February 7 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Many people base many of their decisions on the daily horoscope, and we all do this at times, and it is no wonder. We try to explain all that happens to us in our lives (good and bad), emotionally especially, by some rules; and horoscope can provide some answers.

Horoscope, or we should say, the zodiac signs and zodiac signs are always interesting – believing in them or not, always intrigues us to see what the stars think of us.

Astrologers say that the time and date of our birth are the most critical element in composing a horoscope, and this is one of the motives that you should read these articles that speak about our birth dates.

In them, we can find all those vital information that will eventually help us in finding some answers about our personality and character, along with some interesting aspects and pieces of advice that will lead people to a better place.

Personality and Character

If we want to represent a person who is born on the February 7th we could say that these are the people who can express to the world many exciting and new ideas, and they are those who in every aspect of their life like to bring something new. This motivates them, and the need for a change is very prominent in their character.

These people try to represent revolutionary ideas in the world, or in their close environment, and always look towards the future, this aspect can be hard for people that are in their situation, but they are very enthusiastic when looking into the future. These people are adorned with optimism and positive attitude towards life which is a necessity if you are someone who wants to change the world.

What they want in the world to see is positive changes; people of the February 7 are advocates of the equality among people, so the ideology of social equality is also under the control of their ideals.

The intentions of these people are almost always honest, and they never mean to be bad, but they can have specific conflicts in their lives, but even in those situations people of the February 7 see the favorable opportunity.

As all Aquariuses, they seek for the equality in every personal relationship in their lives, and they want to see that in the world.

In bad aspects, it is an unstable personality, without the ability to achieve quality relationships, and friends can be the cause of great distress. There is irresponsibility, mistrust and unreliability.

They are people who are blessed with intelligence, this is their most significant wealth, but they are not deprived of the beauty or other things, we could say that these people are somewhat fortunate in life.

If we want to look deeper into their minds, we could say that these people can reach higher levels of consciousness, and in a way, these people can be spiritual and religious. This aspect is also something that could go to the extremes when it comes to these people since they have that line of a character in them.

Love compatibility

Since people of the February 7th belong to the government of the Aquarius, they have that independent nature in love, and for a partner to be with them in love relationship they need to accept this independence, or a significant love breakdown is inevitable.

These are the free man and free women of the world, who are ready for all experiences in love, sex and interpersonal relationship, people, intrigued them in every way. You can meet them everywhere because there are few artists and a bit of traveler; there is nothing unusual that would satisfy their thirst for miraculous things.

Many people are interested in them, but it is a hard task to get in touch with these beings that seem to have come from another hemisphere, they are different and somewhat distant and original, different than others.

To achieve this, you need a real strategy, and above all an open heart and intellect, nothing that is between interests them, superficiality especially.  People who celebrate their birthdays on the February 7th are always the rebels of an alternative; they can give up love for betraying their principles, there is no way. It is difficult to establish a balance here.


For them, a significant appearance, regardless of content. Know that you are dealing with a particular kind of aesthetics.

They say they are altruistic, but that does not mean that they will go directly to the Third World to give their help. You will be comfortable with them if you are rich, beautiful and intelligent.

They are elite beings or at least behave like this, so they need a partner, who has the same qualities, and it is better for these people to find such partners, or they will be unhappy.

What is love for people who celebrate their birthdays on the February 7? The love act that excites them is imaginary, unrealistic, or unfeasible – sometimes this ideal is hard to imagine, let alone live, but they have optimism that they will find someone who will be their perfect match, a soul mate, a loving twin.

Purpose and Career

In this section, we will try to explain what are like people who celebrate their birthdays on the February 7 when it comes to their careers and their general purpose in lives.

The field is one of the conservative positions that they take, and they can choose surprisingly traditional and uncreative jobs, believing that that perfect job will come later in life, which is something that doesn’t happen always. Deep inside these people need to be free and to make independent decisions; they love saying the truths about everything; they are open and cosmopolitan-oriented.

Nevertheless, people of the February 7 are those who always stand on the weaker side and struggle to help others, and even if this would not be their primary occupation, it is definitely something that occupies their minds. That’s why we will see a lot of them volunteering, in the Red Cross and similar organisations.

Don’t forget they are those who are knowledgeable that are intellectual and love to look into the future; there are many of them among astronomers, astrologers, scientists, inventors and computer geniuses.

Deep down inside the tradition or established systems of values almost do not mean anything to them, and it is only a matter of aspects whether they will respect or not the determined rules – this is the reason why they change so many occupations during life. They are connected with more great social events; they deal with humanitarian or social affairs.

In any interpersonal relationships, even in the work environment, their basis is built on unconventional principles, and beliefs that they see are good and right.

