Gecko – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Reptiles have special symbolical significance for people. Reptile symbolism is strong and powerful in many societies. These fascinating animals have been intriguing us for millennia; they are real-time living dragons on Earth! Reptiles are both biologically and symbolically amazing.

They are so different from humans that it produces ambivalent feelings in people, from petrifying fear to admiration and adoration.

Throughout human history, various reptile species have been adored and admired in great and influential societies, such as Ancient Egypt and Greece.

Native Americans have had special understanding of animal symbolism since far past and they have many lizard related legends. Lizards also have very important place in Polynesian societies and familiar cultural concepts.

Lizard symbolism and spiritual meaning

Lizards are highly intuitive creatures, very agile and skilful. Different cultural concepts and belief systems portray them in many ways. For Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, lizards were symbols of good luck and prosperity, while in Christianity reptiles are often seen as devilish and bad.

However, in general spiritual sense, lizards are superior beings. These amazing creatures are natural born survivors. They are clever, tactful, agile, quick, flexible and adaptable.

Lizards are naturally careful and alert, since they are usually small and they have many enemies within predator animals. They instantly know how to deal with the situation, so these creatures are symbolically associated with readiness and self-defense.

They are intuitive and act instinctively. For humans, these traits are very important and desirable.

These small reptiles are associated with the concept of change and transformation. Some species regularly change their skins (geckos do so, as well), some lizards grow their tails over and over again, after it being cut, they have amazing power of regeneration and ability of camouflage.

Lizards symbolically represent breaking of old habits and embracing new life opportunities.

Gecko’s characteristics and symbolism

Geckos’ symbolism is very similar to symbolism of lizards in general. Being evolutionally adapted to various environmental conditions, these small and colorful reptiles live all around the world. They have learned how to avoid all the dangers threatening them, including climate changes, harsh terrains and hungry predators. Geckos are fast, adaptable, extremely agile and flexible.

These small colorful fellows are truly fascinating, both naturally and symbolically.

In general, people find reptiles repulsive and scary, even the small ones. Geckos are completely harmless to us; these creatures could be considered even lovely and charming, to small number of reptile lovers, in particular.

Be it as it may, geckos have interesting symbolical meaning and they could be inspiring spiritual guides and powerful totem animals.

Agility and speed – Geckos are tiny, skillful little guys. These animals have an amazing ability of climbing almost everywhere. Their evolutionary development made them extremely agile and fast. These lizards have specially designed paws with sticky fingers, so they could attach their feet to virtually any surface.

Geckos’ skeletons are completely different to ours. They are naturally ‘made’ to easily glide and slither, to avoid obstacles and barriers and run into narrow passages to get away from dangers and bloodthirsty lizard-eaters.


Having these facts in mind, we could easily assume some of the strongest symbolic meanings associated to geckos are speed and agility. These traits make geckos good and powerful spirit animals. Tribal art often features geckos in order to emphasize these desirable characteristics in people who would wear gecko symbol on their bodies, clothes, in their homes etc.

Adaptability and flexibility – All the lizards are easily adaptable to environmental conditions. Geckos are not an exception. Actually, their specific claws and paws make them even more adaptable and flexible. Geckos are used to different climates and terrains. They have rough, resistant skin, small bodies and flexible skeletons.

They represent the power of adaptation and camouflage. Geckos are able to live in virtually any climate and survive harsh conditions.

Symbolically, these traits are also highly valued. Geckos represent the ability to blend in when needed and get over hard times in life.

They symbolize humble resourcefulness, because these animals are able to overcome great obstacles with very little ‘funds’. Geckos are not picky about food or shelter; they would successfully use any conditions offered.

Transformation and regeneration – Lizards have always been symbolically associated with the power of change. Because of their flexible and adaptable nature, geckos are strong symbol of change in general.

Seeing a gecko in reality or having dreams about geckos are signs that usually announce a change of tide in an individual’s life.

Geckos are regenerative creatures, as many reptiles are. They change their skin from time to time, which symbolically represent reincarnation. This process is of a great symbolical significance. Geckos symbolize renewal, rebirth and fresh start.

Trickery and shrewdness – Small lizards like geckos have to be cunning. They know how to outsmart dangerous and much larger predators hunting them. Geckos are skillful when it comes to art of the perfect escape.

These creatures are extremely sensible to tiny vibrations and energy changes we are unable to notice, so they know if other creatures are around or not. They act fast and successfully run and hide in most cases.

Geckos represent trickery, because many times they need to trick and deceive other animals, in order to escape danger unharmed and stay safe.

This is an important real and symbolical trait, worth of admiration and attention. What is very important is this: geckos’ actions are never meant to intentionally hurt other creatures, they act only to save their own life and get away from the threat.

Gecko as totem animal

Having a gecko as spirit and totem animal is good. All the traits and characteristics mentioned above are very applicable in our life, in symbolical and spiritual sense.

People born under a totem of gecko tend to be clever, resourceful, easygoing and humble. They are open-minded, physically active and usually friendly. However, they are not easily tricked and it is sometimes pretty hard to find out what they have in mind.

Their intentions are not easily seen through, even if these people are usually talkative. Positive aspects and traits associated to gecko’s spiritual guiding are:

-Cleverness and intelligence
-Resourcefulness and adaptability
-Activity and openness to new experiences

Gecko teaches us to take the best from opportunities in front of us. It also reminds us to be humble and not ask much, but rather use all resources we do have and build new upon them, on our own.

This totem also teaches you about the power of change, which is of a vital importance for your spiritual and rational development. It teaches you to be both patient and quick at the same time; to make quick, but clever decisions, when the time comes.

Gecko also guides us through transformational phases of life and teaches us to accept such changes. This totem animal would always help you push away old habits and strains keeping you static and slowing your progress.

Beware of gecko trickery

On the other hand, you should be careful listening to your gecko spirit guide. People born under this totem could be somewhat precarious and trustless, because they could be selfish and forget about other people needs. If you don’ pay attention, you could become completely self-focused, not introverted, but too egoistic.

Sometimes it could be too late to correct mistakes or regain other people’s trust, so be tactful and thoughtful. Negative traits associated with gecko totem are:

-Trickery and manipulation

People under gecko’s protection sometimes tend to be story makers and tricksters, in order to get what they want.

They could enjoy manipulating others and keeping their masks. It is good that you are able to stay calm and reserved in some situations, but hiding your true emotions or using your cleverness to deceive others would only get you feel miserable eventually.

Try to balance skills and advantages your charming spirit guide offers you. Gecko is good and positive spirit animal, if you learn to listen the right way.