February 26 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Here is one fun fact that in fact reveals a lot about the world of Zodiac signs and their characteristics – The search for astrology and Zodiac signs on the internet bring up nearly 2 million pages of even more articles written.

Astrology and the horoscope are the most sought-after topics on the Internet, according to researchers. This clearly shows that people are very interested in the world of Astrology, and all that Zodiac signs have to tell us – this topic can be observed from many different aspects, and articles like this one that deals with the date of birth add up to the expansion of the astrological knowledge.

If we look back in the past times, where only the roots of the today’s Astrology started to grow, we could see that the Zodiac was initially a native agricultural calendar, and later on, in the middle Ages, the Catholic Pope has thoroughly acquainted with astrology. In those times, the Pope Sixtus IV was the first Pope to interpret the horoscope, and Julius II chose his date of crowning by astrological methods, and Leo X and Paul III relied on astrological councils for their decisions.

Adolf Hitler used astrology during the World War II; some say that he used it more than people think. And nowadays Astrology is both science and art since it requires math and understanding of astronomy. It is art because it is necessary to bring different aspects together and shape the individual’s preferences for interpretation.

Personality and Character

People who are born on the February 26 are those who can feel all that is happening around them, especially the emotions of others, and are therefore in a position to somehow profoundly influence their environment. In some situations, they know that they are very critical and that their irony is a violation and can cause hostility. But this is just their personality; they are perceptive and cannot control it.

In private life, these are very quiet and reclusive people, and they can experience trouble in showing their emotions, and this is not their strong point.  Somehow it works easier when these emotions come from others, but that does not mean they are inconspicuous. They are sensitive to the feelings of others, and it is very easy to disturb them – this over – emotionality cause these people to get sick, they cannot stand the pain from others, and can be easily hurt. And the worse aspect of this is that those emotional scars remain long on their hearts.

People of the February 26 can be manipulated since they sometimes lack the endurance to overcome all obstacles that life can bring, so they can listen to some negative people and their advice, and make a wrong choice. In their professional life, they are more aggressive and are trying to maintain an authoritative attitude, even if sometimes they cannot achieve what they intended.

Above all, people of the February 26 are those who are well-developed individuals that are capable of joking on their account without losing their feelings of self-esteem. People love them because of this characteristic.

They are even capable of challenging the people to become better and to achieve a common goal.

In essence, they are very fortunate when they feel what the other side feels, without explaining unnecessary things and spending thousands of words on something that is a clear picture, according to them. In the desire to be accepted from their environment, they often engage in some very unobtrusive projects, but to obtain the acknowledgements they are looking for, it is essential that they leave their work in their work and end the job without any help.

Love Compatibility

Considering the dose of compassion, empathy and understanding that people who are born on the February 26 can provide, they may be the best friends you can find in the whole wide world. They have a tremendous desire to help others in distress, and this is the job that they do very well, and the same attribute can be translated into their love life – they treat their partners the same, in the first place they are friends, and then passionate lovers. They know how to listen to all the problems, immerse in them – they can find the solution.

But the negative aspect of this is that they can take too much emotional stress from their partners, so their relationships can bring them more problems then it seems in first place. Some astrologers claim that the people of the February 26 are, in fact, the ideal bait for energy vampires who can share their problems and kill their life energy. They should escape from these relationships by all costs.

Although they tend to pick up the most delicate feelings of people around them and adapt like chameleons, they prefer cheerful and optimistic lovers, and their perfect partners are such. They quickly gain friends, but sometimes they have a need to be alone and are not always willing to socialise.

People of the February 26 are those lovers that are undoubtedly seductive and passionate in bed!  In love, these people, like all Pisces sign that they belong, are very romantic and love to fantasise about the perfect lover and sometimes with the right person sometimes they can make these fantasies come true. They are thrilled to satisfy their partners, and they can expect a lot of enjoyment when they are in a relationship with the people of the February 26.

What are like their love relationships? They need to have the emotional connection first, then, on the second place, a physical. There is a situation when they immediately go the sex, with the intention to accelerate emotional rapprochement with the partner. These are those situations when they fall in love and when they care.

From partners, these individuals expect to be strong, stable and to be its protection. They are in a constant look for the attention, can show their sadness, sensitivity, and if it gets more intense, can love more partners than themselves. They are usually very vague, and when they go to another hug, then there is a strong reason for it.


As all Pisces, these people can be shy, so their affection will not be shown in an obvious way.

