February 20 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Secrets of the Astrology intrigue people since…. well basically forever, or from the moment humans discovered that celestial bodies have impact on us. And it is well-known that the ancient Babylonians created a Zodiac wheel, a circle that “divides” the sky into four integral parts.

Each of these four parts of the sky is further divided into three sections, each with a surface of 30 degrees. This gives us a Zodiac circle full 360-degree and with 12 equal parts and the Zodiac Signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Lion, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. They all have their own characteristics and symbolic, but they “occupy” certain months, and precise dates, so every date has its own characteristics, along with the features of the sign that it belongs.

These 12 Zodiac signs can be divided based on the four Earths elements – air, fire, water and earth. Elements represent an essential kind of energy that works in each of us, depending on which sign is ours. Astrology aims to one primary thing -to help us focus this energy on positive aspects and gain a better understanding of our potentials and our positive sides, and we fight with the negative things that cannot be avoided.

Four elements of the zodiac have a great influence on the basic lines of character, emotion, behavior and thinking; and the same principle goes for the impact of our birthdates and their effect on our nature and destiny.

Personality and character

There is no uncertainty and doubt when you see a person who celebrates its birthday on the February 20, they share many characteristics with the Zodiac sign Pisces that they belong, but of course, things are never simple as they seem. You will easily recognise them; they have that special look in their eyes; they have special, somewhat sad look, which suggests melancholy and restlessness under the “normal surface”.

Born on the February 20 are the people who have beauty, both inside and out, people are attracted to them since they are quite extraordinary and unusual in everything they do and say. This date hives poets and dreamers, sensitive, restless, imaginative and intuitive people who are at the same time both comics and the drama queens. They are cry babies, as well as the speakers of truth and wisdom; they are creative individuals, as well as lazy creatures. They almost have two completely different sides to them, both equally strong.

They are very imaginative people who know everything about the human relationships and the negative aspects of human nature (they are those who embrace the darkness, starting from themselves, and others as well), but they prefer to live in their generous and perfect worlds, in which everyone is happy and well in the alliance with the laws of the nature. They stick to these believes, even when they know that things are far from perfect.

If reality becomes too rude, these people who belong to the February 20 tend to hide behind their pale illusions that protect them from making practical decisions.

These persons are indifferent to various types of constraints unless they deprive them of their freedom to imagine and feel in their way. They are even more indifferent to insults, mutual accusations, or others’ harsh attitudes. Few things can put people of the February 20 on violent behavior or reaction, but they are not uncommon. Of course, this does not imply that these individuals of the February 20 are completely mild and uninteresting in the world around them. And sometimes they change their minds. If something does make them react, they can be dull and sarcastic, and sometimes very irritable. However, a typical member of this date will go with a line of lower resistance, waiting to cool down and anger to pass.

Do not be fooled by the independent behavior of these people, restraint, or even extraordinary business ability that they sometimes show. They are, however, gentle and sensitive creatures whose actions manage feelings, but they are skilful and are able to good care of themselves if that is what is necessary.

Love compatibility

People who celebrate their birthday on the February 20 are those types of lovers that have an exceptional understanding for other people, they can see deepest and most hidden desires, and their advice, even if they are unacceptable, are always good-natured – they are the rock for their partners. They don’t like to be dominant in the relationships, and are those who love that life in two – they adore the feeling of being needed. Feeling that lovers can live without them is something that keeps them going.

One of their prominent characteristics is that these people don’t take care too much for themselves – they tend to think that they can live forever, and often act as if they believe in it from all their hearts. Their problems can be emotional or financial, but very often exhaustion of health, which is rarely so robust that it can withstand consequences. Especially if they have any psychological problem they experience health issues -they are those people who when fall into depression lose weight, etc.

People who celebrate their happiest day on the February 20 live in loneliness and a deep understanding of the truth that they cannot say to express.

Sometimes potential partners don’t understand them, and they represent the eternal riddle for others.

Often, they represent the riddle of everything that surrounds them, and their friends or those who love them must use all of their imagination to understand strange plans that move around their heads and their emotions that are hard to figure out. Unfortunately, while their reasoning is almost always unusual in all matters, the unhappy contradiction in character is as if they were impeded when it comes to feelings: they leave intuition there, and they do not want to see and hear anything that would throw a bad light on their love. Because of this they usually have several very bad experiences in love before they finally find the “person of their lives.”

However, these people are filled with surprises and are stronger and wiser than it is usually thought.


Purpose and Career

When we are discussing jobs and careers of the people who celebrate their birthdays on the February 20th, we could say that these people can find interest in some type of creative work, but also are those who will never achieve anything major in their lives, and will be a part of a mass. This can be a shame since these people are blessed with many talents and beauty.

