February 18 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

People who are born on the February 18th are born under the Aquarius Zodiac sign. But, before you think that all Aquarius signs are the same, it is best to read this article. Every person has a specific profile based on the date of birth and some other details.

All the people who are born on February 18th have specific characteristics and these characteristics vary depending on the date of birth. Someone who is born in the beginning of the month is not the same as a person born in the end of the month.

Today we are going to learn more about the character and personality of a person born under the Zodiac sign of Aquarius and which careers are the best for this person. We are also going to dig deeper into the emotional life of this Zodiac sign and see which symbols, lucky numbers and lucky colors belong only to this person.

So, if you are born on this day or someone you know is born on this day, this is a great chance to find out more about the personality and character of this person or your own.

Characteristics and Personality

Aquarius born on February 18th understands life, and people. This person also has good introspection power. His need to understand the world, that is, the time in which he or she lives, is the main driver and motive of this sign. Every injustice, nonsense, and banality makes him angry, although it understands the inevitability, of course, with which he does not rest. Rebellion and revolutionary nature best describe Aquarius born on February 18th. This stems from his spiritual dynamism, which creates a broad perspective on her mind and simply gives her the opportunity to see, even further, the future, even predict, better than many other signs.

They want to be loyal to their friends but they need their freedom. Sometimes it almost seems insensitive. In friendship, this is very ludicrous and unpredictable. They are open, spontaneous, communicative, looking for an adventure, dreaming of a time machine that would take them to the future.

They are emotional, have a modern look at the world, above all, they value freedom, conquer depending on the nature of the friends. If necessary, this person will dress up the qualities that he wants to fascinate his friends, because with intuition he can find out their secret wishes. Sometimes they are opportunists when they are in love, because they cannot bear the feeling of surrender to their whole being.

They say that you are never safe with this person, however, you should be sure of yourself, in your correctness and consistency, and you will not have problems with Aquarius. And remember – Aquarius will come to you only when he thinks that something, or someone, is worth the attention. The moment when he realizes that, for some reason, he does not need you, without words; he will retire and leave your alone. With this person, unwritten rules are more valuable than dead lettering on paper, so never be surprised by her behavior. Ask your heart if such behavior is right, it will give you an answer. Then you may, perhaps, understand Aquarius.

Love Compatibility

Aquarius born on the February 18th is deeply emotional and sensitive. It is not difficult to hurt this person, but, beware, because it can become vindictive. Not cunning, however, requires attention and respect.

Otherwise, very directly without censorship will show you who he or she is and how much it is worth. Believes in the awareness of personal dignity and will let people “cling” on interpersonal relationships, but everything has its limits, for Aquarius – your stupidity and disrepute are inversely proportional to your self-awareness, that is, your morality. Do not think that Aquarius will remain passive to your mistakes and flaws, on the contrary, he will place you in a virtuous way where your place is – you will be confused, hurt, and frustrated. Aquarius, best of all signs, knows how to make crazy, letting you see how you go, but also knows that without censing, it says directly – Enough.

They openly talk about feelings, both their own and others’, and this can lead to antipathy and jealousy. At a young age, people born this day may be emotionally intrusive. It can either affect the total withdrawal from the real world or leave it to dreams and dreams, or creating emotional armor and confronting the whole world. In addition to being very confident in them, these individuals will never retreat into solitude or refuse the help of their friends. Their success depends on focusing on long-term business goals, but also on performing daily tasks.

They best get along with people who are born on the 12th, 23th, 15th, 31th, 21th, 3rd, 5th and 6th. They best get along with people born under the Zodiac sign of Gemini and Libra, but they can form good relationships with people born under the Zodiac sign of Aries and Leo. They are most attracted to partners with whom they can have meaningful conversations and not just a passionate relationship. The mental stimulation is more important to them than anything else, and this is what their partners need to know.

Purpose and Career

They are usually capricious in their work, because they act unexpectedly: can be either irritable or silent. They can work in peace, especially if it requires their talents and creativity.

Also, they can risk life itself, not only to save someone, but also for no particular reason. They often opt for revolutionary activity, and to those who insult them, they do not have the grace.

Among the people born in this sign we can often find geniuses, because their intellect is very developed. They are usually very talented and creative so jobs in art and literature are very common.

They are attracted by all new research ideas, they are original and skeptical, and they like to explore. They deal with inventions and discoveries, especially in the field of electrical engineering and electronics. They have a strong and optimistic imagination, an inventive gift and a persistent, quiet will to realize the idea. They are attracted by the advanced ideas of society and socialism. Most geniuses were born in this sign and on this day. Careers that allow them to be free and to enjoy their work are the best for them. These jobs are going to allow them to use their intelligence and creativity to make something great in life and many of them have all the necessary resources inside of them to make it in the history.


Symbols, Lucky Number and Colors

People who are born on the February 18th have several things in common. They all have same birthstones and they are Amber and Amethyst. They are symbols of balance and inner strength. Their lucky colors are blue-green, grey and navy blue. These colors symbolize friendship, conservative behavior and balance.

