February 11 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Before we speak more about this specific date of birth and all its characteristics, traits, and flaws, we should say a few words about the astrology that is so connected with this aspect.

The highest number of astrologers regards astrology as a doctrine, so in many articles, you will notice the beginning of them that is almost identical – “Astrology is a science that …”

This sentence is true and false at the same time because if you look it from an angle of the astrologer or someone who is dealing with the astrology in some professional way, who has studied and understood its complexity for years, and if we look at what astrology represented in some ancient times, we will undoubtedly say that it is an excellent science.

Also, astrology is compared to some of the lessons of philosophy, much more exacting, and can be looked through this objective.

However, if we look at this topic from the angle of someone who is not an expert, but only a person who wants to know more, who has the mind focused on pure science and logic, the definition of astrology as a science is not good, and we could say that it is a method.

But, whatever case might be – you could find out so much information about yourself and the things to come, and the importance of the Zodiac signs cannot be overlooked.

Personality and Character

Description of the people who are born on the February 11 can start by saying that they are unusual, different, and they are the people who think that they are always at the top of the world. This is an aspect that most of the Aquariuses (and they belong to this Zodiac sign too) have, in smaller or bigger portion.

They are impulsive, but good friends, first and foremost advisers that genuinely want to help people in their lives so that they are remembered as those who made a difference for better – helping and seeing the results of that help is their reward. As all Aquariuses, people of the February 11 are observers, forecasters to the time that is about to come, to the future; and what that forecast will be, depends on their nature -it can be positive and optimistic or negative and pessimistic.

One of their flaws can be that they are incredibly impatient; they do not like when something does not happen fast, according to their (sometimes exaggerated) expectations. They are anxious people who hate to wait for anything in their lives, even if they know that rushing will make things worse. They cannot help themselves from rushing things, to make that change faster.

Life without stress and rush is not the life for the people who celebrate their birthdays on the February 11, therefore, deliberately or not, they can neglect some essential things in their lives, and they tend to regret later in life. These individuals need to learn to wait and to notice small and significant things that make life great.

They are entertaining, and they are always surrounded by many colourful friends from different parts of the world. On top of all, these people are adventurers who love the unknown; and what also describes them is the fear that staying long in one place will limit them in many ways than one.

Love Compatibility

Love is an essential aspect of the life of these people, and whoever enters with them in a love relationship or marriage, could consider themselves very lucky. Some say that they are the leading premium on a lottery called love – they take a lot in love, but give even more! You will have a partner who is cute, curious, educated and informed, always genuine and exciting -these are like people of the February 11 in love. And we all want that from our lovers.

The fact that they have so many good qualities is reflected in the fascinating number of friends they have, who share many of their interests and the fight for humanitarian purposes. This is also love for the – love for the humanity.

Their partners are usually proud of them in society, because of their high intellectual values ​​and imagination, and a certain charm.

Love relationships and marriage are never perfect, but they are the partners that are always with their lovers (emotionally and as support), they are warm and gentle, and most importantly, very genuine. If they are faking anything, be sure that you will notice.

Ok, nothing is perfect, and their life is not also – some of the people who celebrate their birthdays on the February 11 are not committed to just one partner, and if you do not want to suffer, do not bind to them so strongly, because in the end you will realise that you have fallen in love with a superficial, and at times empty person who is not interested in your attitudes, difficulties and joy at all.


Not all representatives of this date are like this, but some of them can be like that, especially in love department of life.

Purpose and Career

People of the February 11 can indeed be too fascinated by their business ambitions and fail to perceive the essence of everything that happens around realistically or can happen – even with all that imagination; they can miss some things. In their work environment, they are the people who are ambitious in a way that they already begin to craze themselves with very significant ideas and achievements. It can be something that holds them in a kind of good motivation that they like.

However, people of the February 11 can soar up to that extent by work, that his entire life is reduced to just about it, work, work and just work. After all, the consequences can be such that they merely create success on the business plan, but that it costs a lot in both emotional and in every other way, that their social life is equal to zero or, at best, to socialize only with colleagues and even and choose the life partner among the same milieu, with the same ambitions.

When they find their dream job, they are efficient and responsible workers, who cannot wait to climb the ladder of success. They will certainly not be fooled, but they must have the freedom to do their job in their way, and this is a place of work conflicts.

As bosses, these people are great in the way that they find that is important to respect the deadlines, to contribute to faster and better performance continually, appreciate everyone’s ideas and respect the opinions of other people. With them you can socialise, they are very flexible and confident but do not burden them with family problems as he is not interested in it.

Of course, they show much more impatience than they can tolerate in their employees.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Since planet, Uranus is responsible for all Aquariuses people, and people of the February 11 also fall under that category, they are blessed with a great way of manifesting individuality, originality, freedom and independence.

