February 21 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

In many ways than one, Astrology is connected with Astronomy, since both sciences are related to observing the planets and their effect on Earth, or the people.

However, this does not mean that the planet is the one that will cause something to happen in our lives. Instead of challenging, the planets point to things, describe what is already happening. Each planet symbolises different components of life, another type of energy, and horoscope is made according to these components.

Every Zodiac sign has a planet that rules it and operates in its most effective and best way. And every celestial body in this system has a different meaning, and affects some other part of the human world. For example, the Sun represents ego, the fundamental character, personality and what is in our heart. The Moon represents our instinct, habits and subconscious mind.

All of these aspects do affect our Zodiac sign, but also what can affect us is our birthdate.

Personality and Character

People who are born on the February 21 can be described the best using the word “understanding” since they are the people who try and often succeed in that process of understanding. They are moved by the need to change the world by the process of understanding, they are sensitive beings, as all Pisces, a sign that they belong.

They are socially-friendly people who often find themselves in the company of very different people; they like to give a chance to all people, they are not judgmental and understand the darkness that exists in people (and accept it). Their willingness to give themselves emotionally fits into the whole picture of the understanding of other people that is their greatest motive.

People of the February 21 are those who like to be people support, this role makes them happy and pleased, and in addition to being unaddressed for leaders, their presence is essential in any matter that is accepted.

They are characterised by empathy and expressed emotional capacity – they can unmistakably recognise what they feel, or how others feel, cause you know you can hide the feelings with some words, but feelings themselves, you cannot. And this trait is their greatest ability and their liability at the same time; these people need to deal with this challenging issue all of their lives.

As with all Pieces, a water sign with the prominent sensitivity, people of the February 21 are often more in-depth than others and tend to consider difficult things that life brings to make them feel happier and fulfilled.

In interpersonal relationships these people can be unrealistic, they can be too attached to others, and they can disable or burden the development of events that shape their lives.

Although these people are known for their wisdom and intellectual curiosity, they sometimes have unrealistic expectations and are too “drawn” into the world of the imagination, so they disappoint themselves many times; and since they can be overly emotional and dramatic, these situations end in depression and deep sadness. What is worse, they can willingly take the role of martyrs, to gain attention that is not even necessary in any way.

If they learn to set healthy limits, they will feel comfortable in the “real” world – this can be the most significant lesson that they could learn during life, and that can make their life much more comfortable.

Love compatibility

People who are born on the February 21 are those individuals who live to love and to be needed, and their hearts want an irreconcilable romance. Gentle, loving and unconditionally generous, these emotional individuals emanate deep emotions that can be incredibly strong and with the ability to change things.

They are passionate lovers who have the need to feel the real connection with their partner; and this connection has to be strong, complete and everlasting. Short-term relationships, affairs and adventures are not unique to them; and when they are in a loving relationship, they are blindly loyal and in love with their partners to the point that is irritating. They like to give (in every sense of that word) and to make their partner feel very valuable and unique; nothing is too good and too expensive when it comes to their love.

Gentle souls that these people of the February 21 have make them the best friends that can exist in the entire world, and in fact, they often put the needs of their friends ahead of their needs. They are committed, dedicated, and compassionate; no problem for them is too great for them to give their help and support. Whether there is a problem (small or significant) in the family or among friends, they will do their best to solve this.

Deep-intuitive, these people can make you feel that something is wrong and before it come. They are naturally expressive and do not hesitate to bring people around them as they feel. It is not surprising for them to write a song for a song or buy a gift that has meaning.  Communicating with loved ones is considered the most important trait that their partners could potentially have.


Purpose and Career

Intuitive and often dreamers, people of the February 21 feel the best in a position where their creative abilities will come to the fore, even better if it is for humanitarian purposes. Their interests include occupations where care for people along with their creativity, animals, world, etc. is in the first place – a lawyer, an architect, a veterinarian, a musician, a social worker, and a designer.

What separates them from others is to order to work a certain job; they need to believe that what they are doing is right. It is very important for them to be persistent in their endeavors.

February 21 is the date when are born people who have the inspiration to make changes in the lives of others; they don’t know the limits of helping others, they will do it even if they will hurt themselves. Since they are sensitive, deeply compassionate, valuable, dedicated and reliable, they are those who can reach the core of things. They can be great at solving the problems of any kind.

As far as money is concerned, they usually do not attach any importance to it. They are usually more preoccupied with their dreams and goals than money. However, for everything, money is needed, so they will make sure that it is enough to achieve their goals and dreams. And in this aspect you can see their dual nature – they can be overspenders or extreme misers.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

The ruling planet of the Zodiac sign Pisces is Neptune that manages dreams, psyche, metaphysics and creativity, and this planet also affects the lives of the people who are born on the February 21, since they belong to this sign. That’s why they are more intuitive and have artistic talents. As Neptune is connected to music, they can discover musical tendencies at the earliest stages of life or direct them to poetry.

