Forest – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Do you believe that dreams, through symbols and patterns, can detect the cause of an illness that follows us, but also prevent it, provided that we can interpret the dream, in the language of consciousness, that is, in that sacred language of consciousness, understand the representations that in dreams show, but also dream, put into action..?

Maybe you should believe because there is something in them, and if you analyze just one of your dreams, you will be assured that this is the case.

In a dream world, some motives are more common than others, and in this sense, some motives are very common, since they can be a representation of a situation that we found ourselves in.

Cause, every dream must have certain scenery, and the forest is one of the very common motives in dreams, and it carries interesting symbolical value, depending on other circumstances of a dream.

In the next few sections, we tried to explain this motive to the finest details, and if you had such a dream, you would soon discover what it means for you personally.

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Meaning of a Forest in a Dream

First of all, we must speak of this motive in real circumstances, or what does the forest mean in our wake lives?

It is the symbol of something that is at the same time amazing, and scary, it is beautiful, but also something that is dark and mysterious- it attracts us, but at the same time we are scared.

But it also has the connotation of an environment that is friendly and home to wild animals, and forest fruits that can be food, as well as firewood used for logging and felling.

For some, the forest is the shelter from the outside world, it can be a place where we run to and escape from the stressful world, there we can find peace and comfort, and why not loneliness, if we need it.

Sometimes this dream just shows our need to move from the common environment and to go to some quiet and alone place, where we can clear our mind and soul, and learn what we want.

What also must be said is this – for the planet, in some global way, forests are those elements on the planet that give us the element to live- air, or oxygen.

But, the question that we want to tackle is this – what does it mean when a forest find its place in our dreams?

Is it a good or a bad sign?

Now, in some general meanings, if you dream (and this is one of the most common dreams among people) that you are lost in the dark forest – it means that you at the moment feel sad and alone and that you are desperately searching someone to talk to and to relieve your pain.

Another common dream is the one in which you see yourself.

Walking through a forest and you do not feel fear, but you are enjoying the walk, such a dream means that you are about to have some serious gain in your life, and this means that the inheritance and gain are possible.


So, it is a good sign and precognition that good things are coming your way.

Also, one of the very common dreams is the one in which you see yourself running through the forest, and you even think that you are running away from someone or something; such a dream means that you are experiencing problems in love.

If you are in a forest and you are cutting the trees, it means that happy and successful days at work are ahead of you.

The negative version of this dream, in which you are burning the forest means that you must keep an eye on your health, and anyone else might get sick.

The Symbolism of a Forest in a Dream

When you dreamed that you saw a forest and that you did not walk through it, or have had any experience associated with the forest, in the java it means that you are a person surrounded by great and very loyal friends and that your wealth and happiness “in the people” who love you, and who are always your support, and that you are quite satisfied to have managed to acquire such “abundance”.

If in a dream you see yourself in the middle of a forest, and that you were quite happy to enjoy its beauty and fresh air, such a dream symbolizes that you are in front of a very favorable future life and that you will be fully realized both privately and professionally.

But, if the forest you are in, is dark and scary, and you do not feel good in it, you want to escape – such a dream symbolizes that you are facing some unexpected problems that will easily hit you, all of a sudden, and for which you will be unprepared and will have trouble managing and adjusting and will need some great help, or advice and unreserved support.

The greener the forest in your dream, the bigger gain in your real life, it is some common rule. And quite the opposite, if the trees in the forest are bare, then a failure is coming your way very fast.

Do I have to be worried?

Maybe you do, but you still have the time to make things better for you, cause the dream about the forest often signify that you will suffer for a very long time, because you either trusted someone, so you feel completely deceived and want everything “left behind” and that such a “nightmare” as soon as you get over it, and again you become that person full of trust, joy and love for others.

This dream may have the connotation that you or your family may be inclined to have major and very serious health problems soon and need to take more care of your health much better.

If in a dream you see yourself going or running in the forest, and you are on the path that is meant for such activity – such a dream implies that you will soon be very disappointed with some dear persons and that instead of confronting them, you will very consciously “escape from your feelings”.

What to do if I had this dream?

Resolve your interpersonal relations and try to talk to the people who are close to you, and to gain some serious understanding from them.

Solitude is ok if it does not last very long – then it is just a way you are escaping things that you should face in life.

In the majority of cases, this dream speaks of emotions, and the fact that you may be hiding them, so maybe you should think in this direction after you had such a dream.

Namely, sometimes this dream gives an impression that no one loves you or understands you, and you are very sad and bitter at everything around you, and you are full of negativism, which is why you all around you are very direct and avoid, and ignore your society, and do not want to have communication with you or any closer contact with you.


In dreams, the forest is a common motive, and its interpretations are related to the many different facts of a dream.

So, for example, is the dreamer lost in the forest, whether he likes to walk through the forest or is afraid to go alone through the forest paths, whether the forest is “bare” or dense, whether it is coniferous forest or snow-covered forest and whether someone is cutting down trees in the forest, or planting new trees, or in his dream he sees a forest fire, which destroys or burns everything in front of him.

All of these aspects imply and suggest completely another meaning of a dream- in some, and it is the symbol of a great gain, in others, such a dream speaks of a deep need for loneliness and solitude (or the fact that you want to escape from it).

According to some other interpretations of the same dream, it may signify that in reality, you will gain some great and unexpected financial benefits, and that you will secure yourself for the future, and that your relief and financial satisfaction will be a very certain aspect that you will accomplish.