Fish Sign in Palmistry – Reading and Meaning

When you meet someone, there are several methods of assessing his or her character, and some of these methods are used unconsciously, with the help of others, analyzed consciously.

These include Palmistry or palm reading that can be fun and rewarding at the same time.

You just need to know the basics.

Palmistry, as many sources suggest, originates from the ancient peoples of the East, from Mesopotamia, from the eastern peoples was transferred to Greece and Rome, and all of them believe that there is something in the palm of our hands, the palms of our hands, and the lines that cross them.

Looking at the palm of the hand and predicting fate based on the shape of the hand, fist, fingers, nails, bones and lines on the palm have no scientific basis, but in the people there is a belief that based on various features on the palm can say something about the fate of a human.

What also needs to be said is that Palmistry is associated with the astrology because celestial bodies are also related to the destiny of a human.

Those who deal with Palmistry say those celestial bodies affect the earthly life of humans and that those connections could be seen in the palms of hands.

To look into the palm of the hand is the palm of the left hand.

First, it should be thoroughly inspected and the differences, ridges, lines and irregularities observed on the individual parts of the palm.

But, some say that the complete picture could be seen only when you look at both palms, and make a complete picture.

Today we are looking deeply into one symbol of the palm, that palmistry names fish sign.

Reading of Fish Sign in Palmistry

First of all, it is said that warm and pink palms symbolize immeasurable happiness, some of them, if located in a good manner is considered to bring a bit of great luck in the life f the person who has such palm.

We must say, before anything else that the Fish, as the general symbol, is extremely valued and respected. It is a symbol of happiness, wealth and harmony – it can be the symbol of financial prosperity, energy balance and fertility.

Knowing this place in Palmistry could help you initiating abundance and balancing energy.

As a sign on a hand that carries meanings and symbolical value, must be detected first – it is an elongated ring with a spiked top.

It can also resemble like pair triangles with overlying formations. At times there is a spiral or a point which makes the fish eye.


The definition can change depending on which direction this Sign is standing, where the Mount occupies.

The Fish Sign could be located everywhere on the palm – if the Sign appears to possess an eye, then the Sign is stronger and indicated more power and strength to a person who has such a sign.

When the Fish Sign has the top located close to the wrist, then accomplishment will be found later in life, in the second half of life.

If the peak of the Fish Sign leads towards the extremities, the resolution and growth will become sooner, and if it is directed toward sides, then success is there all the time.

At times as some like to say, this Sign in Palmistry, if it is pronounced, more than other lines, could show the emotional plane of others. This could be persons of the free spirit, prone to change in the field of love and friendship.

They could see as impulsive, often having a leading role and seeking recognition. They can be reckless with other people’s feelings, but they do not mean to harm anyone.

Meaning of Fish Sign in Palmistry

Palmistry explains how lines and mounts on our hands affect interpersonal relationships, career, fortune, and anything in between.

It starts from the inside of the palm and ends near the line of life and extends to the outside of the palm.

If the Fish Sign is located under the index finger, it implies strength, courage, and admiration. Some think that the Fish Sign on the Jupiter mount is read as the evidence of resources, particularly if the Mount of Jupiter is detailed.

It demonstrates control, a friendly, philanthropic and spiritual personality – so, as you could see, there cannot be an examination of just one line or one Mount, the entire palm speaks to us, and lines and Mount affect each other, making millions of combinations (millions of personal characters).

If the Fish Sign is located on the Lifeline, it could, for sure, ensure extraordinary accomplishment throughout living. It does not have to be incredible wealth, money, and it can be any goal that that person finds important.

If the lines that create the Fish Sign more look like triangles, they are the representations of a quiet development; a religious character who enjoys silence and harmony.

This is the person who can achieve a lot without too much hassle, and it can find a feeling of inner peace and then slowly built his success.

People who have such position of the Fish Sign, according to Palmistry, appreciate and conjecture the accuracy of all things in life, and could read people, nothing can pass them. These people could produce forewarnings and can feel things that are about to happen before anyone else.

If this Sign is short (its lines are not long), then it implies the life is successful in multiple fields at the same time. Those who have such lines are very intelligent persons.

The thing that sets these people from anyone else is their ability to be successful in any field they want and are blessed with the skills in almost all areas of life.


Palmistry is a method that studies the shape of the hand, fingers and lines in the palm of your hand.

Each palm is divided into seven main lines, namely: the line of life, head, heart, happiness, health, honor and the line of marriage.

In addition to these mains, the palm is mottled with innumerable side lines. In interpreting fate, attention is also drawn to certain palms in the palm of your hand.

If the hips get too close to each other, then their traits increase. For example, if Saturn’s bank gets too close to Jupiter’s, then Saturns also receives a certain dose of dark stuff.

The same is true of all other banks. If a finger that belongs to a bank is very long, then the length of the finger means the same as a well-developed Mount.

The Fish Sign, when observed in Palmistry, is the place of a hand that designates an immense benefit in life – if it is very favorable, it can insinuate a good fortune, regarding family life and friends, children before anything else.

Many say that this is the Sign that according to Palmistry shows fortune and success – it is a remarkably advantageous sign, but it is not completely autonomous and not produced by crossings of other lines.

It is a unique and one rarely ever comes beyond before-mentioned configuration.

Others claim that the Fish Sign is the singular most significant symbol in Palmistry and the one that brings the most fortune if it placed properly – and how it is connected to other lines and Mounts.

In the end, everyone determines their own destiny – Palmistry is not a simple guessing game, but a complex skill that is not easy to master, and should not be regarded as such a light task.

The palm is a map of life, but each one changes and shapes its own destiny- but if we could follow the lead of the lines that are on our hands, then we could have an easier task in life.