February 9 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

It cannot be reliably established exactly how old is the oldest ever made horoscope in the world, but it is indeed known that astrology was known to people in ancient civilisations thousands of years ago. Some even say that astrology is first established science in the world!

In those times, it was discovered that the science of the astrology was a privilege of some elitist groups and that not everyone could approach to these secrets that were written in the stars.

In those times, and later, many kings have planned their actions, battles, important life decisions, like royal weddings, choosing the right strategy with the help of astrology and horoscope who at that time only some people knew to interpret. Today the secrets of the astrology are available to almost anyone; you can inform yourself using the internet. There are thousands of articles written on this topic.

Today, same things trouble people. It is true that nobody will tell at the first meeting who they are, what they what, but there is still a way to get a little penetrated into one person and their character, and it is the magic of Zodiac and Horoscope signs, with the specific insight into the date of birth. In this particular case, it is the February 9. We will look into all aspects that are related to this date.

Personality and Character

People who celebrate their birthdays on the February 9 are the people who have a gentle, even sensitive side to them – they are those people who are true caregivers and who want to help everyone. They act this way in every situation, in every aspect, in love, and business, and are not calculated for that matter.

This doesn’t mean that they are too open; this means that they have a caring heart, but what is deep inside of them is something much more interesting. They love to laugh but are at the same time people who are very serious in their ideas and are the people whose warmth of the soul is visible, and there is even no need to “grab beneath the surface” in particular. It’s easy to see that they mean no harm. After all, they are truthful and do not flee from their nature, even though they will not exhibit their real emotions on display, they will certainly show their intentions that are honest.

They can be conformists at certain parts of their lives, sometimes stubborn and persistent, and above all people of the February 9 are those who look like they know everything and everyone in their pure form. However, this does not mean that their environment will understand and accept them.

Some people depict these people as those who have special tenderness to them and are very attached to their families, and it is said that they will rarely have a rough appearance or a strict view on something.

You probably couldn’t imagine that these people are also very good educated and ambitious, and often find themselves in the position of the boss to large of group of people, and they can do that job very well.

On top of all this, the main push element in their lives is certainly that need to make a world a better place where no one will suffer. This is an unachievable goal, but people of the February 9 will focus on the contribution of this goal as much as they can, suffering along the way knowing that they could do more.

These are the people who have to have clear focus if they don’t want to sink into misery and self-pity, which can happen in their lives.

Love Compatibility

When it comes to love, people of the February 9 are very emotional, devoted partners, and faithful also who tend to be in long-term relationships – this is one characteristic that is so untypical for the representatives of this Zodiac sign (Aquarius), but it is true. They want and strive for peace and stability in love, but are also in significant part of their character, people who idealise love, and this makes their lives difficult to find a right partner, especially nowadays.

People who celebrate their birthdays on the February 9 are those lovers who are dominant ones(or they want to be), even if that doesn’t seem like it, they are calming caregivers who have a compassionate nature.

They are attracted to the strong and energetic partners who share their vision of what love should be – a perfect union in two where there can be enough love energy created so that the world can be changed.

Their feelings are often hidden, but not because they are dishonest and untrue to their partners, but because they are complex human beings, who are everything but not simple to understand. A person who dares to love them, need to accept this fact as something that cannot be changed easily.

In some cases, people who are born on the February 9 can be provocative and enjoy secrecy (this can lead to having multiple affairs and having a tendency to cheat), but they never lose from their site that their lover should be in the first place a friend and a companion.


Life with them is very interesting since they can be withdrawn and modest in life, but they are usually very intriguing and appealing in some particular way, that is always interesting to see and live.

Purpose and Career

Challenging discussions, intellectual outsiders, debates, this is what people of the February 9 adore -they will enjoy any possible job or life occupation that will lead them to this aspect.

Any job that doesn’t have this intellectually challenging aspect will become annoying to them very fast, and they will lose interest in doing it. So they usually choose some sorts of educational occupations, to prove themselves in this way, while slowly achieving their social agendas.

In many ways than one, people of this date are incredibly talented -and this specter goes from arts to crafts to theoretical sciences, they indeed can do it all. Even when their creative skills are not a real-life call, they tend to show themselves in that sphere or through some hobby, or they will choose an original work that will satisfy their artistic needs. They need to feed this artistic and creative urge that lives in them.

The best possible results regarding their careers can be achieved if they can work, even in small parts as a fighter for a better humanity. Such a grandiose approach can act irresistibly when you first meet them, but it is at the same time hard to understand such people who are partially geniuses.

They are also inventive and original workers, able to deliver incredible and creative solutions, all to change the world or at least some of its smaller parts. An intellectual, a humanitarian and a visionary, a typical representative of the February 9 is someone who wants to change the world.

