February 13 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Let us talk more about the Astrology and Zodiac signs, and by talking about some special details you will be able to see how much important and significant astrology can be; and how much its knowledge is scientific.

Many knowledgeable people say that the science of Astrology is, in fact, the skill by which an astrologer, following the movements of celestial bodies (planets, Sun and Moon) and interpreting the symbolism that such moves carry, is projected in an astrological chart. Using it we can take a look at the events from the past, but also to anticipate developments in the future. And this last aspect is something that intrigued people the most, and it is the aspect that is for the majority of people first association with the horoscope.

Some even say that the Astrology is, in fact, a skill or a method of divination, or even by some criteria, it could be called the form of art.

Some astrologers try their best to prove that astrology is a science, while others claim that there is no valid evidence to support these scientific claims.

But we often read articles that deal with our astrological sign, or we look into the characteristics of our birthdate, and we say with joy – OMG, so right! Astrology proves over and over again that it works, it is very applicable and has a high use value.

Personality and Character

People who are born on the February 13, and even if this date seems “unfortunate” in some way since number 13 is considered to be the most unfortunate number in the world, we ensure you that it isn’t.

It is a very favourable number, or to be specific, a date of birth, and they are adorned with the necessary strength to concentrate on a particular goal they set for themselves -they rarely stop until they achieve it. The result is a more distinct character, less obsessed with irrational ideas, mainly interested in what can build the foundations for a harmonious development of their personality and personal interests. They are not like all Aquariuses that they belong to, they lean more to the firm foundations than anybody else.

People of the February 13 are those who can create that profound originality that will lead them to success and happiness in their lives.

These individuals have the chance to achieve a continuous process between spiritual and physical vibrations. The originality, spontaneity, individualism, the openness of the spirit, love of life and spirituality are united to give an idealist, one very active being, whose ideas are not always easy to follow, nor are people able to foresee his work.

But like all Aquariuses, people of the February 13 usually need to fight for some higher purpose, to allow passage of their ideas, to expose them to the broadest audience. This notion excites them, but they sometimes have a very naive view of the world, and this is not only a disadvantage because it allows them to prove in a large number of cases a remarkable freshness of the opinion.

They can be unhappy if their goals don’t achieve in a way that they intended, and this could lead them to slow their progress.

In a way, these individuals are firmly on the ground, regarding their abilities and are confident in their identity, despite the jealousy that they can encounter during life since they are blessed with many amazing qualities that others see too. Only friends that are confident and honest can associate with them.

And in the end, when we are describing the character of the people who celebrate their birthdays on the February 13, we could say that their life activity is devoted to achieving significance and well-being for the world, and they want to attain enormous value in their life. It is, without a doubt, a fascinating personality, an active and fruitful, with a vivacious spirit.

Love Compatibility

But we come to the love area of life, and basically, people of the February 13 are those who are restless in passion, and their approach to the world is immediate rather than diplomatic.

In relationships, they are extrovert and stubborn, and they need a partner who will understand them, before everything else! They are dominant partners who have that character courage and dynamism, and they are those who want to lead that relationship.

They love to fight for their beliefs when needed but prefer to use the spirit when they are seducing and playing that love game.


Since these people are so different from others, and they often get misunderstood and have problems in understanding with their lovers or future partners.

When they find the person who they like, they don’t hesitate to say what they think, no matter how the potential partner will react not their words.

People of the February 13 are those types of lovers who are adorned with incredible curiosity and idealism that is almost inexhaustible – so sometimes they have high expectation from relationships, that end up with the “sour taste”.

Purpose and Career

People of the February 13 are those types of workers who are ready to share their ingenious and creative ideas; they are prepared to implement new plans and are prepared for a quick start whenever is needed, and they are full of optimism and promise. The thirst for freedom and adventures, along with the tendency to risk and the pursuit ideals make them great entrepreneurs, researchers, a stubborn predecessor and born pioneer – they are mostly endowed with high mobility and unbelievable self-confidence if they do the job they love.

It is necessary for them in the work environment to cultivate a bit (restrain) that power that they have and to maintain consistency.

They are intelligent, so they structure ideas well and develop their unique thoughts towards efficiency.

In the end, people of the February 13 are those people who will invest enormous energy into what they believe -in this way they can beat other contestants, outrun them, and succeed.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Everything that exists in our Universe can be described as a symbol and can be translated into the world of symbolic meanings.

People of the February 13 are born under the rule of the Zodiac sign Aquarius, and they are under the planetary government of the Uranus. This planet is responsible for all changes that can occur in the life of one individual, and in the presence of these people also, and those changes are structural.

Another symbol should be mentioned, and it is waves – they are the symbol of Aquarius – and their power can be reflected everywhere in the world. People are surrounded, even partially under the influence of waves. It is true that these waves change people, even physically.

