Gemini Man and Aquarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Gemini man and Aquarius woman contact will start spontaneously. These two are easy going and that is the bond that leads to a relationship. A big plus here is the intelligence they both poses, as the talkativeness and common interests. You will agree those are important factors for any relation. The direction of a Gemini man and Aquarius woman connection will lead to either a marriage or a beautiful friendship. If they get into a relationship, it will be full of understanding.

These are two Air signs, so the similarities come from that side. Even if they separate, it would be a peaceful agreement between two grown people.

Gemini Man

Talk that talk! Gemini man is the biggest talker in the world. A hundred women would have to fight over a word with him. But he does this in such a sweet way that it makes people like him. Even when the Gemini man talks nonsense, it can look like that is the most real thing you have ever heard.

That sweetness in his voice and his stories are very appealing to the opposite gender. Women sometimes like more a packed lie than the truth. This is the way the Gemini man seduces a woman – by his charming stories. Plus, he is very intelligent. Can you say no to a handsome, smart guy who makes you feel like the most wanted woman on planet Earth? Of course, you can’t.

However, stay as calm as possible, for your own sake. Watch him talk to the other women – he will do the same as he does with you. Now we come to this side of his personality. The Gemini man has to feel the affection of many women. Here lies his biggest insecurity.

Under all that great packed content, there is a boy how needs constant reassurance. Who would guess this, huh? It is hard to control this side of him. The idea of the eternal freedom won’t let him surrender to a woman who wants to tie him down.

They say to let someone you love go away. If that person comes back, it is the right one. If it doesn’t – someone better for you will come up. That is the advice for the Gemini man. Let him be free and go away for some time. Even though it seems hard, this will keep him coming back for more.

Believe it or not, the Gemini man is a romantic type. He will leave you stick notes on the fridge just to make you smile from the early morning. He will buy you a pet with a big ribbon for your birthday. You won’t see the end of his romantic surprises.

Even though the Gemini man likes to flirt, there is no much action in bed. He likes unpredictability. Spontaneous intimate relations are something that the Gemini man will favourize. Still, he doesn’t give much attention to this aspect of a relationship. It is more about mental than intimate stimulation.

Aquarius Woman

Even though women in the Air signs are considered as mild and tender, the Aquarius woman is more like a windstorm. There is almost no doubt that some men will be scared out of the strength and energy she carries. Still, this is not a reason to be afraid. Every storm eventually calms down. So will the Aquarius woman. Then you will realize how smart, unique, and interesting she is.

She sees love as a game, but emotions are something serious. The Aquarius woman will play a little bit with a man, or more at a time, giving them some signals and waiting for their next move. Making her love life more interesting doesn’t seem like she falls in love so easily. It takes time. She will realize if the man is the right for her through those games she plays. It is hard to gain trust, but once you do it – it is for life.

Definitely not an easy woman to handle, an Aquarius woman will give you a lot of reasons to stay with her. If you are a type of person who likes constant action, she will give it to you. The road to her heart is long, but it is worth it. There are a lot of challenges you will have to go through, but if you are an adventurer, go for it.

Aquarius woman appreciates freedom. Even if she is in a relationship, she will require some space for her. It is not a problem if her partner needs the same. There is no one who would this value more than the Aquarius woman.

Being rich is nice, but the Aquarius woman wants a normal life. She needs money to travel or shop, but money itself doesn’t have much value in her eyes. However, she strives to be independent. It is a good feeling if you can afford everything you want to yourself. You can see her even invest money in a project, but not if it is a risky one. She wants to play a little bit more, but everything has some limits. So is with the Aquarius woman’s wallet.

Aquarius woman searches for mental excitement. That is why is easy to please her in the bedroom after she is mentally aroused. When you hear a word “sapiosexual”, one of these types is definitely the Aquarius woman. After she sees this side of a man, she is ready to open up in this segment. Experiments and public places are her things.

Love and Marriage

Reading all this we wrote above, it is easy to conclude that the Gemini man and Aquarius woman are almost like one. There is a reason why we say “almost”, but there are so many similarities.


The idea of freedom is a value they both appreciate probably the most. It is good for a relationship, as they both will have some time and space from time to time. A little pause is nothing dramatic. They will come back running to each other.

You have also seen how important intelligence is for the Gemini man and Aquarius woman. It stands next to the freedom. The moment they start talking, the mental matching is more than obvious. Further, it is clear that things in the bedroom will function great.

The couple will be occupied with many activities. They both know how important it is to build a relationship which is not boring. And which is even better, they will always make the good atmosphere for themselves. Creative Gemini man will come up with great ideas and suggestions, and the Aquarius woman will follow.

Even though sweet words can produce smiling all day long, the Gemini man can hurt his partner sometimes. The Aquarius woman is sensitive to words and can burst into tears. The Gemini man finds it hard to handle tears, not knowing what to do exactly.

The Aquarius woman is not a traditional housewife. Trying to fit her in a model will be the impossible task. Of course, she will be a good wife and mother but will stand out from the other women.

Lucky Gemini can find the patient and understanding partner for his periodical flirts. The Aquarius woman has a high level of tolerance. As a flexible person, she will accept this bad side of her partner’s character, aware of her bad sides.

The Gemini man and the Aquarius woman make wonderful parents. Without the need to see and control everything, they will give some free space to their kids. No way the kids are going to do whatever crosses their mind, but they won’t be oppressed. It would be their choice which school they would go in, or what will they wear, what kind of music they will listen to and similar things. Kids will love them as parents, as they are always in for a game, or any other joint activity.


A thin line separates the Gemini man and Aquarius woman from being friends or lovers. Their communication is good and the couple has many similarities. The scenario can go in one of two possible ways. The only thing we don’t know is whether they will be friends or lovers first.

You know how sociable the Gemini man is. Aquarius woman is a little bit reserved in comparison to him but still has many friends. They both, however, know there are only a few real friends, the rest are only acquaintances.

Loyalty is in the first place when they are friends. He will be generous and she is always willing to help. Imagine having someone like this by your side. Of course, you will develop feelings for the other person!

Gemini man and Aquarius woman can be business partners too. The creativity of them both can produce great outcomes. The worst nightmare is to work in an office and like – that is it. This kind of job would affect their mood badly. So, no stereotypes here. They would be perfect for the next seasons of CSI: Miami.

Interesting Facts

Johnny Depp as the Gemini man had two relationships with the Aquarius women. First was with the model, Kate Moss and the second with Vanessa Paradis.


The Gemini man and Aquarius woman will be friends for life, that is sure. The question is will they become a loving couple. But, this is more than expected. The mental attraction between these two is something special. A little bit of romantic added, and they can have a long-term relationship. Mutual understanding is the key. With the ability to please each other in many areas, there is no reason for a split up. Even if it happens, they will handle it well and keep all the nice things they have spent together.