February 6 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

If you are born on the February 6th, then you are born under the sign of Aquarius. You are guided by an incredible energy of this extraordinary sign and you are definitely someone who always stands out no matter what.

Even though it might seem all the same, being born on a certain day has its own characteristics that need to be taken in consideration. We all know the importance of hours when calculating the Ascendant, therefore the day is none less important.

Those who are born in the beginning of February are not the same as the ones who are born on the limit, or on the border of being a Pisces. Therefore it is important to study the day of birth and take all other aspects into consideration because sometimes these factors can have an important meaning. In today’s text we will be talking about the February 4th and the significance of this day for your personality and character, but also we will mention so important events that took place that day as well as some important birthdays.

The Ruler of the Aquarius is the Uranus, a planet of unconventionality and originality, which is credited with being members of this sign of a free-minded person with wide views of the world. The main feature of Aquarius is that he does not like to fit in any frame. This sign is proud of being different from others, and the environment regularly appreciates them because of their spirit and willingness to fight convention.

Characteristics and Personality

People who are born on February 6th are very open and imaginative. They are very interested in some higher concepts and they don’t waste their time on mundane things. You will rarely catch them talking about everyday things and events. Their interests are somewhere much deeper and higher, since their minds don’t work the same as other people. They are highly independent people who enjoy being on their own. While others might have a problem with silence, they are the happiest when they can be alone in their minds and thinking about new ideas and concepts.

Even though they like being alone, this does’ mean they don’t like hanging out with other people. They enjoy spending time exchanging thoughts and ideas with others; no matter how old they are or even if they are complete strangers.

Another characteristic of these people is their curious nature. They enjoy investigating things and finding out the truth behind something. They can even be great investigators and detectives, who won’t give up until they find out the truth. They don’t appreciate routine and aren’t very work oriented if the work is consisted out of tasks and things that have to be done automatically. These people are visionaries with high goals in life.

They dream about distant locations and things that seem impossible to others, but no to them. When everyone else thinks it is not possible to do something, they already have a vision in their mind how to make things happen.

Besides being visionaries, they are also witty people who know how to crack a joke and get away with it. They enjoy others who are full of positive energy and joy, and avoid those who are too dark or heavy on their souls. They keep their promises to friends and would never allow playing someone and making him or her pay for the things they do. They are original people and everything about them screams positive energy. Even though they seem like perfect people, there are some characteristics that are not that positive. This people can sometimes become too careless that they forget to even fulfill the bare minimum of things they need to complete. They can become too erratic in their behavior and start making crazy mistakes. T

hey can also become strained if their lives are not going as planned or when they are having more problems than they can handle. When it comes to their behavior, they become cold and distant when something is bothering them and it is very easy to notice a change in their behavior when they are under stress.

Love Compatibility

People who are born on the February 6th are very versatile and they don’t like spending time with people who are dull and overly emotional. They need partners who don’t take things too seriously and aren’t too jealous. When they find that person who is going to give them enough room to move around and not overburden them with mundane stuff, they will become devoted to this person 100%.

They are going to give this person all of their attention and love, and nothing will keep them away from this person. They love adventure and seeking adventure with their partners. Even though they like going somewhere alone, they would rather take their partner’s hand and go somewhere together.

There is nothing as exciting as seeing new places and meeting new people with the love of your life next to you. Besides that, they are lively people who are not just interested in the outside appearance. They love having someone around who is positive and communicative as they are, because physical appearance is not enough for them. They get along best with people who are born under the Gemini and Libra sign, but they can also work well with people born under the Aries or Leo sign. Air signs are still number one when it comes to compatibility, because they know how to start a conversation and hold it and also they are not jealous or demanding in emotional way.

The biggest obstacle for someone to be with someone born on February 6th is the emotional barrier. These people simply don’t like messy, emotional stuff because it wears them down and makes them into completely different person. They can become unhappy and depressed even, if the partner next to them is too needy or too emotional. They enjoy partners that are prepared to let them go to the other side of the world, and welcome them back whenever they come. When you win over a heart of someone born on February 6th, you can be sure that this person is going to be faithful to you.

They simply don’t seek romance in life, and once they find someone who suits them, it is going to be a challenge to win them over. People who are born on February 6th get along the best with people who are born on the 16th, 15th, 19th, 18th, 1st, 6th, 27th and 24th.

Purpose and Career

These are talented and original people. When astrologers speak of Aquariums, often refer to the reformer spirit, the desire for freedom and independence, but rarely when they write how Aquarius hardly fit into the collective, precisely because of a specific, independent and restless nature. They do not necessarily have to be genius, as some astrologers say, but they have fast and shrewd intelligence, as well as the ability to see things much clearer than others.


