February 22 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

When we are talking about the significance of the astrology and Zodiac signs in general, you can always hear all about the astrological aspects, and among those aspects, there is a date of birth that is one of the most important of all elements.

Aspects of astrology are of utmost importance in the interpretation of any horoscope, and by making things simpler, all elements are links or relationships between two or more planets (along with the Sun and the Moon). This connection always changes the interpretation of the planets and characters it includes, and more importantly without interpreting the aspects, reading the natal chart is incomplete.

So, if you want to learn all about the basics of the Zodiac signs, you should pay special attention to the understanding of the planets, but in that process, the important aspect is also the exact time and date of birth.

In this particular article, we are discussing all those important characteristics that shape the world of a person who is born on the February 22.

Personality and Character

Since these people fall under the government of the Zodiac sign Pisces, they also have some similar characteristics as all Pisces do – emotionality, melancholy and empathy. So, in the first place, people of the February 22 are intuitive, sensitive, sacrificial, but also mentally unstable – they can experience all sorts of mental “challenges” that are triggered by some “unpleasant” events -what that event can be is individual. They are susceptible to another’s influence, so if it is negative, they will also go in the wrong direction, perhaps on the path of self-destructiveness and pain.

You will often hear these people saying that they have common psychosomatic problems, various addictions and sleep disturbances – this aspect is also common for all Pisces sign, among them for the people of the February 22.

These are the people who can find a common language with almost every living creature on the planet, but the best connection is with people who can understand the depth of the emotions that people of the February 22 have. And those emotions are strong and complex and could vary from ecstatic happiness to severe depression.

Also, they usually have strong and high-quality relationships in life, no matter if we are talking about the families or friends; there is an intuitive connection between them and their environment, so they are well understood without much words said; it only takes one look and they know the situation.

Their closest friends will give them support and will encourage them to be more determined in life. One thing that they have in large quantities, besides emotions, is patience; but what they need in life, is in fact, a stable and reliable surrounding.

Additionally, these people are known for their distract nature and at times laziness and avoidance of obligations – sometimes they can even neglect their own essential needs.

In a society, people of the February 22 are funny and interesting, but they can be unreliable and superficial people, and all of their friends know that they do not take too much of their uncontrolled reactions.

Love compatibility

These people are often described as irreconcilable romantics, and this notion is somewhat true, but of course, things are not as simplified as you might think at first glance.

One thing is certain; people of the February 22 cannot live without love and passion, so their partner needs to give them all the strong love and emotions that are hidden in them. When they fall in love, as all Pisces, they become vulnerable and fragile, but they do not fear to show their feelings – the notion that they could be hurt, don’t push them away from entering a new passionate relationship. They are ready for numerous sacrifices and concessions to make the beloved person happy, often neglecting themselves and their needs. It is no wonder that after a while many of these people feel unhappy and unfulfilled since they feel they have given a lot and like they didn’t get anything in return. This is something that is incredibly hurtful and disappointing for them.

Their main task, and we will say, an obligation, is to learn that is very important to fight more for themselves and never to allow anyone to exploit them emotionally, materially or physically – this is something that often happens to the people of the February 22. They are at times used in the worse way possible by their lovers and partners.

But one thing needs to be remembered here – once they find an equal partner who will not exploit their benevolence and boldness, they can be the best partners in the world who will always be with a loved one and provide them with unreserved support and love. They can be (at times, with the specific kind of partners) possessive and jealous, but they also tend to hurt partners if they don’t show them what they think they deserve – they need a partner who will constantly show them love and care. This is the only way that they can remain faithful and honest in a long-term relationship.

They like to be married, they want a warm home filled with children and animals, but they often have mood changes and sadness that others do not understand – so the patience is necessary. They need a little loneliness to relax from everything and at least briefly escape from cruel reality.


Purpose and Career

Here is one interesting aspect that deserves your attention, and here we are talking about the careers of the people who are born on the February 22.

Although these individuals are mostly considered to be gentle and sensitive people, there are surprisingly many successful people in the business that are born on the February 22. They need to deal with the work that gives them pleasure, and they can surrender to achieving greatness, which makes them successful in everything they accept to do during life; and being in any creativity is a must for them. On the other hand, if they are doing something just for the sake of doing that job, in which they find no interest at all, their results will be miserable and weak.

We should not forget one crucial thing that is connected to them – people of this date are above all, the artistic souls who do not like to be at the forefront, but that’s why they work out well as part of the team. They are imaginative and creative and are always ready to help anyone in need.

