February 27 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Pisces are a sign of poetry and dreamers, flexible and adaptable. They know they are unstable and unpredictable, they give it all or nothing. Pisces are the most careful and most exciting creatures in the world. At the same time they are destructive, passionate and full of enthusiasm. These contradictions would negatively affect the other signs, but not the Pisces.

In essence they are related to art. Practicality is not a strong side and they have no accentuated desire to acquire it. But Pisces are expecting this quality from the people around them, while those safely and undisturbed swim in their own world. They are creative and try to fulfill what they want in one breath. If it takes more time, it becomes a problem, and if it can, they will give up. The biggest Pisces mistake is a misjudgment of the situation. This can lead them to an unfortunate position if somehow they fail to control. They do not give up their habits and they know how to defend them.

Characteristics and Personality

People born on February 27th are born under a constellation of Pisces and it is difficult to understand them completely. They represent two very distinct natures, the struggle of the spiritual soul within the physical body. Fish are a sublimation of all twelve characters and easily adapt to their surroundings.

They are not initiators, motivated by circumstances and events, but are certainly generous, with a pervasive sense of empathy. Popular because of their sympathetic way of thinking, Pisces are like a mirror, where other people can look. Because of their double nature, they represent reality and unrealism, consciously and unconsciously, forward and backward. They have an unusual sense of perception, they know exactly what a person needs and that is exactly what they are doing.

They tend to focus on other people’s problems, rather than on their own. The fish are the “chameleons” of the Zodiac, which are easily transformed from the golden fish to an iceberg. Very little can cause them to react burdensome or to do something recklessly, but when they are induced, they rise to a blow of sarcastic words, though, carefully selected. They possess the ability to swim from top to bottom and vice versa, constantly in the circle, until they completely overcome their goals. The choice is on which slope they will swim, upstream or downstream.

As friends are loyal and generous, they are always ready to help. The Pisces eye sees what others do not see because they have a wide angle of vision, which completes the picture, and the counsel obtained from them has a therapeutic effect. Because of their dreamlike nature, the finest inner feelings such as love they experience are very intense. At what level of expressing their feelings depends largely on the influence of the environment, that is, the person beside them. They are affected by the influence of the Moon and their moods change daily, such as tide and tame, especially during the time of the full and young Menses.

Usually they are not well-organized persons and many fish are life, love and work a little chaos! But that is why the grief and the conflict are quickly and easily released. The fish are happy to help the friends and even the casual acquaintances. That’s why they are loved and happy to be seen in companies. They are fun, they have a brilliant sense of humor and just the omnipotent imagination, they know how to divert other people into unreal worlds. They are attractive and have a great deal of use. But with charm they are not used at the expense of others, as well as anything else and this is one of their attractive attributes. They want to live but let others live!

They are very intuitive, the most intuitive of all water characters. If they relate to this characteristic, they can help them move through life. With their intuition, Pisces successfully avoid life crashes and problems. The way in which decisions are made is usually irrational and illogical. As they do not move straight, they do not even think that way. But do not think that they do not come to that end! They are very good at wandering and floating that is incomprehensible to others. When the Fish are in love, they love to end.

Love Compatibility

Since they are romantic, they also demand the same from their partner. Do not give them attention and they’re ready to go. He will not have much mourning because he will soon be in love again. They love beautiful gifts and generally enjoy beautiful and expensive things. It can pass into an obsession, which sometimes leads to debts. They best get along with people born under the Zodiac signs of Cancer and Scorpio. These people suit them because they are also quite romantic and dreamy, and the relationship between these people is going to be a dreamy one.

They can also form quality relationships with Taurus people. They are going to offer the required protection and balance in their life, that they always search for. Pisces are like a mirror, where other people can look. Because of their double nature, they represent reality and unrealism, consciously and unconsciously, forward and backward. As a friend, Pisces does not forget doing the service. It will return it safely and double. In the marriage of the Pisces they can be quite critical and petty, otherwise they are not. In marriage they are not very strong and they need to be very careful not to get earthquake. They best get along with people born on the 3th, 6th, 21st, 15th and 31st.

Purpose and Career

They link their careers to art, medicine, and jobs where they can communicate their passion. And in the very symbol of the Pisces, those two separate fish floating in the opposite direction are associated with thin threads – meaning they are not complete individualists. Pisces live their life in understanding the truth, swim their confused trails, but always seek the companionship of another person. Brilliant and charming they have success on the stage of life, and even on that real, theatrical.

All Pisces are always associated with some mystery or prophecy or visionary. If they do not want to become paranoid, they have to control their two halves that lead them into unconscious water and blur their clear perspective. They are linked to the twelfth house; the house of mystery, secrecy, subconscious. Often the idealistic views of these people do not coincide with reality. They must build self-discipline and strong control because they will only succeed in achieving their wonderful ideas and goals. Jobs that best suit them are jobs that allow them to express their creative energy and allow them to be themselves. They are brilliant actors and performers, which is the reason why many artists are born on this day and under the rule of Pisces constellation. They are creative people with gentle souls, but this doesn’t mean they don’t have the necessary strength to lead a nation. This only means they are highly intuitive and know how to use that in their advantage.