They are the people who are under the Uranus, and they are or can be, the innovators and pioneers, beginners of new ideas, reforms and technologies that change the world.

Symbolically their date of birth 11.2 is excellent in a way that this is a mainly positive number, which brings greatness to everything they do, and the number 2 gives that negativity in some of their actions.

Their colour is deep blue, almost black, like a colour of the deepest sea, and their numbers are 33 and 4.

Historical Events on February 11

History of humanity is filled with the events that shaped all of us in a way, no matter if that event happened in our country or close or distant past. We are all connected.

1868 – French physicist Jean Bernard Leon Fuko died, who measured Arman Fizoom’s speed of light. By looking at the pendulum, Fuko’s experiment proved the rotation of the Earth.

1873 – Under the pressure of the Republicans Spanish king was abdicated and the first Spanish republic was proclaimed.

1879 – French painter and sculptor Onore Domes, the most celebrated cartoonist of the nineteenth century, died.

1889 – In Japan, the Constitution was enacted by the Parliament, but the Emperor retained the executive power.

1919 – Friedrich Ebert was elected as the first president of Germany, who became a republic after the World War II.

1929 – The independent State of Vatican created the Lutheran Treaty of Italy and the Holy Chapel. This was resolved by the “Roman Question”, the dispute between the Italian state and the Holy Chapel in 1870, after the accession of Italy to the papal state and the city of Rome.

1945 – The conference of leaders of the three major powers of the anti-Hitler coalition ended in Crimea. US President Roosevelt, USSR leader Stalin and British Prime Minister Churchill coordinated military plans for the end of the World War II.

1970 –  Japan became the fourth country in the world to launch an artificial satellite.

1971 – Representatives of 63 nations signed an agreement to ban the storage of nuclear weapons in the seas and oceans in the world.

1975 – Margaret Thatcher was elected to President of the Conservative Party as the first woman to become the head of a political party in the UK.

1990- Nelson Mandela, African National Congress leader, was released after 27 years in South African prisons.

1996- In a powerful explosion of a car-bomb in Algeria, 17 people were killed, injuring more than 90.

2001 – About 7,500 people demonstrated in Germany against the Neo-Marxist march that brought together about 250 supporters.

2002 – In response to attacks on Israeli civilians, Israeli planes and helicopters attacked Palestinian security centres in Gaza.

 Famous people born on February 11

Politicians, actors, singers and inventors, they all share their birthdate, and similar characteristics – intellect and imagination, in its wondrous forms.

1380 – Gianfrancesco Poggio Bracciolini, a humanist of the Italian Renaissance.

1466 – Elizabeth of York, the Queen of England and the wife of King Henry VII.

1847 –  Thomas Alva Edison, an American inventor.

1869 – Else Lasker-Schüler, a German writer.

1917 – Sidney Sheldon, an American writer and screenwriter.

1920 – Farouk I, the Egyptian king.

1926 – Leslie Nielsen, an American actor and comedian.

1934 – Manuel Noriega, a Panamanian politician and statesman.

1934 – Mary Quant, a British fashion designer and mini-skirt designer.

1936 – Burton Reynolds, an American actor.

1939 – Gerry Goffin, an American songwriter.

1941 – Sergio Mendes, a Brazilian jazz musician.

1958 – José Vicente (Pepu) Hernandez, a Spanish basketball coach.

1962 – Sheryl Crow, an American singer and songwriter.

1969 – Jennifer Joanna Aniston, an American actress.

1970 – Fredrik Thordendal, a Swedish musician.

1971 – Steve McManaman, an English footballer.

1974 – Nick Barmby, an English footballer and coach.

1976 – Ricardo Alexandre Martins Soares Pereira, a Portuguese footballer.

1976 – Kristian Mago, an Italian soccer player.

1981 – Kelly Rowland, an American singer and actress.

1983 –  Rafael van der Vaart, a Dutch footballer.

1985 –  Casey Dellacqua, an Australian player.

1992 – Taylor Lautner, an American film actor.

Individuals who celebrate their birthdays on the February 11 find that priority importance is to work independently and genuinely. They are brave, resourceful, honest and open, but also prone to tantalising behaviour, individual extremism and fanatism.

They are able, if they try, to provide generations and individuals who enter new value systems, especially those related to managing money and assets. These are the most significant reformers of the society (they can be), a determined person with a clearly defined goal, efficient and original in implementing the idea to work.

The people of the February 11 are often forced to adapt to existing systems and conservatism, which, in bad aspects, can lead an individual to extreme stubbornness and intransigence.

Poor elements of their character show people who like to do things faster than possible, so it can happen to get rich “overnight symbolically,” but everything ends up with a loss.