These are the reasons why these individuals can find great success in any art or humanitarian work, but they often use that creativity in every given job, no matter how monotonous and boring it might seem to others. If you look, for example, their workspace, you will notice that is entirely different and colorful, unlike others. They will find at least a quantum of creativity in their work, which makes them good workers; on the other side of the story is their neglection of obligation and their laziness. It is something that no one will tolerate, no matter what, and this is one of the reasons why these people often change their jobs and purpose in life.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

The sign of Pisces, ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, is associated with dreamers, utopists, and mystics. So, people of the February 22 are also under this influence – they have their particular, silent world and let you know how much they think it is enough, and you always think you know everything about them. But that’s not the case. Rarely anyone knows them.

Sometimes they can be religious.

Their symbolic is the balance between the upper and lower world, between the body and the spirit, the dream and the reality; they always symbolically linger between the two.

Their birth date is made from numbers 22.2, so it is fantastic and strong symbolic of three numerals 2; that point to the sensitivity and wisdom, but also point to the dual nature that humans have.

Their lucky number is 6, and their color is soft pale pink.

Historical Event on February 22

This is the date that throughout human history was the date when some revolutions were raised, and new continents were discovered.

1512 – Italian sailor Amerigo Vespucci died. Vespucci travelled to the New World in 1499 as a member of the Spanish expedition, and in 1501 and 1502 he led the Portuguese team.

1784 – The first American merchant ship for China “Chinese Empress” sailed from New York port. It arrived in China on August 28th.

1819 – The United States took over Florida from Spain under an agreement signed by US Secretary of State John Quincy Adams and Spanish Minister Don Luis de Onis.

1848 – In Paris, a revolution triggered by the economic crisis erupted. Under pressure, King Louis Philip abdicated and on February 24.

1862 -During the American Civil War, Jefferson Davis has announced the Confederate President of the State of America, a secluded southern state.

1913 – During the military uprising in Mexico, a Mexican revolutionary and President Francisco Madero and Vice President Pino Suarez were killed.

1967 – The attack on the North Vietnamese troops north of Saigon, the US and South Vietnamese forces began the largest joint operation in the Vietnam War.

1979 – The Caribbean island of Santa Lucia Glass, after 165 years of British administration, became full-fledged and became the 40th member of the Commonwealth.

1987 – An American painter, journalist, film director and producer Andy Warhol, one of the most prominent representatives of pop art, died.

2002 – Jonas Savimbi, the leader of the Angolan movement UNITA, who has been fighting for dominance more than 30 years, was killed in a conflict with government forces.

Famous people born on February 22

People of the February 22 marked our history and left the significant trace on human life – from Popes to Kings and Formula One racers; they are all in this category.

1161- Innocence III, the Roman Pope.

1403 – Charles VII, a French King.

1732 – George Washington, an American politician and statesman.

1788 – Arthur Schopenhauer, a German philosopher.

1857 – Heinrich Rudolf Hertz, a German physicist.

1900 – Luis Bunuel Portoles, a Spanish film director.

1914 – Renato Dulbecco, an Italian virologist and Nobel Prize winner.

1921 – Giulietta Masina, an Italian actress

1921 – Jean-Bedel Bocas, a military dictator and lifelong president of the Central African Republic.

1932 – Edward “Ted” Kennedy, an American politician.

1943 – Eduard Limonov, a Russian writer and politician.

1949 -Andreas Nikolaus Niki Lauda, an Austrian Formula 1 driver and a triple world champion, pilot and entrepreneur.

1950 – Sylvette Herry Miou-Miou, a French actress.

1950 –  Julie Walters, a British actress.

1950 – Julius Erving, an American basketball player.

1959 – Kyle MacLachlan, an American actor.

1962 – Steve Irwin, an Australian zoologist, naturalist and television star.

1968 – Bo Jery Lynn Ryan, an American actress.

1974 – James Blunt, a British musician.

1975 – Drew Barrymore, an American actress.

1987 – Sergio Romero, an Argentine footballer.

In a few short sentences, we will try to describe the people that are born on the February 22 – they are the people who can easily understand the problems of other people and are in touch with their emotions. They do not criticise others for the mistakes they make because these people just come to accept people as they are. These are precious people, and loyal friends to those who are loyal to them back.

They can be noble and mild people, and they love peace first of all – they are always interested in helping people who have gone wrong.

Internally these individuals have a great intuition that can be used for all hood causes in the world, but some representatives of this date can use it for their agenda.

People of the February 22 are also people who have reliable, perceptive power and a very subtle psyche. These are great idealists, and their life is reduced to seeking and repairing the world, in which it is possible to live better and better.