Symbols, Colors and Lucky numbers

Let us start from the beginning- people who celebrate their birthdays on the February 9 are, as all Aquariuses, since they fall under its government, are under the influence o the planet Uranus that is the planet that gives that certain rebellion, intellect and the tendency towards independence and freedom. Symbolically this could be related to their nature (of the people born on the February 9) or their tendencies towards the world – they seek for these, or they live by them.

Another important aspect is that their birthdates contains numbers 9 and 2, so they are also under the influence of these two numbers, both are important, and give intellect, sensitivity and in some part wisdom (this comes from a number 9).

Their numbers are 11 and 24, and colours are different shades of blue, even the lightest one, but the element that describes them is uranium.

Historical events on the February 9

Take a deep dive into the past moments that were attached to the date February 9, and that leaves trail throughout the history.

474 – East Timor (Byzantine) Emperor Leo crowned his son-in-law Zenon as the Successor of his successor, Lion II.

1801 – The Peace Treaty of Austria and Napoleon France, signed in the northeastern part of France, ceased to exist in the Holy Roman Empire, although Emperor Franc II renounced the titles of the Roman emperor of the German people five years later.

1825 – Since none of the presidential candidates won most of the electoral votes in the 1824 election, The House of Representatives chose John Quincy Adams as President of the United States.

1861 – Jefferson Davis was elected as the Temporary President of the Confederate States of the Confederal Convention in Montgomery.

1895 – William G. Morgan of Massachusetts invented volleyball.

1900 – Dwight Davis founded the Davis Cup tennis competition.

1909 – France and Germany reached an agreement, by which Berlin recognised the special interests of Paris in that country in exchange for economic concessions.

1934 – A Pact formed, a defensive alliance of Bulgarian and Italian aspirations. By the outbreak of the World War II, the Federation weakened because of the different views of the member states towards Germany and Italy.

1942 – A fire broke out in the New York port on the French passenger ship “Normandy”, then the most substantial and most elegant in the world, after which the ship sank.

1943 – In the World War II, on this date, The Battle of Guadalcanal ended on the Solomon Islands.

1962 – Jamaica became an independent state within the British Commons.

1964 – The Beatles first appeared in Ed Sullivan’s show, performing in front of a record-breaking 73 million viewers.

1965 – The first US combat troops were sent to South Vietnam.

1969 – Boeing 747  had its first test flight.

1981 – General Wojciech Jaruzelski became the Prime Minister of Poland.

1991- In a referendum in Lithuania, which excluded Russian citizens, more than 90% of voters voted for secession from the USSR.

1996 – In a powerful explosion in London, attack instructed by the members of the Irish Republican Army, two people were killed and about 100 injured. The attack was interrupted by a 17-month truce.

1999 – China suspended diplomatic relations with Macedonia over the decision of the Government in Skopje to establish diplomatic ties with Taiwan.

2004 – Mozilla Firefox in version 1.6 was released – since it has become a serious competition to Internet Explorer browser.

Famous people born on the February 9

And, in the end, even for fun, you could take a look at all the celebrities and historical figures who share your birth date.

1731 – Gasparo Angiolini, an Italian choreographer and composer.

1773 – William H. Harrison, an American politician and president.

1778 – Hammamizade Ismail Dede Efendi, an Ottoman composer.

1885 –  Alban Maria Johannes Berg, an Austrian composer.

1886 – Ivo Hauptmann, a German painter.

1923 – Brendan Behan, an Irish writer.

1928 – Frank Frazetta, an American illustrator.

1928 –  Rinus Michels, a Dutch footballer and coach.

1931 – Thomas Bernhard, an Austrian writer.

1931 –  Josef Masopust, a Czech national football coach and coach.

1942 –  Carole King, an American singer, composer and pianist.

1943 – Joe Pesci, an American actor.

1944 –  Alice Walker, an American writer.

1945 – Mia Farrow, an American actress.

1947 –  Carla del Ponte, a Swiss lawyer, and chief prosecutor of the Hague war crimes tribunal.

1952 – Julio Velasco, an Argentinian-Italian volleyball coach.

1959 – Ali Bongo Ondimba, born as Alan Bernard Bongo, the Gabon president.

What you can never do, when it comes to the life of the people who are born on the February 9 is to disrupt their ideas or limit their ambitions.

Above all, they want to be free and to create their lives as they see fit. They care for the freedom above everything.

They need their liberty, not physically but psychologically, they love or are intrigued with unusual, exotic and challenging ideas,  that they will try to implement into the world.

We could even call them pioneers in every sense of the word and not one who only blindly follows.