This relationship is dynamic as both of them love excitement and adrenaline. If nothing special is happening, they will make it up. But this is the fun part.

Problems between the two can appear in some later periods of the relationship. Gemini man likes to flirt a lot. Sometimes it goes into exaggerating. Aries woman is possessive and jealous, which is hard to handle for the Gemini man. That is why they have to cool it down a bit and work on the relationship.

Gemini man and Arius woman really are one of the most compatible combinations. Their personalities and similar and opposite at the same time. Yet, these obstacles can be easily maintained.