The flowers that represent this sign are Chrysanthemum flower and the Orchids. They are symbols of sensibility and grace. The symbolic metal for the people born on February 18th are Aluminum and Platinum. They symbolize strength and power, but also royalty. Lucky numbers for the people born on the February 18th are 4, 14, 24, 15 and 2.

Historical Events on February 18th

  • 1405 – Tartar Emir Timur Lenk (Tamerlan), the conqueror of Persia, India, Mesopotamia and much of Asia Minor, died during the visit to China.
  • 1455 – Italian painter Fra Angelica (Angelico), a Dominican sage, died, one of the most important representatives of the early Renaissance. His most important works are frescoes at St. Mark’s Monastery in Florence and in the Vatican.
  • 1478 – Brother of English King Edward, George, Duke of Clarence (George, Clarence), convicted of betrayal, was murdered in Tauer, London, drowned in a wine barrel.
  • 1546 – German religious reformer Martin Luther (Luther), Augustine monk, founder of Protestantism in Germany, was the most important leader of the European Church Reformation. In 1517, Luther inscribed on the door of the cathedral in Wittenberg 95 the thesis on the reform of the church and called for a public debate, and for that reason he was excommunicated from the Catholic Church.
  • 1564 – Italian sculptor, painter, architect and poet Michelangelo Buonarotti died, with Leonardo and Rafael the greatest artist of high Renaissance. The creator of the famous frescoes in the Sistine Chapel and the monumental sculptures “Pita”, “David”, “Moses”, is buried with the greatest honor in the church of Santa Croce in Florence.
  • 1861 – The first parliament of United Italy declared Sardinian King Vitorio Emanuel II (Vittorio Emanuele) as king of Italy.
  • 1865 – The Union fleet in the American Civil War occupied the city of Charleston, South Carolina, one of the most important strongholds of the southern forces.
  • 1932 – Czech film director Miloš Forman, the most important representative of the “new wave” in Czech cinema, was born. He celebrated the films “The Flying over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” filmed after leaving the US in 1967, the winner of five Oscars, “Amadeus”, for which he also received Oscar, “Hair,” “Suspension,” “The People vs. Larry Flint”.
  • 1952 – Greece and Turkey became NATO members.
  • 1965 – The independence of the African State of Gambia within the British Commons has been proclaimed.
  • 1967 – American atomic physicist Robert Openhimer (Oppenheimer), a professor at the University of California, was the leading expert in the design of the first nuclear bomb in a laboratory in Los Alamos. Since 1953, at the time of “macartism” he was suspected of maintaining connections with the Communists and forbidden work in atomic programs. It was rehabilitated in 1963, and the US Atomic Energy Commission awarded him the Fermi Prize.
  • 1991 – In a terrorist attack by the Irish Republican Army (IRA) at Victoria Station in London, one bomb exploded and one at least 40 injured.
  • 2003 – Over 130 people were killed in a subterranean suburban train in the South Korean city of Tageu, and more than 150 were injured.
  • 2004 – In an explosion in a train that transported a mixture of oil and chemicals, at least 200 people were killed and more than 400 people were injured.
  • 2008 – The United States first officially recognized Kosovo as a sovereign independent state. On the same day, the independence of Kosovo was recognized by France, Great Britain, Germany and Italy.
  • 2013 – Socialist Rafael Korea was re-elected as President of Ecuador.
  • 2014 – In a conflict that arose after the Ukrainian police raided the water cannons of the demonstrators from the central square of Kiev, 13 people lost their lives.

Famous People Born on February 18th

  • 1745 – Born physicist and chemist Alessandro Volta (Italian Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Gerolamo Umberto Volta), known as the battery-breaker, and the first one to isolate gas methane.
  • 1835 – Born Cezar Antonovich Kjui, Russian composer.
  • 1866 – Born Janko Vukotić, Montenegrin and Yugoslav general.
  • 1896 – Born André Breton, a French writer.
  • 1898 – Born Enco Anselmo Ferrari (Italian Enzo Anselmo Ferrari), an Italian fast-moving driver and founder of the auto brand of the same name.
  • 1915 – Born Pina Suriano, Italian bliss.
  • 1932 – Born Miloš Forman, Czech director, screenwriter and actor.
  • 1933 – Born Yoko Ono, a Japanese-American singer and artist.
  • 1933 – Bobby Robson, an English soccer coach and footballer, was born.
  • 1938 – Born István Szabó, Hungarian director.
  • 1954 – Born John Jonathan Travolta, an American actor and dancer.
  • 1957 – Born Marita Koh, an East German athlete.
  • 1963 – Born Anders Frisk, Swedish football referee.
  • 1964 – Born Matt Dillon, American actor.
  • 1967 – Born Roberto Baggio, Italian footballer.
  • 1967 – Born Colin Jackson, British athlete, European and world champion.
  • 1974 – Born Yevgeny Kafesnikov, Russian tennis player.
  • 1975 – Born Geri Neville, English footballer and coach.
  • 1978 – Born Oliver Pocher, a German entertainer and comedian.
  • 1988 – Born Maiara Walsh, American actress.