February 23 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

In the process of learning about the science of Astrology, and the Zodiac signs, we should mention the element that Astrologers have to use in the explanation of this mystical science – we are talking about astrological houses.

Besides the 12 Zodiac signs, there are 12 horoscope houses. They represent different life aspects and may contain planets in a natal map, but they do not have to. Planets are moving through all twelve houses during the day, and the planets move through the signs during a month or a year.

So for example, the first house is the house of our personality, temperament and character, physical appearance and body, personal attitudes about life, self-identity, self-image, how we present to others and how others see us. The Second house refers to money and property, material condition, attitudes towards wealth and its acquisition, as well as hidden talents, a sense of self-esteem, and self-confidence.

The third house is the house of communication and immediate surroundings: brothers, sisters, cousins, neighbors, as well as short journeys, all forms of transportation. This is also a house of intellect, a way of thinking, primary education, reading and writing.

But all of this information we can find on our birth date, and in this case, we will discuss how the specific time – February 23.

Personality and character

These are the people who can be quiet and shy people, they are those who hide a lot inside, but that process of coming out is very slow and specific.

People of the February 23 are those who have something important to say, and when they do it is usually something daring and interesting.

They love to write, and when they don’t find their life occupation in this area of work, they will write to make themselves better, as a creative relief.  It may sometimes be difficult for others to understand them, but you can talk about everything with them – from poetry, music, and sometimes you can even gossip with them, they love rumors. And when they are your friend and confidants are sure that they will keep your secrets safe forever -this is why people like them, and they have many close friends.

Deep inside they are romantic souls who are romantic and passionate even when they are a man, it is their nature; but, of course, they don’t always show this side of their personality.

Everything that they are saying is picturesque, the world’s only mosaic impressions by them – they like to see, and experience all, but they don’t have that courage always to that.

These people who celebrate their birthdays on the February 23 want everything that they see and feel to put into the whole – everything has to have the meaning and significance if it doesn’t they will try to make it meaningful.

In the process of resolving issues, these people think that there is always the solution to every problem. And realistically, there is, they realise this fact, and they just need to be explained to others. They are still the ones who give hope to others, even when it is most difficult for everyone.

Love compatibility

These people are imaginative lovers, who like to dream of love and that is the point where its problems begin. The world of fantasies in which people of the February 23 live, makes them to in reality to fall in love with a wrong and inadequate person. It is a dream that of a perfect partner who will become something special and will take them out of their “ordinary” everyday life. Since most people are not capable of such action, they are often left disappointed and unhappy, and after a short time of indecision, they try to “swim” in the other direction (as all Pisces do, this is the Zodiac sign that they belong).

If their partner continually shows them love and passion, they will give him the feeling that he is the only person in this world capable and worthy of respect, but in return, partner has to invigorate all his strength to make them happy.

On top of the things, their partners do not have to be productive or successful – they will imagine that he is (problems arise if they see that you cannot live in imaginary love world).

But all of their lovers need to remember one thing – these people of the February 23 are fantastic actors with the intention of attracting people to their side. No other lover can cry or be so dramatic, and heartbreaking, and no one can pretend to be as innocent as they do.


They are ready to talk to their companions in the face, striving to provide support, and in return, they expect teamwork, life-friendliness, respect and trust.

Some astrologers say that only the bravest can see their glow, and can dive into such emotional depths- their versatility and rich imagination make their partners lives better than ever. There is no lost case for them in love, only a lover whose need for their presence.

Nevertheless, if they are by any chance because of their pronounced emotionality, abused or mistreated in a relationship it is certain that they can drag their partners into the depths that are difficult to make out.

What they want from lovers is to take care of them.

Because of the exaggerated emotions, people of the February 23 are more than lovers – it is impossible to understand them completely, they are dreamy, overwhelming, hearty, but sympathetic, distant and oblivious at times.

They are not interested in the superficial, short-term relationships, what they like is romance, some haven where they can be sensual.

They have a good heart and can be very caring and affectionate parents.

Purpose and Career

Since they do not know that they say “no” and set some boundaries and bearing in mind that they are not often on the ground, people of the February 23 are not suitable for the leader positions. However, their passion and adaptation are enhanced, and because of that, nothing is impossible, and every job-related goal is achievable.

If they are in a subordinate position, because of the tendency to avoid conflicts, they quickly become victims of mobbing and oppression, which can shake their confidence. They can tolerate a lot in life and in their work environment also, but people are also jealous of their talents and creativity. Likewise, they are not attracted to a tedious routine job. They are artistic souls, and the perfect positions for them are those where they can express their creativity, whether it’s music, writing, or professional makeup; they can even be amazing social workers.

