February 3 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Being born on a certain day might have a stronger significance than you might think. Sometimes the day of birth can tell us so much about ourselves that we never even knew. Not all people who are born under the same Zodiac sign are the same.

There are many factors which influence the personality and character of this person, and day of birth is one of them. People who are born on the February 3rd are born under the Zodiac sign of Aquarius but they are hiding a lot more that need to be discovered when it comes to their character.

People who are born on this day are specific and have a unique character. Day of birth is not only there to make a distinction between people who are born on different days, they are also there to help us understand each other’s actions better and to see what is the true nature of a particular person.

In today’s text we will be talking about people who are born on the February 3rd and the, we will study their characters and love compatibility but also talk about some symbols that are characteristic for the people born on this specific day.

Characteristics and Personality

The ruler of the sign of Aquarius is the planet Uranus. Tis planet is physically linked to circulation, movement and freedom. It has a male principle, so the expression of energy is very distinct. As an air sign, you are very sociable. Even though you are a free person, you are expressing yourself through group work. As a fixed sign, you have solid definitions and strengths. Aquarius is a very stubborn sign.

The planets defining it are manifested in an unconventional way. This can contribute to alienation and isolation, especially if the person finds herself in an environment that is not accepting of its character. Still, the essence of Aquarius is friendly, as long as you do not bring emotions into the picture, only ideas. Aquarius is often cold and distanced. The Sun in Aquarius urges a man to serve mankind, to think objectively, without relying on feelings, and to reject, destroy, and eliminate all that no longer can use humanity, the whole, to destroy all rigid forms.

You are persistent, but not devoted; your key word is freedom, and after that you follow friendship, equality, understanding, humanism and social engagement. Often you are characterized as an eccentric, unusual, advanced, ahead of your time, original and selfless. You come into conflict with your environment, but it means very little to you what someone will say. You imagine yourself as a citizen of the world, who removes himself for the old, in order to create a place for something completely new. In order to succeed you need to acquire some skills to help others.

In personal contacts this doesn’t mean that you will always be at your best service. Still, you are unpredictable and kind in a unique way. Consciously and willingly, you contribute to humanity through what you do. What you do best is psychology, electronics, science and research. These people are truly genial scholars who change the future of humanity.

In non-harmonic aspects, this Sun is likely to exhibit negative traits: sensuality, irresponsibility, unreliability, intolerance, impracticability, nerve weakness. Bohemians, wanderers, gamblers, puzzles, anarchists, rebels, revolutionaries are also words that describe someone born on February 3rd.

The problem of these people is that they are not able to be alone; they have an unadjusted personal identity that they promote in the group, and are looking for someone’s ideas but can’t find them or accept them once they find them. It is interesting, but also sad that from this kind of Aquarius people, the extremists are most easily recruited for voluntary victims.

Originality, sincerity, spontaneity, liberty, progressivity, intuition, spirit of mind, selflessness, independence, sense of unity, focus on values ​​above material are all the traits that describe you the best.

Hypocrisy, irresponsibility, unreliability, intolerance, impracticality, irritation are some of the negative traits that might put people off and make them think you are not a positive person to be around with.

The most inexplicable throughout Zodiac, the problem of these people is that they are not able to be alone, have an unadjusted personal identity; they gain in the group, following someone’s idea. From this kind of Aquarius, the most easily recruited extremists for voluntary victims, frustrated believers, fanatics, because they think they are above the rest of the world.

There is no extravagance, they are inconceivable, and they do not stand out from the crowd. Usually higher than others and often look very grotesque. They love dressing unusually, especially women. Those who are under the influence of Saturn love dressing like their grandmothers, antique, while those with whom Uranus is emphasized adore artificial materials, unusual creations, shapes and geometric figures.

Love Compatibility

You are magnetically attractive and you send signals, indicating that you are cold-blooded and distant, and that you do not want others to get too close to you. This immediate reaction stops only when people break through your sensitive and cold barrier. You can control the flow of your emotions, especially when someone needs help. You are then right at hand and want to do as much as possible.

The unpredictability of someone born on February 3rd is obvious when you enter their life and this can cause controversy. Your reactions are totally strange and unexpected. Those who are born on February 3rd are most compatible with people born under the Zodiac sign of Libra and Gemini. These people suit them because they are also ruled by the Air element and they are after the same things. They all enjoy communicative people, those who have great communicative skills and people who are intelligent.


You take sudden action without thinking, even though it is inconsistent with your personality. Later, when you have thoughts about it, you have trouble trying to explain to yourself why you have done something. Your romantic life also includes glamour. You are constrained to show emotions, especially in love. You are genuine and often radiate genius. Suddenly great ideas can come to the surface and be realized. You are unpredictable if you have stubbornness in your positions and aspects of other planets.

The tension is also a real problem, as shown by the influence of Uranus on your sign. Humane qualities of Aquarius, associated with kindness, greatly contribute to getting the maximum positive features from themselves. People they are least compatible with are the ones who are born under the sign of Scorpio. Their energy is too intense for them and they can’t handle the amount of emotions these people project.

