Elk – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Elk are powerful animals with unpredictable character, provoking feelings of respect and admiration.

They have a peaceful outlook, but can easily charge without warning.

Elk are social animals, usually living in large herds, but a lone elk is not an uncommon sight. Their reflexes are strong and they react to danger instantaneously due to their evolved surviving instincts.

They fight very aggressively for the right to mate, up to the point of killing the opponent or getting killed. They can also be a fierce opponent to almost any wild animal, including bears.

As a spirit animal, the elk is a strong symbol, and is one of the most powerful spirit animals.

What does the Elk Symbolize?

Elk is a symbol of endurance and strength. It symbolizes steady progress without wasting much energy. It also symbolizes socializing, valuing bonds and relationships with others, passion and royal behavior.

It can be a reminder to stop competing and realize that all is not about winning. It may also be reminding us to slow down and start looking after our well – being.

The elk is also a strong encouragement about our love life. It also means support of family and friends, who are always ready to help us.

Elk symbolize bonding and relationships, but they also are a symbol of retreat and having some time off of everyone to balance.

Elk can be a reminder to keep our sometimes aggressive temper and tendencies under control.

It is also a symbol of courage, survival and defensiveness. They are also a symbol of being in the center of attention in a personal and professional sense.

Elk have what is called “royal posture”, and people with elk as their totem are often considered to have one, along with other benefits that go with that role, such as good connections, protection, opportunities and help.

Elk are also a symbol of power and pride. If this is your totem it can help you feel more secure and confident. It can also encourage you to persevere in difficult situations.

The Meanings of the Elk as a Spirit Animal

The elk as a spirit animal can have many different meanings. Here are some of them:

Energy, strength and endurance. The elk is a symbol of our strength and endurance to accomplish whatever we set your mind to or that we’ll always get what we need. It’s an encouragement to trust our power of making the right decisions in the right moment and with the best possible results.

If elk is your spirit animal, its appearance may signify that you might have been pushing yourself too hard lately. That is why the appearance of elk might be a reminder to stop overworking.


Maybe you’ve taken a lot of responsibilities recently, and the elk is telling you to give up on some of them, or delegate your duties and save much needed energy.

If you see an elk in times when you are preparing for some hard work, it is wise to check first if you have the strength and the required energy to finish everything in time.

If you are not sure you have enough energy, it is advisable to slow down your pace and maybe redefine your goals and objectives. Otherwise, you might be ending up completely burned up and wasted, maybe even to the point of getting sick of exhaustion.

The elk could be a serious warning about your health worsening due to excessive overworking, so if you are in that category, take it very seriously.

Elk often appears when it’s time to take a break and relax. Don’t do more than you need or you are required to and use the rest of the time for yourself and the things you enjoy.

It is always a reminder to not overdo something thus putting yourself and your health at risk.

Relationships. When elk appears it might mean that it’s time to spend some time out with our friends or even family members so we relax and gain much needed positive energy.

It is also a reminder to value our relationships and bonds with others and take good care of them, investing our time and effort so they may flourish.

If elk appears in your life remember to be thankful for the relationships that are enriching your life.

Passion. Sometimes elk is a symbol of sexual passion, and warns us not to exaggerate in such activities to the point they ruin our reputation.

If elk appears in your life, you should start using your talents and passion for creating and fulfilling your desires and dreams.

Royal demeanor. Elk might signify our strong self – image and confidence. If elk is your spirit animal you are probably a person with a lot of personal and professional contacts, some of them with people that are well – known or even powerful.

Elk’s appearance might be encouraging you to be sure in yourself knowing that you will have a lot of opportunities and support to succeed.

Stop competing. This spirit animal is a reminder to stop looking at everything as a contest or a game where somebody needs to be the winner.

The elk is a reminder for you to stop competing. You don’t always have to be the winner. This way of thinking will improve your luck for the better, the moment you accept it.

Love encouragement. Elk can be a symbol that gives us support while waiting for the right love to come. You are assured that everything you want in love will come to you, just be patient and stop forcing it.

True love is worth waiting for, and if you have felt depressed about love lately, don’t be, the elk is telling you to have faith and patience. Your luck might be right around the corner.

Pride. If elk is your spirit animal, it means that pride is one of your personality traits. Sometimes elk will appear in situations when you need to show your pride or in situations in which you will be proud of yourself.

Courage. Elk can somehow appear in situations when you are feeling overwhelmed with fear. In such situations its appearance encourages you to be brave and confront the situations you fear. It will fill you with feelings of confidence and courage.

Aggression. Elk can be aggressive if somehow provoked. If it’s your spirit animal, it might mean that you lose your temper easily. When it appears it might warn you to try keeping your reactions under control.

Elk as Your Totem Animal

If elk is your totem animal, this indicates your strong, independent and proud personality. You are smart and sharp minded. You are also very protective towards the ones’ you love.

You have an observing nature, with an eye for details, and you are well informed about what’s going on. You love learning new things and you learn fast. Also, you are extremely curious. You enjoy exchanging knowledge and information with others.

Your nature is also loyal and kind. You love company, but sometimes can be a loner.

Elk as a spirit animal might also reveal your character as temperamental and unpredictable. Maybe you experience shifts in behavior, even to the point of being aggressive at times. Sometimes this can signify you being impatient, to the point of not being persistent enough to finish what you’ve started.

Sometimes it means you need a variety of friends with different interests, to keep you entertained.

You don’t trust others easily, and your trust is hard to gain. That is true also in romantic relationships. It takes a lot for your fire to start.

Elk as a totem might also reveal that you are often dissatisfied when you need to make changes in your views as a result of some new knowledge you attained.

Sometimes this totem can describe you as a person with a tendency towards negative thinking and speaking patterns which can bother the ones who accompany you. At times you even worry about things you can’t change to the point you are over stressed.

What if the Elk Appears in Your Life?

If elk appears in your life it can bring you courage to endure in some difficult situation. It can also encourage you to be proud of yourself and of your gifts and also to use them proudly.

The elk sometimes appears in situations when you are competing with someone, encouraging you to treat them as a part of a team with a common goal to achieve.

Sometimes elk foretells abundance coming into your life, and getting everything you need. It also encourages you to follow your goals.

When to call on Elk?

-There are times when you should call on your spirit animal.
-You should call on Elk:
-To help you get the answers you need.
-If you are feeling overstressed and overworked.
-If you need someone’s help and support.
-When you are out of balance.

Dreams about the Elk – Interpretation and Meaning

Seeing elk in dreams symbolizes endurance and strength. It can also signify the need to have a healthier diet and way of living.

Elk in dreams can be a reminder to spend more time with your friends and family.

Sometimes dreams about elk might be foretelling problems in the near future, which you will overcome using the most prominent elk traits: strength, courage and stamina.