Firefly – Meaning and Symbolism

According to many old beliefs, some of which remains till this day, and in this sense it is not hard to know why, almost all insects, have a specific symbolism that when we notice we should accept and follow(it is mandatory to know what is the metaphor that lies beneath).

All of them could be seen as some form of precognitive signs that can possibly announce events that are about to come in our lives.

And when you think about it, it makes a perfect sense – every time a human distance himself from nature, bad things could not be overcome.

Maybe the idea above all ideas is to become closer to nature, and all those small signs that speak to us in various ways, and it is up to us to listen to them and follow their lead. If we listen more to them, and less some other sources of “knowledge”, we would live better lives, for sure.

If you look at any old book, that deals with nature and the signs that it sends us, all creatures that live in nature could give us information that we need at that moment. Many of them are considered to be a very reliable indicator of the change in time. It is believed that the buzzing of some insects near the person always suggests the arrival of pleasant news.

Now, it is a well-known fact that ladybug is annunciator of nice news and guests, but what about one interesting insect that appears only in the summer, in the fields, when air is warm and fresh when it is dark, but the sky has millions of bright stars on it.

We are talking about Firefly, one of the most intriguing bugs in the world that carries amazing symbolism and meaning beyond compare. Many say that they have not to think about them in this way, in the way that they are something more than natural illuminators, but we assure you that they are more than you can imagine.

So, the very next time you see a firefly think about this text and what does seeing this insect means for you. For now, we will tell you that it is connected by all means with the light in all of us – Love.

What does Firefly mean?

It is believed from the ancient times, that fireflies are Love messengers and the bearers of the truth and in the tradition of many nations, there are various superstitions and beliefs about them. Most of them are positive but strong and mean much more then it seems.

These are small natural lanterns begin to light in mid-May (in the beginning of the summer and the end of the spring, when nature starts to giving its “fruits”, and of the fantastic things is that these bugs live very short lives, but their “brilliant” life is worth mentioning their transmitting luminous love messages.

So, as you can see for yourself, their most significant meaning is the fact that fireflies are carriers of love messages, and in so many ways, they are connected to emotions, romantic feelings and love in general (toward the world, a child, as an inspiration, it does not have to be a romantic love).

They appear in the middle of the night, but they shine in such a manner that they cast a romantic light on us and nature that surrounds us.

Apart from mating, they use light as a means of protection against predators for these small beings, so they are much stronger then they seem – and in this sense, it is the same with people, we need to use all that we have to protect ourselves.

Thanks to the light, to predators, they make it clear that they are not just ordinary bugs. As the flames have somewhat an unpleasant taste, as well as predators, this signaling is good.

The light-producing body is below the last stomach and has three layers. The most important is the middle light that consists of cells with many nerve endings, and there are chemical compounds that when connected to oxygen from the air, produce energy in the form of light. It reflects from the lower layer of the whitish cells that have the role of a reflector.

On the outside, there is a transparent layer that passes light and sends it to space. All this is actually the perfect work of nature – simply and in beauty, even unique.


This is also one essential aspect to speak – firefly is one of the fantastic creations of nature, and it is created in such a manner that it fulfills its purpose.

And one more important thing that we should all remember is this – not just the beauty that these beings have; they have their purpose in nature they live in, regardless of the extent of their life.

It is the message for humanity in general – we should all be useful for nature, not its destroyers.

If you have ever encountered these light beings and wanted to get closer to them, you could never, because as soon as you approach it in a few steps, it does not exist anymore, it sinks into the darkness of the night.

The motive of a Firefly in our lives can be this – in the times of excitement, and it teaches us to calm down and to wait to go back and light up.

Often times, you can see a group of Fireflies in the night sky, and in this case, their message is even stronger.

We must speak of one more meaning that is associated with fireflies – they are the light and the sign of illumination in a spiritual sense. Besides love and all the wonders of our lives that we have or could have, we need to find one more purpose, and it could be the spiritual one.

Even native Indians were aware of this fact, and often they have used signals of a firefly to show them the way, both in a literal way and more importantly the spiritual way.

They teach us that regardless of our size (we are small and seemingly insignificant when compared with the Universe) we must strive to find a true meaning of our lives, that is based on love and all human principles that we should never forget – kindness, warmth, honesty, hope and truth.

What does Firefly symbolize?

If a firefly enters your home from the outside, regardless of its shine, this is considered a good sign for the household, and it symbolizes the arrival of changes.

This can be an indication that in a home love was in the last place, it was disregarded, and the Firefly is a symbol that people in that house must put love in the first place of priorities. A home without love is an empty home, and all the material goods in the house cannot replace it.

If the swarm of fireflies appear near a window or a terrace, this is the announcement of joy that is beyond compare, but also a reminder that you need to open the door or window for that joy to come into your house.

If you, metaphorically speaking keep the doors closed, joy will never be able to come into your home. If Firefly tries to enter a home of a single woman, then it is the announcement that a big love is about to come in her life.

When the friendly enters the house of a married woman, it may indicate pregnancy – the more of these buggies enter her home, then she will have more than one child.

If the Firefly appears in the attic of a home, then they indicate that the people will have a lot of luck in the coming period.

There is a belief that catching or killing a firefly symbolizes the coming of bad luck for a person.

If by some chance a firefly lands on some part of your body, it is the place where your loved one will give you a kiss of true love, and if it circulates above the head of a person, this suggests that a person will have a high position in society in the future.

Does it bring bad or good luck?

As we have said, this buggy appears in fields in the summer; he flies night and shines with a flashing light. Now, the proof that its symbolism and meaning are all related to love that we need in our lives.

Male firefly flies and attracts its potential partners with its light and the female stay in the grass and shine a light, and she does not have wings.

The two connect by connecting with that light – for human beings, and it is the symbol that light is in us and that love is the brightest light that we have. But if no one could see that light, then we would never find a lover to give him that light.

This is not a sign that we would say is positive or negative – it is a reminder that we must open our hearts to show people light (love) and to be able to see their light (love).

So a good sign is when a firefly enters a house, it brings pleasant surprises, happiness and encounters with the person that your heart desires or will desire.

It is also believed that fireflies live near houses where there is a quarrel – they want to bring joy and happiness into that home (and once again that parallel with the open window is present).

In the end, it is always a good thing to be reminded that they could lead us (shine us the way) toward some Higher purpose in life, just like the Native Indians did.


This little buggy gains its popularity thanks to its fluorescent shades. The shades of light vary from green to yellow, to pale red. Their lifespan lasts only two months, and the size of it barely exceeds one centimeter. Although rarely seen, more than two thousand different species are registered, which are spread all over the world.

They are present in our lives, and they have a message to share with us.

The Firefly in our life can be a sign that the time is right to come back to our nature, childhood and love the one that was so innocent and pure.

This is the symbol of nature and homeland that are merged, with one pinnacle – hope.

Some say that this bug is annunciation that our desires, regardless of our position in life, should be directed somewhere else, somewhere where the stars are – there is a comparison between Firefly and Stars. Both of them shine and in some way fireflies are stars in our nature, closer then we think.

They speak to us to recognize our own light in the world, among so many other lights; they want to make us find the biggest and the brightest in the swarm of swords, which will be only his, but he doubts that he will ever be able to give his finger and say – that’s it.

The Firefly is a symbol of inner light, beauty, and spirituality, and inspiration, hope, idea. In our lives, a Firefly can become a symbol of light that leads every man to the homeland and to the life that is complete. Every heart has its own candle, its meadow, river, and heaven.