Flamingo – Spirit Animal, Symbolism, Totem and Meaning

The flamingo is a beautiful bird, recognizable for its exquisite pink color. This bird is also special for its pose, standing on one leg while the other leg is under its body.

The scientists aren’t really sure about the true reason for keeping one leg in the air. These birds are true masters of balance. They are also skilled flyers as well.

The pink color these birds have comes from bacteria and beta – carotene found in their food. Healthier and well – fed birds have more vibrant and intense colors, than malnourished and ill ones.

These birds are very social and live in large colonies. Usually they form strong bonds with their pairs, but it’s not unusual for them to change partners when they are in very large colonies, where there is more choice. Both male and female participate in building, as well as defending the nest and their eggs. Same sex couples also exist.

As a spirit animal, the flamingo signifies balance in life. This spirit animal also calls you to open up emotionally.

It also wants you to release all negativity and avert yourself towards happy and joyful things in life, so you might restore your balance again.

The flamingo calls you to have some fun in your life and forget about the daily stress. It also teaches you to surround yourself with happy people, who bring you good vibes.

It calls you to remove from your life all negative people, which are only smothering you with their repulsive attitude towards everything, not letting you feel good.

People with this animal as their spirit guide are vibrant and flirtatious. They are good as being part of a team, but they are also good as team leaders.

What does the Flamingo Symbolize?

This animal as a spirit guide symbolizes some important things. The flamingo symbolizes the importance of emotions and their free expression. It is also a symbol of balance.

The flamingo also symbolizes the importance of being open to others and being open – hearted.

It symbolizes the importance of being a part of a group. It also symbolizes the importance of a good and stable relationship with your partner and respect and care for the family.

It also symbolizes some new experiences coming ahead.

The flamingo as a totem animal symbolizes balance, community and cooperation, ability, attractiveness, endurance, color, emotions, joy, happiness, intuition, power, family, nurturing, partnership, love, relationships, sexuality, soul and soul purpose, healing, open – heartedness, and much more.

The Meanings of Flamingo as a Spirit Animal

The flamingo as a spirit animal can have many different meanings. Here are some of them:

Balance. The flamingo is an animal known for standing on one leg. It remains perfect balance while doing so. This spirit animal teaches you the need to maintain balance in your life, no matter what the circumstances are. You also need to keep your emotions in balance.


Joy and happiness. This bird teaches you to take time off and enjoy life. Do things which make you happy.

Community and cooperation. Flamingos are animals living in large colonies. Their lives are closely connected to the other members of the group, and their survival depends on their cooperation. If this is your spirit animal, you should focus more on group activities and try to achieve some of your goals being a part of a team.

The cooperation between members of the group, focused on a common goal can incredibly speed up the process of achievement. Also, being a part of a group gives you a feeling of safety and protection.

Optimism. If this bird is your totem animal, it teaches you to be optimistic about achieving all your goals, no matter how unreachable they might seem.

Attractiveness. You are very attractive and pay attention to the way you look and dress. Many admire your excellent style. You always try to look your best and you have many admirers.

Family and nurturing. Flamingos are devoted parents who aggressively defend their nests, eggs and chicks. If this bird is your spirit animal, you are probably a good parent and partner. This animal teaches you the importance of taking care of your loved ones, children in particular.

Love and partnership. Flamingos usually mate for life. They are caring partners. If this is your spirit animal, it reminds you of the need to love and take care of your partner, but also appreciate your relationship.

Endurance. Flamingos are birds which fly long distances in their migration paths. If the flamingo is your totem animal it teaches you the need to persevere in difficult situations and never give up, because the reward awaits you when you reach the finish line.

Sexuality. The flamingo has a stunning appearance. It symbolizes sexuality, passion and flirt. This bird teaches you to feel sexy and not be ashamed to show that.

Healing. This bird as your spirit animal shows you the things in your life which are toxic, and helps you get rid of them and heal. You also have that gift, as you can see the poisonous things in other people’s lives. You also can help them heal, by pointing out the things, people and situations in their life they should consider getting rid of.

Clearance. If the flamingo is your totem animal, it reminds you to get rid of things, situations and people, which no longer serve your growth, or worse, which are bad for you. Think about everything that’s holding you back and remove it from your life. Forget about the past and restore your peace, make space for new things, people and situations, and move on with your life.

Intuition. This bird teaches you to follow your intuition and your heart in everything you do.

Open – heartedness. The flamingo as your spirit animal teaches you the gift of open – heartedness. This animal is telling you to open your heart and freely express your emotions. Don’t repress your emotions and let others in your world.

Flamingo as Your Totem Animal

If the flamingo is your spirit animal, that classifies you as an intelligent, but a dreamy person. You have nice manners and you are thoughtful towards other people’s feelings. You are always ready to help anyone, as you enjoy helping others.

You are also a very creative person. Your instincts are strong and they get you out of unpleasant situations.

You enjoy company as well as being alone. You find your comfort in the safety of your social group, but you also maintain your individuality.

You pay attention to the way you look, and you have a great taste. You always seem to be in control of things.

Although you love people, you don’t have many trusted friends and people you share your secrets and ideas with. If there’s no one around you’d rather keep things to yourself, than talk to just anybody.

You may be a person who worries much and have a vivid imagination, always imagining possible outcomes of different situations.

At times, you might be anxious and indecisive. Sometimes you can even show some aggressive attitude. Sometimes you just isolate yourself.

If this is your totem animal, you probably fall in love quickly, but sometimes your feelings don’t last long. Sometimes you might even be reluctant to commit to a relationship and prefer being single. You are also a very passionate person.

What if the Flamingo Appears in Your Life?

If this bird appears in your life, that might indicate new love in your life soon. You just have to be patient and don’t rush into things. This bird’s appearance might also remind you about the need to nurture your relationship and try to keep the spark burning.

If a flamingo appears in your life, it might indicate the need to keep your balance and endure in hard times. Always remember how beautiful life really is and how blessed you are to be here.

A flamingo appearing in your life might be teaching you to socialize more. Enjoy life and the company of others. Take some time off your daily routine, go out and have fun.

The flamingo might also appear in times when there’s a need to release the old stuff which is blocking your growth. Think about the things in your life causing this and let them go.

If there are some memories from the past, keeping you stuck, do what you have to release them and move on with your life. If you need healing after that, this bird will also help you heal.

This bird helps you find your real purpose in life, and encourages you to involve in achieving success in your career, but also increasing your finances.

It also teaches you to control your emotions and not overreact.

This spirit animal also reminds you to connect with your emotions and allow yourself to be emotional. You shouldn’t be keeping things to yourself because that might get you out of balance.

When to call on Flamingo?

You should call on your spirit guide flamingo when:

  • You want to spend more time thinking and doing other things besides work.
  • You want to spend more time with family and friends to charge your batteries with good vibes.
  • You need to release and let go of something that no longer serves you, and keeps you from moving on.
  • You want to release negative emotions and emotional baggage.
  • You want to be happy and joyful.
  • You want to do things with more love and affection.
  • You need to heal from some past hurt.
  • You need to release and let go of some old memories, blocking your progress.
  • You don’t feel excited as much about your job.
  • You want to refresh your energy.

Dreams about a Flamingo – Interpretation and Meaning

If you had a dream about a flamingo, such a dream might indicate the need to do something in a group, or as a part of a team. You can achieve a common goal, only by working together.

Sometimes this dream is a sign of some new experiences you might be having in the near future.

This dream might also indicate your preoccupation with the way you look.

Sometimes, this dream indicates your insecurity and not being able to appreciate yourself the way you truly are.