But symbolically this planet is connected to the fantasy world and unreal, and it is the aspect that makes them an idealist and sensitive persons who show a great deal of understanding for the environment.

Their numerical symbolism is 21.2 – two integral numbers are any system, but since there are two numerals this is the person who is in fact with the dark and light side.

Pieces are the last sign of the Zodiac and are a symbol of everything subconscious, intuitive, and what is hidden in us.

As fish (Pisces) is a symbol of some religions and how it is related to the life cycle as an evolutionary basis for the development of vertebrates and humans. They (including those who are born on the February 21) are those who intuitively understand human nature, and subsequently, they can achieve the best emotional connection with other beings.

Their number is 5, and their color is deep green.

Historical Event on February 21

Take a look at some events that shaped our past as a human race, and that occurred on the February 21st.

1437 – Scottish King James I killed the conspirators, preventing his attempt to suppress the influence of the high nobility on the conduct of state affairs.

1513 – Pope Julius II died, formerly priest Giuliano of Rovere, from 1503 to the death of 1513, Pope Julius II, the greatest patron of art among the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church. From Michelangelo Buonarotti, his close friend, he ordered the creation of frescoes in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.

1795 – The Netherlands handed over the island of Ceylon in the Indian Ocean, present-day Sri Lanka, to Great Britain.

1848 – The Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels was published.

1911 – Japan and the United States signed a trade agreement limiting the flow of Japanese workers to America.

1916 – German attack began with Verden in France, bloodiest in the World War I in the Western Front, where about 250,000 German and French soldiers were killed by December 1916, and about 500,000 injured.

1941 – Canadian physiologist Frederick Grant Banting died in a plane crash. This scientist succeeded in isolating insulin with Charles Best in 1921, which allowed the treatment of lethal diabetes until then.

1947 – Polaroid, the first instant photographic camera, was shown in New York by his inventor Edwin Herbert Land.

1963 – The Soviet Union warned the United States that the attack on Cuba could trigger a world war.

1965 – Malcolm X, the leader of American black men, was killed when he spoke in New York at a gathering of his Afro-American unity organisation.

1972 – Richard Nixon arrived in Beijing as the first president of the United States – which began the normalisation of US-China relations, after years of support for the United States of America (Nationalist China) and the non-recognition of communist China.

1973 – The Libyan “Boeing 727” was shot down over an Israeli military airport, which did not survive any of the 104 passengers and crew members.

1983 – In the aftermath of the election in the Indian state of Assam, more than 800 people died in ethnic riots.

2002 – US President George W. Bush visited China precisely 30 years after President Richard Nixon – when the two-year-old open hostility of Washington and Beijing ended.

Famous people born on February 21

What Robert Mugabe and Nina Simone have in common? They are born on the same date – February 21st!

1791- Carl Czerny, an Austrian pianist.

1801- John Henry Newman, an English Cardinal.

1836- Léo Delibes, a French composer.

1801- John Henry Newman, an English Cardinal.

1880- Waldemar Bonsels, a German writer (Maya the Bee).

1892- Harry Stack Sullivan, an American psychiatrist.

1893 – Andres Segovia, a Spanish guitarist.

1895- Henrik Dam, a Danish biochemist and a Nobel Prize winner.

1907-  Wystan Hugh Auden, an American poet of English descent.

1909 – Jan Vaclav Sladek, a Czech painter and graphic artist.

1924 – Robert Mugabe, a Zimbabwean politician and president.

1927 – Guy Mitchell, an American singer.

1933- Nina Simone, an American singer, songwriter, pianist, and civil rights activist

1937- Harald V, the Norwegian King.

1943- David Geffen, an American music and film producer.

1946 – Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman, a British actor and director.

1950 – Richard Tarnas, an American philosopher and historian.

1953- William Petersen, an American actor and producer.

1977 – Steve Francis, an American basketball player.

1979 – Jennifer Love Hewitt, an American actress and singer.

1983 – Melanie Laurent, a French actress.

1996 – Sophie Turner, an English actress.

In a few short sentences, we will sum up all that we know about the people who celebrate their birthdays on the February 21. These people are incredibly emotional and compassionate, and their intense intuition often leads them through life. They are distinguished by exceptional imagination and creativity, which helps them solve stress and easier defense against everyday problems.

Since these gentle people are real idealists, facing reality can be very hard for them. Therefore, they often seek refuge from issues in painting, writing, reading, while some are prone to alcohol and various opiates.