They have a good characteristic of being good listeners, so their work environment loves them, and they can make a good solution in heavy situations – they can look for the fastest and best exit in any problem.

These characters are capable of “raising mountains”, and their possibilities are thus unlimited, especially if they possess some gift or creative abilities – which is often the case. The only problem arises if they don’t want to work hard enough and are lazy.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

These people fall under the massive influence of the planets Neptune and Uranus since all of them fall under the Zodiac sign Pisces, and these two planets are “in charge” for this horoscopic sign.

For these individuals, life or the most challenging obligation that their soul can choose, or the opportunity for perfect fulfillment – this sign is a symbol of death and eternity.

Their element is the element of the water that in a way describes their changing nature – they are the people capable of many great things in life, greatness; but also for the destructive things in life, and can remain underachievers.

Their color is sea-green, and their number is four that is the number that symbolically depicts human with all of his flaws but with the ability to improve himself and to develop.

Symbolically, date 20.2 is under the influence of the number 2 that is precisely that number that brings all those opposite things that can be found in life, and in their character.

Historical Events on February 20

History is the mother of life; it teaches us how to become better and never to make same mistakes.

1631 -A German Protestant princes allied with the Swedish king Gustav II, which also included Sweden in the Thirty Years’ War.

1707 – The last great mogul of India Aurangzeb died. In 1658, he threw his father out of power, executed his brothers and usurped the throne. He won the Dean, Kandahar and Kabul and was called “the Conqueror of the World”. He encouraged art and science, founded schools and fanatically expanded Islam, pursuing Hinduism. His death began to weaken the Mogul state.

1790 – Austrian Emperor Joseph II, the oldest son of Maria Theresa and her co-ruler from 1765 to 1780 died. As a supporter of enlightened absolutism, he carried out significant reforms, introduced state control over the papal bulwark, and brought Edict the tolerance by which he recognised the freedom of religion.

1809 – The French occupied Saragossa after a long siege.

1920 – American researcher and Admiral Robert Edwin Piri, the first man who arrived in the North Pole in April 1909, died in April. He examined the northernmost part of Greenland, sailed it, and found out in 1901 that it was an island.

1938 – British Foreign Secretary Anthony Idn resigned in protest of Prime Minister Neville Campbell’s lenient policy towards German dictator Adolf Hitler.

1942 -The Japanese attacked the Portuguese Timor and Bali Island in the Dutch East Indies in the Second Book of the War.

1962 – After successful suborbital flights with a human crew, the United States launched a spaceship “Merkjuri-Atlas 6” in orbit around the Earth, by which the first US astronaut John Glenn tripled around the country three times.

1967 – Indonesian President Ahmet Sukarno handed over executive power to General Suharto, retaining the title of president.

1979 – In the eruption of the Indonesian volcano Sinatra life lost 175 people.

1985 – In Ireland, in addition to the fierce opposition of the Roman Catholic Church, legalised the sale of contraceptive means.

1986 – Religious conflicts between Hindus, Muslims, and Shi’kah affected India, and in 3 Indian states misled police time.

1996 – The leaders of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, General Hussein Kamel Hasan and his brother Saddam Kamel, returned with their families to Iraq from a six-month refugee in Jordan. The Iraqi president pardoned them, but they were killed three days later.

2002 – In the largest rail crash in Egypt, 361 passengers were killed, 66 wounded when a fire broke out on the Cairo-Luxor line.

Famous people born on February 20

Did you ever wonder who celebrates its birthday when you? And above all do you have something similar to that famous person?

Take a look in the rows below who are the people who are born on the February 20.

1844 – Ludwig Boltzmann, a German physicist.

1886 – Bela Kun, a Hungarian revolutionary.

1901 – Ali Mohammed Negib, an Egyptian politician.

1912 – Pierre Boulle, a French writer.

1918 – Ben Klassen, an American creator and inventor.

1925 – Robert Altman,  an American director and TV producer.

1927 -Hubert de Givenchy, a French fashion designer.

1927- Ibrahim Ferrer, a Cuban singer.

1940 – Barbara Ellis, an American singer.

1940 – Nancy Wilson, an American singer.

1940 -Jimmy Greaves, an English footballer.

1963- Charles Barkley, an American basketball player.

1964 – Rudy Garcia, a French footballer and coach.

1966 – Cindy Crawford, an American supermodel.

1967 – Kurt Donald Cobain, an American poet, singer, songwriter and guitarist of the American rock band Nirvana.

1975 – Brian Littrell, an American singer.

1980 – Sergey Zuev, a Russian football player.

1988 -Robin Rihanna Fenty, an American singer.

Some describe people of the February 20 as sensitive people who can leave a strong impression.

People of the February 20 are very intuitive, sensitive and tender human beings who have complicated personalities; but above all, they can be very unreal and unrealistic, especially when they fall in love.