Another symbol that can be seen through their date of birth is number 13.02, and number 13 is for some consider to be the most unfortunate number on the plant, but for others, it is something extraordinary. And these people are like that – they can be misunderstood and they can, make their lives miserable or can do quite the opposite if they believe in their identity.

Their favourite colour is yellow, and their number is 7.

Historical Events on February 13

There is almost no century where some vital event did not mark date February 13.

1633 – An Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei arrived in Rome for a trial before the Inquisition -he claimed that the Earth revolves around the sun.

1668 – By the agreement signed in Lisbon, Spain recognised the independence of Portugal.

1689 – King of England and Scotland William III of Orange and his wife Mary, the daughter of the overthrown English proctological king James II, declared sovereignty over Great Britain and Ireland.

1793 – Great Britain, Prussia, Austria, the Netherlands, Spain and the Sardinian Kingdom, allied with revolutionary France.

1861 – The siege of Gaeta ended, which in fact marked the end of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

1880 – Thomas Edison observed Edison’s effect, which later shaped the basis of the diode vacuum tubes of John Ambrose Fleming.

1895 – In Paris, the brothers Lumière patented a film projector.

1935 – A jury in Flemington, New Jersey declared Bruno Hauptman guilty of the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindbergh’s son.

1945 – A hundred British bombers started bombing Dresden. During the two days of the bombing, the city was destroyed, and it was estimated that some 35,000 people were killed.

1945 – The Soviet Red Army, in World War II, liberated Budapest after 50 days of siege that killed 50,000 German soldiers.

1960 – After a successful nuclear test, France became the fourth country in the world to acquire nuclear weapons.

1961 – The UN Security Council decided to send international peacekeeping troops to the Congo to prevent the outbreak of civil war in that country.

1970 – Swiss writer of popular fiction Erich von Däniken was convicted of fraud for three and a half years in prison.

1971- The South American forces attacked Laos with US air and artillery support.

1984 – The Secretary General of the Communist Party of the USSR and the state became Constantine Chernyenko, succeeding the deceased Yuri Andropov. After Chernyanka’s death, which ruled for less than a year, Mikhail Gorbachev, the seventh and last leader of the USSR, entered the government.

1988 – The XV Winter Olympics opened in Calgary (Canada), which lasted until February 28 and for the first time have 16 days and three weekends.

1990 – USSR, USA, Great Britain, France and two German states announced a plan to unite Germany.

1991 – US bombers destroyed a shelter in Baghdad “identified” as a military post, in which, however, civilians sought to rescue from air strikes. According to Iraqi sources, about 500 people died, including a large number of children and women.

2000 – Pope John Paul II demanded forgiveness for all the sins of the Roman Catholic Church in the past, including the attitude towards the Jews and heretics.

2001 – Earthquake magnitude 6.6 hit Salvador, killing about 400 people.

2001 – American En Bancroft and Norwegian Liv Arnesen became the first women to cross the Antarctic. Their “journey” of 2,700 kilometers lasted for 90 days.

2002 – British Queen Elizabeth II awarded the honorary knight of the former Mayor of New York, Rudolf Giuliani, for his role after the terrorist attacks on the city on September 11, 2001.

2003 – After the fall of a US government aircraft in the southern province of Colombia, one Defense Ministry official was killed, and three were abducted. Another Colombian army intelligence officer was also killed.

Famous people born on February 13

Painters, singers, musicians, humanitarians and politicians – they all share their date birth, and this proves that people that are born on the February 13 can do anything and make a great career.

711 P.C – Jimmu Tenno, the first emperor and founder of Japan.

1682 –  Giovanni Piazzetta, an Italian painter.

1718 –  George Rodney, a British admiral.

1766 – Thomas Robert Malthus, an English demographer and economist.

1873 – Fyodor Ivanovich Shalyapin, a Russian opera singer.

1888 –  Georgios Papandreou, a Greek politician and prime minister.

1903 –  Georges Simenon, a Belgian writer.

1910 –  William Shockley, an American physicist.

1933 –  Marilyn Pauline Kim Novak, an American actress who was one of the most famous movie stars in the 1950s.

1944 –  Jerry Springer, an American TV personality.

1950 –  Peter Gabriel, an English musician, record producer and humanitarian.

1960 –  Pierluigi Collina, an Italian football referee.

1972 –  Virgilijus Alekna, a Lithuanian athlete.

1974 –  Robbie Williams, an English singer and entertainer.

1975 –  Dumitru Mitu, a Romanian former footballer.

1981 – Ânderson Luís da Silva – Luisão, a Brazilian footballer.

If we want to describe people who celebrate their birthdays on the February 13, we could say that they have many qualities to them, and even their naivete is disarming, so much sincerity and honesty can surprise everyone.

They are idealists and enthusiasts; nothing stops them on their path towards achievement and personal development. Learn to rest, why keep running is maybe the best advice that these people can get.

They love freedom and are fighters for personal independence, which sometimes knows to be over-represented.