Dreams of Levitation – Meaning and Symbolism

It is said that dreams are, in fact, lucid stories and illustrations of what’s happening in our lives, not in the other person life, and the dreams are necessarily a picture of the dreamer’s inner state.

Therefore, before you begin to decipher the dream world, you need to focus on your life, and not on the life of the person who you, for example, see in your dream.

Even when you are the object in a dream, you are the main cause of a motive.

What are we trying to say is that even if the dream symbolism is general for all people, the interpretation of dreams is very personal and unique, cause in the centre of dreams you should put yourself, with all that is hidden.

One of the common dreams for the majority of people is the dream about levitating, and we must add that this dream does not have to do much with dreams of flying that are a completely different type of dream that carries different meaning and symbolism.

So, this is the dream that can be interpreted in many different ways, depending on the context of the dream. In most cases, dreaming that you are levitating has very positive meanings and represents the high expectations that you have in your life.

But of course, here we can also find numerous exceptions, depending on other aspects of a dream, but the thing that you should know is that you are always in the centre of this dream, even if someone else is Levitating.

Meaning of Dreams of Levitation

In certain dream symbolism, dreams of Levitation shows that you are the type of person who sticks to strange and unusual ideas in life, and you do not see any problem in it, but your surroundings are not so open to them, so it is the cause of your anxiety.

Even if this dream can point to a personality who has a lot of creativity and who has artistic nature and is not afraid to show it, you need to be more realistic in your actions – or your ideas are meant to stay in the realm of your dream world, not reality.

Alternatively, the dream in which you are levitating means that you may not feel justified or safe in your life; and in some ways, you are helpless and unconnected with those around you.

In dreams where others are levitating, the meaning of such dream is that you are the person (you see how much all dreams are connected to you, not someone else) with a strong desire to be helpful and provide support to others.

Alternatively, this means that you admire someone else’s ability, so you are trying to do the same.

In the end, some general meaning of such dream of Levitation is your support – that you may not have, or the one that you are ready to give.

Also, this dream indicates that you are trying to balance too many things in your life. You have no conclusion, or you have not made a decision about something.

It has the meaning that you are aware of your life in your life, and are skilled and able to achieve all wishes and ideas and that nothing can stop you in progress or in the realization of hope, and in the realization of some of your great ideals.

Depending on the type of emotions that you feel in your dream of Levitation, its interpretation can be seen differently.


If you feel joy while you are Levitating, this means that at the current time you are in the waking life, you have a perfectly established control over your life. You are full of self-confidence and know exactly what you want, even if you do not have any support or understanding from your loved ones. It is a confirmation that you are a strong individual.

Nobody and nothing can change the direction of your movement towards the goal you have, and obstacles are just challenges, not problems that cannot be solved.

If you are Levitating and you feel fear and discomfort, this dream means that at the moment you are experiencing an unpleasant and troubled time at the moment or that you are overburdened with negative emotions.

These emotions do not have to do with any specific event or a person in your life, but, you have accumulated a lot of negativity, and it definitely reflects in a dream world.

Obstacles as a motive in levitating dreams, in fact, are people who challenge you in opposition and oppose your attitudes.

The Symbolism of Dreams of Levitation

The symbolic of a dream in which you are levitating, but you are not going very far, and do not want actually to fly, is a potentially positive and implies that you are a person who easily realizes your goals and success and overcome obstacles because you are aware of your potential.

If a feeling of fear is present while you are levitating in your dream, it is a symbol of underdeveloped ambition, and it means that you are not the person who is aspiring to the position and power of society, and you are satisfied with those small and valuable things that you already have.

Also, this is a very often symbolic dream of the fact that you are aware of your real possibilities, and do not tend to achieve something unrealistic and too ambitious, and that is why you are getting the plans and realizing ideas and desires, which are very modest.

If you are levitating in your dream, and you are doing that very fast, and you are not scared of that, it is the symbol that you have succeeded in “wandering into the heavenly spaciousness,” and that you also feel bliss and endless happiness and joy with your life. In this sense, this is the dream of confirmation that you are doing the right thing.

But, if the dream in which you are levitating depicts you as a person who is struggling with it, it can be a symbol of your doubt that is caused by your environment that does not believe in you.

If the dream of Levitation depicts you flying on some sort of board, it is the symbol of a new idea in your life that you are trying to implement in the world.

If in a dream you see yourself trying to levitate, and in that attempt, you are running so that you can stay in the air for a long time, once again, it carries a great symbolism – you are the person ready to work hard, and try even after failing.

In the end, if in a dream that you are having, see yourself levitating with other people, it is the symbol that you have some kind of authority in the environment that you are in, and that your ideas are well accepted.

Do I have to be worried?

So, as you were able to see, almost every version of this dream brings excitement and is not really considered one of the most common dreams that people have, like for example, flying.

The worrying part comes at the moment when this dream symbolizes you as the person who is not completely in accordance with capabilities and knowledge, and the effort and commitment you proud of.

In one of the version, this is the dream that makes you think about your support system in life that does not give you enough comfort.

This means that you will find a way to overcome and outsmart your enemies, and if you have interrupted flying due to obstacles, it means that your enemies will outwit you and will cause you to give up on a particular goal. Try to be more self-centered and not bewildered when getting into obstacles, in this way you can become more accepted, along with your ideas that are maybe a bit different than others expect or want.

What to do if I had this dream?

As we have said, this is the dream that is directed to you – either you are the person who is willing to support others in their dreams, and in this sense, this is a positive dream with positive symbolism.

Also, it is the indication that you are a person with unique artistic tendencies who is not scared to show it to the world, and the advice is that you keep up with such work.

But, in some alternative versions of this dream about Levitation, it carries the symbolism of true awareness of your own potential, and all that you should do is to become a little bit more realistic so that those goals become real.

Also, this dream can also mean that you have, for a certain reason, gained the impression that you are “above” others and that you are untouchable.

Review your views and if you realize that this type of interpretation of flying dreams is more relevant to you, be more careful and try to be more objective about yourself, the people around you and your place among them.

Therefore, it is very important whether you have succeeded in overcoming obstacles easily or overcoming obstacles because of these obstacles.


As a rule, Levitation dreams are mostly followed by extremely strong and usually pleasant emotions. However, sometimes such dreams can be accompanied by unpleasant emotions, such as fear, if we struggle to levitate.

Dreaming of Levitation means that something good will happen to you; you are the person who wants to correct things, in his own way, that others may feel is not adequate. You will succeed in doing this, but you will need little help from the outside world.

If you see in a dream that someone else is levitating, you will decide to start again. You will find it difficult to make a decision, but it will be good in the end.

In both cases, this is the dream that carries good symbolism.

So, as you were able to see – the dreams about Levitation carry good symbolism that depicts your personality that is strong, innovative and different than others. And the only problem is in the obstacles that you may encounter in life, as a product of misunderstanding.