Purpose and Career

We could say, with the great confidence that people of the February 26 are very successful in their life occupations, whatever that might be. Their motto is work hard, play hard. When their work is questioned, they are valuable and intelligent are great in many jobs, and can choose what will they do, since they have talents for anything they want. Specifically, they can be found in a variety of areas, but they are best placed in work related to art and any form of creativity.

If your boss is born on the February 26 you are one lucky “worker” – they will take the bigger part of the obligation to themselves, end up alone because they do not like reliance on others.

Whatever they say to you, accept without thinking, they are telling you the truth, and if not, be sure that on their mind is that job has to be done perfectly, and so everything is ok.  Perhaps they say some of the ways they think it is adaptable at a given time, but the essence remains the same.

But if you work with the people of the February 26 you have to have a lot of patience and tact, they can be demanding. It takes them all the time of this world, worshipping big imagination, in their case, many business ventures are announced and left unfinished. There is time; it will come in a row, they are thinking.

Symbols, Color, Lucky Numbers

Their colors are purple and green, and their number is 8 – it signifies strong energy that pushes people towards mystical and secretive. Their birthdates points to the numerical combination 26.2, where we can see two numerals 2 – that point to the sensitivity and intellect, and one number 6 that is in charge for the spiritual connections in life. Symbolically they have tremendous mental strength. In principle, they represent the righteous love. They build their lives slowly and carefully. In respect, they are demanding and very jealous and need constant confirmation of love.

These persons are under the government of two planets; one is Saturn that in addition to conservatism, which is not particularly pronounced in persons born this date, brings responsibility and caution as well as fatalism. As far as the other ruling planet – it is Neptune that is in charge for all Pisces, that these people belong, it gives people who are magnetically appealing and give the impression that it is tough for them to approach.

Historical Events on February 26

One big earthquake, battles in wars and representations of the great inventions happened on the February 26 through history.

1531 – In the earthquake in Portugal, thousands of people were killed, a large part of the capital of Lisbon and several other cities were ruined.

1815 – Napoleon Bonaparte fled from captivity on the island of Elbe and with the help of the group of followers returned to power in France.

1852 – The British military ship “Birkenhead” sank in the Simon Bay along the coast of South Africa, 485 people died.

1885 – Representatives of 15 countries at the Berlin congress, organised by the German Chancellor Otto Fon Bismarck, agreed on the division of central and eastern Africa.

1915 -The Germans in the World War I. In the battle against France at Malankara, used for the first time in the history of warfare a flame launchers.

1935 – Scottish physicist Robert Dotson Vat demonstrated the first complete and usable radar.

1936 – Adolf Hitler opened the first factory in Germany for the production of “folk vehicle”, “Volkswagen”.

1952 – British Prime Minister Winston Churchill announced that Britain had produced an atomic bomb and would try it in Australia.

1980 – Egypt and Israel established diplomatic relations, ending the 30-year state of war of two countries.

1986 – The Soviet Union launched the first block of “Mir” space station in the Earth’s orbit, which was destroyed by burning after 15 years.

1993 -A massive blast killed by six Islamic extremists in the New York World Trade Center and injured about 1,000 people.

Famous people born on February 26

There is virtually none form of art where people of the February 26 don’t have success – painters, singers, writers.

1564 – Christopher Marlowe, an English writer

1786 – François Arago, a French mathematician, physicist and politician.

1802 – Victor Hugo, a French writer

1808 – Honoré Daumier, a French painter, sculptor, graphic artist and cartoonist.

1829 – Levi Strauss, a German-American industrialist and a jeans maker.

1846 – Buffalo Bill, an American scout, and bison hunter.

1875 – Aleksandar Goldenweiser, a Russian pianist and composer.

1928 – Fats Domino, an American blues musician.

1932 – Johnny Cash, an American singer and guitarist.

1947 – Sandie Shaw, a British singer.

1954 – Michael Bolton, an American pop singer.

1958 – Michel Houellebecq, a French writer.

In a few short sentences, we will try to depict in most accurate way people who are born on the February 26, and if you are among them, maybe you could find inspiration for your life.

These people are great players of life; they can be real dramatic players that use their intellect and beauty to achieve their goals.

They are emotional and sensual, but they are vigorously fighting never to get hurt. When you touch it, it will simply leap from you, and you will not be able to reach it. Often, when they are injured or when they are afraid that they will not happen, they use their creativity and their talent to act. They play the role of a strong, independent, unmistakable people and let you discover little about people about themselves. Then it’s hard to get to them. How do you strike them? With immense care, sincerity, care. And that’s the bait we’ve had enough for, right?