They dream about stage and shows in front of the public, however, the problem here may be that they are very shy by nature, so getting on the scene and in front of people can scare them.

Also, given that they learn to listen, become aware of and look for the core of the problem and the solution, and above all, because they enjoy it, they are ideal as psychologists. Of course, as long as they know where the limit is and do not let others lives affect them. Generally, they can find their life cause in the field of medicine because they like to help people.

As far as material wealth and money are concerned, they are not the best in managing the same. What the people of the February 23 can do is to buy so that they feel emotionally complete – so they impulsively spend more than planned.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

As all Pisces, people of the February 23 are under the planetary influence of the Neptune and Uranus -both planets are symbolically mystical and effect on our lives in a way that people are prone to mystical and hidden things. This woman carries the character of all Zodiac women, so it is almost impossible to define it because it is constantly disappearing and transformed. Otherwise, it is sexually free and enjoys the most erotic episodes. To awaken the passion in them, it doesn’t take much time.

When we look at the numerological aspect of this date 23.2, we can see the double power of the numeral 2 – a pronounced sensitivity and suppressed energy; and the numeral three that is symbolically connected to the expansion and spiritual growth.

Their lucky number is 7 and 12, and their color silver and blue, all shades.

Historical Events on February 23

In the next section take a deep dive into the Historical events that happened on the 23rd day of the February month.

1574 – The fifth religious war broke out in France with Catholics and Protestants, and such conflicts shook France until the beginning of the 18th century.

1792 – An English painter Joshua Reynolds died, one of the most magnificent portrait painters of the world, founder of the Royal Academy of Art.

1821 – The English poet John Kits died in Rome, whose works are among the most beautiful poetry in the English language.

1836 – About 4,000 soldiers under the Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna began siege to Alamo Fort in Texas. The fortress, which was defended by around 200 volunteers, including David “Davy” Crockett, on March 6, all defenders were killed.

1866 – Under the pressure of the defenders of the democratic reform, Romanian Queen Aleksandar Kuza, was forced to abdicate and eventually to leave the country. He was succeeded by Carol I born Prince Karl of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, who became the first Romanian king in 1881.

1898 – French writer Emile Zola was arrested for publishing an open letter to the French president, in which he accused the Government of anti-Semitism.

1919  – Benito Mussolini left the Socialist Party and founded a fascist party.

1931 –  Australian singer Nellie Melba died, one of the most significant opera singers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

1938 – The oil was initially discovered in Kuwait.

1942 – A Japanese submarine in the World War II bombarded the US oil refinery at Santa Barbara in California.

1959- The International Court of Human Rights opened its first meeting in Strasbourg.

1965 -Sten Lorel, American film comedian, part of the Laurel and Hardy tandem, died in Santa Monica.

1970 -British Guyana became an independent republic.

1991 – The government of Chatichai Choonhavan overthrew a military coup in Thailand, and the government took over the military hunt.

Famous people born on February 23

So many exciting people celebrate born on the February 23, and they are blessed with so many talents so they can find success in everything they do.

1417 – Paul II, the Pope.

1443 – Matthias Corvinus, the Hungarian and Czech King.

1685 -Georg Friedrich Händel, a German-English Baroque composer.

1744 – Mayer Amschel Rothschild, a German banking magnate.

1878 – Kazimir Malevich, a Ukrainian painter, a representative of futurism.

1883 – Karl Jaspers, a German philosopher and psychiatrist.

1889 – Victor Fleming, an American film director. The most famous movies that he created are “The Wizard of Oz” and “Gone with the Wind”.

1899 – Erich Kästner, a German writer.

1904 – William L. Shirer, an American journalist and historian.

1923 – Franco Zeffirelli, an Italian film and opera director.

1938 – Jiří Menzel, a Czech director.

1940 – Peter Fonda, an American film actor.

1942 -Michael Haneke, an Austrian director and screenwriter.

1954 – Viktor Yushchenko, the Ukrainian President.

1965 – Helena Sukova, a Czechoslovak tennis player.

1983 – Emily Olivia Leah Blunt, an English actress.

1988 -Nicolas Gaitan, an Argentine football player.

1994 -Dakota Fanning, an American actress.

Let us sum up, in a few short sentences, the character and the essential traits of the people who are born on the 23rd day of February.

They are, as all Pisces, romantic and imaginative people, with the variety of artistic talents, endlessly sentimental, empathic – they can find great success in monetising their creativity.

Their passionate and sentimental nature features a variety of moods that can sometimes be difficult for their environment to handle. They do not even complain about anything; they are the original people who like to imagine and are “like no other”. They’re innovative. but sometimes are too shy and introvert.