February 14 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Today, in these modern times, if you consult an astrologer, you will be asked for the exact time, date and place of your birth – this is the fact that is used in the personal horoscope that we all know and use abundantly every day.

Based on this information, the astrologer will see where and how the planets were deployed on the day of your birth, whether they were in harmony or conflict. It’s called natal astrology, and it is something that we most commonly associate with the horoscope.

We talked about how leaders in past times use the advice from astrologers, and rely on their assessments. Many modern leaders, including former US Presidents Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama, and former French president Jacques Chirac had astrologers in their closest and most confident teams, besides consultant and campaign managers.

However, not only kings, queens, and presidents are those who can benefit from astrology; common people can do to. Astrology can be a great way of self-discovering, and through astrology, you can discover some details about your personality, relationships with people, your temperament, hidden desires, and perhaps the purpose of your life.

Personality and Character

What adorns people born on the February 14 is their weird humour and charm, and they are undeniably people who are quick -thinking and imaginative. On top of the things, these people can master higher forms of thought and incredible speed in using difficult situations and make the best outcome.

They are optimistic, and with their scarves conveys a warm mood on everything around them. Their behaviour may create the wrong impression that they are superficial, but humour is just the way of expression.

People of the February 14 are those human beings who show a great deal of honesty in everything they do – superficiality and insignificance cannot be found in their work, because their work leads to a philosophical approach.

These people are always full of ideas that captivate everyone in their surrounding; they are people who will give everything to those who only have his futuristic ideas and desires for the perfect world. They are intuitive and very prone to flirt.

The less developed individuals born on this day can be destructive and have a negative attitude towards life without enduring the authority they can get into significant problems.

Love Compatibility

These people are seemingly relaxed, and they love their relationships strong and passionate, and some representatives of this date are even overly temperamental and even aggressive in love.

They like to show off their love and their lover – but there are times when they want to be hidden from the world, and to keep aside their romantic relationship, rather than continually being at the centre of attention.

People born on this date are very gentle partners in love because they are people who think best of friendship and common ideals and see real beauty in it.

Social, as they are, people of the February 14 are the rulers of the friendships, which most likely means that the flirtation with a potential partner will start first as a friendship. An ideal partner for the people of the February 14 would be one who understands their aspiration for the mental rise of a relationship, rather than a physical one.

Also, the person who wants to be with them must not be in any way old-fashioned, because they are horrified by that.

They are the people who have a lot of love connections but find the greatest joy in the search for that right one, a person that will complete them. Above all, they love to indulge the person they are with, but they also love and envy them.

Also, they strive to create a very harmonious relationship, which, moreover, must not be boring. Their understanding of balance and harmony is not classical, as are most other things when they are concerned. A person who wants to seduce these characters must be progressive and fun, as it will only fit in with this sign and give him both physical and mental excitement.


They enjoy a game called love and therefore never hurry to reach the goal. They want in love to have a fundamental understanding and mental connection because without their love is incomplete. However, when they gain confidence and when they are convinced of the sincerity of the person with whom they are, they quickly become possessive.

As all Aquariuses, people of the February 14 often live in the belief that everything they do is best and that’s why it’s no wonder that a person born in this sign is amazed by another person who possesses their many qualities. Social interaction is very needed for them, and the partner who supports it will be ideal. Also, a person with broad aspects and a free mind have a great chance of seducing these inventive, charming humans.

Purpose and Career

The speed with which their brains work when it comes to work is at an excellent level. They can focus on a particular problem in chaos and solve it successfully. They are great practitioners and are most often surrounded by such people. What creates incredible jealousy in others is that people born on February 14 know how to relax and enjoy.

All people who are born on February 14 must have in mind that their joke and irony can be understood as sarcasm and insult, in their work environment. Although for some time they can be very entertaining, people from their surroundings may feel uncomfortable after all.

These people honestly have a very unusual taste, a specific style of expression, and in some ways, a somewhat “shifted” perception. If you carefully analyse them,  one of the first associations that you get is that these people are “unusual”. This unusuality manifests itself in various ways, such as dressing style and expression, reaction and unpredictability of behaviour. Of course, the main trump card that holds in their hands is their brilliant intelligence.

Because of this, these individuals often know how to act superiorly and ruthlessly in their environment, especially in the workplace where they can show their creativity.

They are great masters in finding excellent or practical solutions, and this is the aspect that can be used in any job. They are very capable and able to use the sense to handle even the slightest chance or to choose the one that bestows them the enormous success, gain and satisfaction. However, no matter how unpredictable, unusual and flicker they are, this is just a partial truth. The real explanation and the “secret” of their success lie in the fact that they act chaotically in the outside world or globally, but they have clear goals and personal priorities in their head. So, people of the February 14 are ready to change many different roles and use many resources before achieving their purpose.

Symbols, Colors and Lucky numbers

The two ruling plants of the persons who celebrate their birthdays on the February 14 are Mercury and Uranus (that is in charge for all Aquariuses).

