February 25 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

According to one study, more of the seventy-five percent of the people in the world regularly read the articles about the astrology, and that a third of those readers believe in what they understand. We all can say that “there is something about the science of the stars”; and that we can find a specific connection to our lives.

But no article that touches the topic of Zodiac signs can be complete if it didn’t mention that most celebrated Astrologer of our time. It is Nostradamus. Michel de Nostredame is the greatest prophet of all time and was well versed in literature, philosophy, Latin, Greek, Hebrew language and he possessed considerable knowledge of medicine and mathematics. He was referred to the mysteries of alchemy, magic, and all of these sciences helped him to deal with the Astrology in the best way possible. One more interesting fact is that the most famous astrologer is Nostradamus, who saw the events such as the World War II, the assassination of American President Kennedy and attack on the World Trade Center.

This case alone shows you the power of Astrology, and on the example of the famous Nostradamus, you can see that some of us are meant to share the truths about the world.

We will try to contribute with some small part, by examining the date of birth February 25, and the effects that it has on people who are born on this day.

Personality and Character

These are very impressive personalities that are full of self-confidence and self-esteem (most of the time), and this is not something that could be related to a Pisces sign that are in a way insecure. And even though people of the February 25 belong to this sign, they have their own identity.

They are intuitive and devoted to making great and demanding tasks – this is one trait that makes them successful in life. What is great is that they are the human beings who insist that if they set high goals for themselves, they increase their power and value. So, it isn’t hard to conclude that people of the February 25 always placed the most top possible goals for themselves, in every possible aspect of their lives.

They are critical of the society in which they live, so they are often in conflict with the environment – from their families and close friends, they can criticise them all without any constraints. In early youth, they are openly opposed to any form of authority, parents, professors – they are those people who like to think with their heads, and they are smart, no doubt about it. They react very emotionally to any injustice and are intolerant to any degree of lowliness and subversion – they try to change the world, and are not giving up even if that change doesn’t come easy.

Because of this, their childhood is most often very burdensome, people of this date can experience hard time and rejection from people in school for example (although there are cases where representatives of this date were leaders of a small group). In later years, these persons find a higher goal that will preoccupy them and lead their life into much better direction. Maybe its art, religion, philosophy, or some humanitarian activity, they can succeed, but they need to focus their energy on a specific goal, no matter how big it might be. Once they become overworked and find the target, more time will be spent on its realisation, and it is not a bad idea.

But like every one of us, people of the February 25 can be highly-developed persons with the ability to communicate their ideas to their environment.

Those individuals of this date of birth, who are weakly-developed, can be misunderstood because others can suspect their intentions and sincerity. The success of these people depends most on their ability to communicate and restrict their critical nature. At worst, they tend to have pronounced self-pity and constant feeling that they are disregarded.

Love Compatibility

These people are typical representatives of the Zodiac sign Pisces when we are talking about love relations – they quickly fall in love and are compassionate people.

They are those who are dreamers in love, and these people imagine an ideal lover or a partner that they can understand without a word; they seek for the total connection, emotionally and physically, two bodies and one soul. Since they look for to be linked to people who have the ambitions, and there is some idea of ideal love, and perhaps even of a non-ideal one, but these people will soften and repair it, and it will all be so great(like they imagined in the first place).

Their every connection was ideal until the end came, then all hell breaks loose; they are suffering in a some their way, and it is a problem, they cannot control their emotions. People of the February 25 can be reclusive and incapable of creating something stable and “normal” regarding love that will last. This is the fact that they become aware in the specific moment, but there is a little will to change things.

They are busy in their imaginary worlds, thinking about their ideal images of love that you can only see in the movie, and even cool, but this does not guarantee stability. The only thing that ensures stability is rationality, at least a small dose.

Purpose and Career

These people whose birthdays fall on the 25th day of the February have grandiose ideas and set the high goals in their life occupation; this is the only way of work they are interested in, nothing “smaller” interest them. They aim too high goals, and to high places in the companies where they work.

While they work, they can be nervous, even if they don’t want to admit it – this tension happens whenever they are on the quest of achieving their goals. The best way to empty their minds is the possibility of the spiritual development and growth – people of the February 25 are only interested in jobs that can provide them with that kind of reward. It is best for them to deal with law, art, or even fashion.


They are, in fact, deep down inside, fighters for cosmic justice, and when something is not the way in the universe, they want to interfere. In all things, they seek a more profound reason, and in this way, in essence, they want to clarify some things. As the surgeon has to open a person to repair and fix it, so everything must have a painful start, but the end is the end. That is, it is not the end until everything is quiet.