For life, they develop a special view of the world, they strengthen the spirit and are not able to reconcile with many things. For this reason, they are not the bosses of the bosses, nor do they make good friends with people who have achieved much in a doubtful and rather vague way. Everything they do is painted with a strong need for autonomy, which is not an advantage in group work, a company or a larger collective. Aquarius (especially those with a sign in Aquarius) at some moments can especially flicker, far away from the others and really do a lot. Unfortunately, they do not have a strong strategy and will, nor are they willing to go to the end at all costs.

They often work from extreme to extremes, so their works are brilliant in one moment, in order to show in others someone’s boredom and lack of interest. This is especially reflected in creators and artists. Although they do not show an exaggerated desire for achievement, Aquarius is difficult to tamper with and, as a rule, provide strong resistance when compulsion, domination or strict rules are imposed. They often know how to help others, try to fulfill their promises and show an enviable level of understanding for others’ weaknesses.

Although it is widely said that Aquariums are fighting for human rights, it would be best to let them create their own future. Aquariums are capable of creating a new world, new trends, initiators of many movements, able to connect incompatible things and understand the events that will come many years later. Their lives are filled with constant changes, breaks and struggles for a better future. They are convinced that the world will one day be much better, happier, and people unselfish, full of love, tolerance and understanding.

Aquarius’s are often struggling for utopian things, and the great power of loss hitting the windmills, explaining to people that there is enough food and money for everything, that it is not good to eat and kill animals and many other things that divert them from professional growth and promotion. Aquarius is generally not greedy and greedy. Although Saturn is ruled by the sign of the Capricorn and the sign of Aquarius, there is a big difference in the basic nature of these two signs.

Aquarius rarely falls low because of work, money, social status and status. If it happens that they do not achieve the things they dreamed about for their lives and their happy star never shines, they know that they are pulling, isolating, isolating and becoming weird. Aquariums have the most intense feeling for people and I can best understand how much the world means style, understanding, tolerance and kindness. Aquarius is also found in technical sciences, cybernetics, nuclear physics, inventing, energy, electronics, aviation, internet technology. If they are interested in medicine, it would be good to try out neurology, homeopathy, and psychotherapy.

Symbols, Lucky Number and Colors

People who are born on February 6th have something in common with the rest of Aquariums. They all have the same birthstone, lucky colors and numbers. Their lucky color so blue green, which symbolizes maternity and balance.

Besides that, grey and navy blue are also their lucky colors. Their lucky day is Tuesday and their lucky numbers are 10, 4, 3, 21 and 14. Their birthstones are Amethysts, that symbolizes royalty and balance, and Amber which symbolizes bravery. Metals that symbolize Aquarius are Platinum, which is a symbol of royalty and nobility, and Aluminum, which is a symbol of balance and strength. Characteristic flowers for the Aquarius sign is Chrysanthemum and the Orchid flower.

Historical Events on February 6

  • Aldo Manucio, the Venetian publisher and printer, died of the first use of cursive letters and introduced a small format. His editions today are bibliophilic rarities.
  • A war of Spanish legacy began after Spain lost Gibraltar, settled in the Netherlands, Milan, Naples and Sardinia. War led on European soil and colonies, and ended with the Utrecht Peace Treaty of 1715.
  • 1793 Italian author Carlo Goldoni, the reformer of the Italian theater, died. He has written over 100 theater pieces and is considered the founder of Italian realistic comedy.
  • In 1876, the Red Cross Society was established in Serbia, less than 13 years after the First International Conference of the Red Cross in Geneva. The initiator was military doctor Vladan Djordjevic, and the first president was elected metropolitan Mihailo.
  • Born Polish politician Vladislav Gomulka, leader of the Polish Workers’ Party from 1943 to 1948, and from 1956 to 1970, when he resigned under the pressure of labor unrest. In 1949, he was removed from the party leadership and then arrested as a nationalist. He was released from prison at the end of 1954. He stood for the symbol of resistance to the Soviet government.
  • 1931 Born María Estella Isabelle Martines, later known as Isabella Peron, president of Argentina since 1974, when she succeeded the deceased wife of Huang Doming Peron.
  • 1932 French film director Francois Trifo was born, one of the creators of the “new wave” of the French film. He won the world fame with the first 400-shot film, filmed in 1959, and won the Oscars for the film “American Night”.
  • In 1952, King George VI of England died, during which the rule of India gained independence, and British kings lost the title of “India’s czar”. It was followed by a daughter, Queen Elizabeth II.
  • In the plane crash, 23 passengers were killed, including 8 players from the Manchester United football club.

Famous People Born on February 6th

  • 1945 Bob Marley
  • 1895 Babe Ruth
  • 1993 Tinashe Kachingwe
  • 1985 Crystal Reed
  • 1911 Ronald Reagan
  • 1962 Axl Rose
  • 1985 Kris Humphries
  • 1959 Natalie Cole