Symbols, Colors and Lucky numbers

As all Aquariuses, people of the February 7 are those who under the influence of the planet Uranus, that symbolically represents Heaven or Cosmos. He is the creator of the Universe and Father of Time (Saturn). Saturn threw him from the throne and castrated him. That is why Uranus is empty and embodies the principle of universality. It symbolises the absolute knowledge and laws of nature, which are invariable and exist beyond our will.

In astrology, Uranus is a symbol of rebellion, sudden changes, reforms, and the ruin of the old and the birth of a new one, for all unusual, unexpected and unconventional. These people have all of these characteristics, but they can be described even deeper – their favorite colour is deep blue, and numbers that are consider their lucky numbers are 14 and 9.

Historical events on the February 7

Take a look at some relevant event that marked our history, and that makes a long-term impact on everything that came after them.

457 – Leo I Thracian enters the eastern (Byzantine) throne.

1550 – Julius III (born Giovanni Maria Ciocchi del Monte) became Pope.

1783 – French and Spanish forces interrupted the siege of Gibraltar; this event was known as the Great Siege of Gibraltar.

1792 – Austria and Prussia allied with revolutionary France in fear of spreading the idea of ​​a civil revolution.

1863 – 190 people died on a British military ship, the Orpheus, which sank off the coast of New Zealand.

1962 – 298 miners were killed in a coal mine at Saarbrucken in West Germany.

1964 – The British band, The Beatles, began their first tour in the United States.

1969 – Nigerian planes bombed a crowded marketplace in a village in Biafra. More than 200 people died.

1971 – Women were given the right to vote in the Swiss referendum.

1984 – American cosmonaut Bruce McDowns left the spaceship “Challenger” and became the first man to freely “walk” through the universe.

1990 – Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the USSR accepted the proposal by Mikhail Gorbachev’s leader to abolish the 70-year monopoly on the power of that party

1991 – Priest Jean Bertrand Aristide was declared president of Haiti as the first democratically elected head of state.

1995 – In Islamabad, Pakistan, Ramzi Yusuf, the main suspect in the attack on the World Trade Center in New York in 1993, was killed

1996 – In “boing 757”, which crashed a few minutes after taking off from the Dominican Republic to Germany, all 189 passengers and crew members were killed. Most passengers were German tourists.

2003 – At least 32 people were killed, and more than 60 were injured in an explosion at the El Nogal car bombing in the elite city of Bogotá in Colombia.

2006 – Scientific expedition discovered more new species of animals and plants in West New Guinea.

Famous people born on the February 7

Can you find similarities with people who share your birthday? In this particular case, we are talking about people who celebrate theirs on the February 7, and they have exciting lives and occupations.

1477 – Thomas More, an English humanist and statesman.

1693- Anna I Ioannovna, the Empress of Russia.

1792 – Laurent-Pierre de Jussieu, a French writer, geologist and pedagogue.

1812 – Charles Charles Huffham Dickens, one of the most essential, influential English writers ( his most famous work is “Oliver Twist”).

1873 – Thomas Andrews, Jr., an Irish businessman and shipbuilder, chief designer of RMS Titanica.

1875 – Walter Courvoisier, a Swiss composer.

1885 – Sinclair Lewis, an American writer.

1901 – Vittorio De Sica, an Italian film director and actor.

1906 – Henry PuYi, the last Chinese Emperor.

1927 – Juliette Gréco, a French chanson singer and Actress.

1955 – Steven Guild, an American screenwriter, director, lyricist, and author.

1956 – Mark St. John(Mark Leslie Norton), an American musician.

1960 – James Spader, an American actor.

1971 –  Denise Lee Richards, an American actress and model.

1974 – Steven John Nash, a former Canadian professional basketball player.

1975 – Rami Gaillard, a French comedian and humorist.

1978 – Christopher Ashton Kutcher, an American actor.

1978 – Milton S. Palacio, an American basketball player.

1983 – Federico Marchetti, an Italian footballer.

How can we conclude this article, how can we describe these people in just a few short sentences? People of the February 7th are those can be unhappy because they go ahead of their own time, and some people don’t understand that; but there is one good thing, they are blessed with optimism and joy, so they don’t hurt much.

Sometimes they look like they are not from this planet -as all Aquariuses they can be eccentric, strangely dressed and behaving outside of social norms. In any case, they will be spotted for something that sets them apart. But, unlike others, they are energetic and joyful people.

But, what hides inside is much more important – people who celebrate their birthdays on the February 7th are intuitive, ambitious and friendly. In a negative sense, it is impractical, tense, nervous, impulsive, violating the rules and cannot fit into the environment in which it lives.

They are the advocates of democracy and cosmopolitan systems in the world, and they are those who speak loudly about tolerance and humanity this can be their purpose in life, not mandatory occupation.