Person born on the February 3rd is most compatible with those who are born on the 15th, 18th, 6th, 9th, 27th and 24th.

Purpose and Career

You think quickly and you have original ideas. You have an intellectual approach to ideas and are energetic in communicating with others. You can be stubborn and somewhat hysterical when you are stressed. Nervous tension gives you problems and you can hardly develop in a mental sense, but this is something that doesn’t occur often. Consistency in habits should be developed in you, in order to have better results.

You are very friendly and quick to solve problems, because you like to help others. Unusual studies or specific hobbies are something you enjoy. You are always interested in the future and all the methods you apply are directed towards the future. You are a very humane person who can make money just as easily. You cannot tolerate injustice and you always notice that around you.

You have a burning desire to be an individual, and this desire is something that leads you through life and motivates you to do better. The Ambitious Aquarius uses the original approach to achieve the objects of his cravings, but progress is unpredictable, which is most clearly expressed when studying.

You are original, but there is stubbornness and perversity in you. Under certain circumstances, it is difficult for you to accept that you have a problematic character. You usually go ahead of your generation, but with age you can become volatile and have the tendency to be old-fashioned. You are very objective, personally impartial and ready to help.

However, Aquarius’s unpredictability is reflected in the unexpected statements and opinions you give. You should build flexibility in thinking. Aquarius emotions are contrary to the ability to think objectively. You can distance yourself from your feelings. Your natural intuition is controlled by logical thinking. Sensitivity and kindness agree well with the human element of Aquarius. Once imagination has been developed you can use it in a creative way, but beware.

Careers that best suit someone who is born on the February 3rd are jobs in advertising, promotion, communications, and television. Many famous people are born under the sign of Aquarius and on the 3rd of February. If you use your talents in the right way, you have a very big chance in succeeding and even accomplishing more than you expected.

Symbols, Lucky Number and Colors

People who are born on the February 3rd share one common thing and that is the lucky color blue-green. These people would wear this color as much as possible in order to attract positive energy and to be protected in their everyday activate. This is the color of friendship and maternity but it also represents strength and a quiet personality. You are someone who often hides emotions and thoughts from others, but when it is needed you can easily show them. Other colors that are related to this day of birth are grey and navy blue.

Birthstone that best represents someone born on February 3rd is Amethyst. This beautiful stone is a symbol of balance and strong nature. You are someone who doesn’t give up easily but you can always find the perfect balance in life even though it seems hard. Other stone linked to Aquarius is Amber which represents action and bravery. Flowers linked to the Aquarius Zodiac sign are Orchids and Chrysanthemums.

These flowers are symbols of curiosity, fertility and imaginative nature. They should be given to people born under the Aquarius Zodiac sign because they will describe their personalities in the best way possible.

Metals that are characteristic for the people born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius are Platinum and Aluminum. These two metals are symbols of power and wealth, but also prestige. Lucky numbers for people born on February 3rd are 11, 13, 20, 4 and 5 and the lucky day is Tuesday. Motto for everyone born on the February 3rd is “I know”.

Historical Events on January 5

Many important events took place on February 3rd and some of them are:

  • 1488 Bartolommeo Dias discovered Angra dos Vaqueros – Mosselbaai
  • 1451 Sultan Mehmed II, the Conqueror becomes the ruler of the Ottoman Empire
  • 1576 Henry of Navarre escaped from Paris
  • 1740 Charles de Bourbon, who was the Naples king, invited Jews to come back to Sicily
  • 1966 1st landing on the Moon performed by the Soviet Luna 9
  • 1928 Davidson Black Paleoanthropologist reported findings of the ancient human fossils which he found at Zhoukoudian, China in his journal of Nature and named them to be a new species he called ‘Sinanthropus pekinensis’ (‘Homo erectus’)

Famous People Born on February 3rd

Many famous people were born on February 3rd but we will name only few of them:

  • 1338 Jeanne de Bourbon (Charles V of France wife)
  • 1368 Charles VI (King of France)
  • 1480 Ferdinand Magellan (explorer)
  • 1740 Lasceux Guillaume (composer)
  • 1807 Johnston Joseph E. (officer)
  • 1809 Mendelssohn Felix (German composer)
  • 1821 Blackwell Elizabeth (physician)
  • 1824 George Thomas Anderson (American General)
  • 1851 Johannes B van Heutsz
  • 1914 George Nissen (American inventor)
  • 1940 Fran Tarkenton (NFL quarterback)
  • Warwick Davis (Brtish actor)
  • 1971 Sarah Kane (English playwright)
  • 1976 Isla Fisher (Australian actress)
  • 1984 Elizabeth Holmes (American entrepreneur)
  • 1994 Tallulah Belle Willis (daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis)
  • 1990 Sean Kingston (American reggae rapper)
  • 1990 Cody Newton (American writer)