Mercury gives them burning temperament and the actively developed mind, so they are individuals who can endure the great fate of fate and life disappointment and then quickly recover.  Mercury with the Uranus symbolically contributes to even greater impulsiveness and impatience so that these people definitely cannot silence.

Their number is 5, and their colour is deep red.

Historical Events on February 14

These are some historical events that occurred on the February 14, a date that is most commonly associated with love -it is the Valentine’s Day in many cultures.

269 ​​- During the persecution of Christians, at the time of Emperor Claudius II, a Roman priest and Doctor Valentine made a mark in his time, and this date Catholics celebrate as Valentine’s Day.

1468 – German printer Johan Gutenberg, inventor of typography, an invention that marked a civilisation died. He perfected the printing machine. He printed in 1455 the Bible in more than 100 copies, which was remarkable.

1663 – Canada became a French royal province.

1779 – English sailor and explorer James Cook was killed in Hawaii. His travels and discoveries significantly contributed to the spread of the British colonial empire.

1797 – The British fleet, under the command of Admiral John Jervis and Horace Nelson, smashed the Spanish Armada at Cape Vincent Cape in the far south of Portugal.

1922 – Italian engineer Guglielmo Marconi began the first regular broadcast of radio programs from England.

1929 – Al Capone’s gangsters killed seven members of the Bags Moren rival in Chicago to prevent the theft of smuggled whiskey. This event was called “Massacre on Valentine’s Day”.

1943 – The Soviet Red Army liberated Rostov from the Germans in the World War II.

1956 – The 20th Congress of the Communist Party of the USSR began in Moscow, where party leader Nikita Khrushchev condemned Stalin’s policy and opened the way for the process of destabilisation of the Soviet Union.

1958 – King Faisal of Iraq and King Hussein of Jordan announced the unification of the two kingdoms into the Arab Federation with Faisal as the head of state. The Monarchy in Iraq was shot down in July of the same year, the king was killed, and the Federation collapsed.

1972 – A Soviet space shuttle without a human crew, “Moon 20”, was launched to the Moon, from which he brought samples of Moonlight’s soil 11 days later.

1989 – Iranian religious leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini has ordered a death sentence to an English writer of Indian descent, Salman Rushdie, for his work “Satanic verses”, which in Iran has been rated as blasphemy of Islam. In 1998, the Iranian government fired publicly from the use of the death penalty.

2003 – After six years of life, the first cloned mammal, Doli sheep, was injected with a deadly injection due to symptoms of progressive lung disease.

Famous people born on February 14

So many amazing people share their date of birth, and it is fantastic to remember who are those people who celebrate their birthdays on the Valentines day.

1462 – Edzard I Cirksena, the Great, earl of East-Frisia

1483 –  Zahir-ud-din Muhammad Babur, Timurid founder and 1st Emperor of the Mughal dynasty.

1572 – Hans Christoph Haiden, a German composer, and poet

1847 – Maria Pia of Savoy, the Queen of Portugal

1848  – Benjamin Baillaud, a French astronomer

1913 – Jimmy Hoffa, a Teamsters leader who disappeared in 1975 1915 – Irving Gordon, an American songwriter

1916  – Masaki Kobayashi, a Japanese director

1916 –  Wawrzyniec Zulawski, a Polish composer

1928 – Juan Garcia Hortelano, a Spanish author

1931 – Brian Kelly, an American actor

1936  – Andrew Prine, an American actor

1937 – Magic Sam, a rocker and blues singer.

1944 – Alan Parker, an English actor

1944 – Carl Bernstein, American investigative reporter who covered Watergate affair

1961-  Phillip Hamilton, an American author

1961 – Latifa, a Tunisian singer

1962 – Kevyn Aucoin, an American cosmetologist and makeup artist.

1962 – Michael Higgs, an English actor

1963  – Zach Galligan, an American actor (Gremlins)

1970 – Simon Pegg, a British comedian and actor

1972 – Rob Thomas, an American lead singer of pop band Matchbox Twenty

1978 –  Dean Gaffney, a British actor

1978  – Dwele, an American R&B/Soul singer

1978 – Danai Gurira, an American actress and playwright

We could describe people of the February 14, as people who draw a lot of attention to themselves, whether it’s about the unusual style or very specific expression and their unique behaviour; everything they are in can be used for provocation.

But let us not forget one important thing – they are people who are very emotional, and they know how to attract someone’s attention, and especially, to intimidate their curiosity.

Being their friend, or having them in your life in any shape or form, means having great excitement, many surprises and uncertainty.

To achieve their ideas, they are great masters of life who know how to use different strategies, ranging from great curiosity to hot passions.

Their mood is occasionally very euphoric, eccentric or provocative, but with them, you will never be bored.

People of the February 14 are those who are curious and who continuously strive for new experiences, whether it is cognitive, loving, sensual or mystical.