Symbols, Lucky Number and Colors

All people born on the February 27th have several things in common. Their birthstone is Aquamarine, which is a symbol of bravery and awareness. Another stone linked to them is Amethyst which is a symbol of elegance. Their lucky color is turquoise. This color symbolizes self esteem and communication. Flower which represents people born on February 27th is the Water Lily, which symbolizes introspection.

Besides this flower, Violets and Jonquils are also associated to Pisces people. Their representative metal is Aluminum. This is a metal which represents originality and creativity. Metal that is also linked to Pisces is Zinc. Their lucky day is Thursday and the lucky numbers are 1, 12, 18, 26 and 3.

Historical Events on February 27

  • 280 – Born Roman Emperor Constantine I, who began the Christianization of the Roman Empire (according to some sources, was born in Naisus, today Niš). In 313 he issued the Milan edict on tolerance which aligned Christianity with other vernals, and in 325 he summoned the First Nativity Council in Niche, on which the foundation of the dogmatic and canonical system of the Christian church was created. It founded 330. Constantinople (Carigrad), a new prestigious Roman Empire.
  • 1617 – In the village of Stolbovo, a peace agreement was concluded between Sweden and Russia. The Swedes returned to Russia in the Novgorod area and admitted the Roman dynasty but retained the southern coast of the Finnish Gulf and the Karelian coast, leaving Russia out of the Baltic, which lasted until the Seventeenth War (1700-21).
  • 1844 – The Dominican Republic has become independent of Haiti.
  • 1881 – Buri defeated Brits at the bicycle at Majila Hila in southern Africa. On the same day in 1900, the British troops under the command of Lord Kickers took the decisive victory over Burim on a bike at Pardenberg.
  • 1900 – The British Labor Party, with Ramsey Macdonald, was established as secretary.
  • 1902 – The American writer, John Stajnbek, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1962. His literary achievement was achieved by the novel “The Quart Tortile” in 1935, and thereafter came the famous piece “About mice and humans”, “The fruits of the lump”, “Winter of our dissatisfaction” , “East of Paradise”.
  • 1932 – Elizabeth Taylor, American film actress, Oscar-winning filmmaker Baterfild 8 and “Who is afraid of Virgin Vulf” was born.
  • 1933 – In the fire, which set the Nazis, the building of the German parliament building, Rajhstag, was burned down in Berlin. Accusing the Communists, the Nazis used the event for clash with political opponents, and seducing terror destroyed the last remains of a parliamentary-democratic system in the country.
  • 1939 – Great Britain and France admitted the government of Francis Franko’s government in Spain.
  • 1952 – The first UN session was held in the new permanent headquarters of the World Organization in New York.
  • 1963 – By coming to power of the elected President of Huana Boša ​​Gavinja, in Dominican Republic, after 33 years, the period of dictatorship ended. Founder and leader of the Revolutionary Dominican Party, Gavinjo has lived in refuge since 1930.
  • 2013 – Pope Benedict XVI last time addressed to the painters at St. Peter Square in Rome with an emotional talk of 150,000 people, alluding to some of the scandals marking his eighth anniversary papacy. Benedict is the first pope to abdicate in the last six years, and the decision to withdraw was done on December 17, 2012, just on the day he received a Vatican affair, which made the priest a private correspondence where the Vatican presents as a litter of intrigue and internal conflicts.
  • 2016 – A cease-fire agreement was adopted in Syria by the Syrian government and 97 rebel groups with the US and Russian mediation. The agreement on apostasy does not apply to Jihadists from the Islamic State and the Syrian Al Qaeda branch.

Famous People Born on February 27

  • 272 – Born Roman Emperor Konstantin I The Great.
  • 1807 – Born Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, American poet.
  • 1831 – Born Nikolay Ge, Russian painter.
  • 1873 – Born Enrico Caruso, Italian Tenor.
  • 1902 – Born in John Steinbeck, American Writer and Nobel Prize for Literature in 1962
  • 1902 – Born Lúcio Costa, Brazilian architect.
  • 1912 – Born Lawrence Durrell, British writer.
  • 1913 – Born Irwin Shaw, American writer.
  • 1928 – Born Ariel Sharon, an Israeli politician and statesman.
  • 1932 – Born Elizabeth Taylor (USA), American actress.
  • 1939 – Born Kenzo Takada, Japanese Fashion Designer
  • 1941 – Born of Paddy Ashdown (Jeremy John Durham Ashdown), British politician and High Representative of the EU for Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • 1943 – Born to Carlos Alberto Pareira, a Brazilian football coach.
  • 1947 – Born Gidon Kremer, Latvian violinist.
  • 1961 – Born Džejms Vorti, American basketball player.
  • 1978 – Born Kaka Kaladze, a Georgian footballer.
  • 1980 – Born to Chelsea Clinton, daughter of American politician Bill Clinton.
  • 1981 – Born Josh Groban, American singer.
  • 1985 – Born Thiago Neves, Brazilian football player.