So, to work this individual must in the first place to empty his mind from nervousness, and when they are in the tranquil sea, they are full of energy and can work.

They are night birds, who work the best at night, and they will do themselves a favor if they find a job that will enable them to work at night when the tension is small. They do not know how to say the word, but they have to go back and have anything to do with it. These people mostly interrupt contacts with others and others with them, without any say.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

To persons born on February 25, a favorite number that they believe is their protector is numeral 7 – it is the number intimately connected to all those positive things that life has to offer, along with the ability for the achievement of spirituality.

Their birthdates 25.2 symbolically tells about loneliness, and often these people are reticent and quiet, but it’s just an impression that comes at a glance. Below this calm outer space lies great creative energy.

The planet that is in charge of them is Neptune – they are creative and interested in everything that is mystical and occult. Neptune is also the natural ruler of the Pisces, so his influence is quadratic, so the impact of mysticism and religion in these people is enhanced.

Their color is soft pink.

Historical Events on February 25

Take a look at the history lesson, and today’s topic is a reminder about the events that took place on the February 25.

1570 – Pope Pius V excommunicated the English Queen Elizabeth I for her support of Protestantism and the Anglican Church

1723 – The death of the English architect Christopher Ren, whose work was based on the English classicist architecture of the 18th century.

1885 – Germany conquered Tanganyika and Zanzibar.

1899 – The founder of British news agency Reuters Paul Julius von Reuter died.

1948 – Basing on Prime Minister Eduardo Benes’s acceptance of the resignations of non-nationalists in the government, the Communists in Czechoslovakia took over power.

1954 – Egyptian President Mohamed Nagib was forced to resign, and all authority as prime minister and president of the Revolutionary Council was taken over by Gamal Abdel Naser.

1964 – Cassius Clay, since 1965 Muhammad Ali, became the world’s first-ever champion in a boxing box of heavyweight.

1972 -The Soviet spaceship “Luna 20” returned to Earth with samples of the Moon soil.

1983 -The American writer Tennessee Williams died.

1986 – Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos resigned under the pressure of the rebellious nation.

1993 – Kim Jong Sam assumed the office of President of South Korea as the first civilian to head the Asian state after 32 years.

1994 -Jewish settler Baruch Goldstein murdered 43 Muslims in the mosque in Hebron on the occupied West Bank, after which he was beaten to death in the same place.

2000 -At least 45 people were killed when the bomb exploded on a bus to a ferryboat sailing to the Port of Ozamis in the southern Philippines.

Famous people born on February 25

Who are those popular and well-known people that celebrate their birthdays on the 25th day of the February?

1643 – Ahmed II, the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1691 to 1695.

1682- Giovanni Battista Morgagni, an Italian anatomist.

1707 – Carlo Goldoni, an Italian dramatist.

1841 -Pierre-Auguste Renoir, a French painter.

1842 – Karl May, a German writer.

1866 – Benedetto Croce, an Italian philosopher, politician, art historian.

1873 -Enrico Caruso, an Italian singer (tenor).

1879 – Royal Harwood Frost, an American astronomer.

1943 – George Harrison, a British guitarist and vocalist for The Beatles.

1949 – Ireen Sheer, a German-American pop singer

1958 – Mark Moses, an American actor.

1962 -Birgit Fischer, a German athlete.

1982 – Flavia Panetta, an Italian tennis player.

If we want to describe people of the February 25, we will say that they are people who think that the only truth is in things that are not material, and that spiritual achievement is the greatest form of life. These persons find that the most critical aspect of life is the spiritual training. It’s like air to them, necessary to breathe. Everything they do for themselves in the solitude of their room is very important to them, especially at night.

They need to extend knowledge every day, and to strive for some higher goals, and somehow they attract the same type of people. Somehow some amazing people come into their lives to help them, and the people of this date can impose themselves as leaders in some way, but they usually act out of silence, though possessing knowledge, in a hidden way, not expelling their privacy too much, letting people drown what they need or ask for.

Although everyone knows that they are good and honest persons, it may sometimes be surprising that they are hard for people to understand in some way – these people are best at times of crisis, no matter what the job they are dealing with, because they always see what others need to say or do, so they will not be helpful. They know very well that aid must be mutual, although the other side does not see it, then when it is all balanced.

People of the February 25 are emotional and idealists who like to change the world.