Dreams About Surgery – Interpretation and Meaning

Health is a very sensitive issue. Even minor concerns about our well –being might cause serious attacks of anxiety and bad mood.

Going on a surgery or having a surgery scheduled is something most people find terrifying and can’t stop worrying about. Such worry sometimes transfers to their dreams and they dream various dreams involving surgery.

The meaning of a dream about surgery depends on the fact whether you are currently undergoing some medical checkups or procedures, or not.

If, for example, you have some scheduled checkup, such a dream is a result of your anxiety expecting the event to happen, and its outcome, and usually doesn’t indicate anything seriously wrong with your health.

If you dreamed about surgery without having a scheduled medical appointment prior to your dream, such a dream has a different meaning.

These dreams signify your subconscious need and desire to remove something, or cut something out of your life. It can be anything you don’t want in your life anymore, a person, a bad trait or a habit, etc.

You can often dream about having a surgery in periods when you are undergoing some turmoil in a personal relationship, and you want that person out of your life.

That is the reason why you dream about surgery, which symbolizes your desire to remove from your life those problems and the person who causes them.

Dreams about surgery are often dreamed in periods of some important changes in your life. Usually the changes are about the way you feel about yourself.

These dreams can also be signs of confronting and eliminating important issues from your life. Sometimes, they indicate your feelings about a serious intervention being required to solve some problem. They might also indicate the need to let something go, no matter how hard it is for you to do that.

A surgery on a certain part of your body indicates cutting away feelings and ideas which are not good for you.

Dreaming about surgery might also signify your mind being occupied with everyday thoughts and worries, without time to relax and think about some more meaningful things.

Dreams about surgery often might announce some bad events happening soon, such as accidents, illnesses or overall bad feelings and mood.

For young women, dreams about having a surgery might be a very bad sign, indicating some serious illness in the near future.

As a precaution, it is advisable to go on a health checkup after this dream.

Dreams About Surgery – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming about going on a surgery. If you dreamed about you or someone else, going on a surgery, such a dream might be a sign you need to remove something from your life, like a person, a situation, some issue, etc. because it is a bad influence on you.


Maybe some authority is attempting to persuade you to do something you don’t want.

Dreaming about undergoing a surgery. If you dreamed about undergoing a surgery, such a dream might indicate your feelings about some parts of your personality, like your attitude or personal style, causing you problems in life.

This dream might also indicate some bad changes coming ahead, but you will eventually get used to them.

Dreams about undergoing a surgery might also indicate stagnation in some part of your life, because of problems you might be having.

If you dreamed the surgery was successful, such a dream might signify something important, happening soon in your life.

These dreams might also indicate being ready for emotional healing. Maybe you need to eliminate something bad and negative from your life.

Sometimes, this dream might signify the influence of some authority in your life. Maybe you are forced to behave or act in a certain way you don’t approve.

Very often such a dream signifies your angst and concerns about your health or an upcoming surgery.

Dreaming about someone undergoing a surgery. If you dreamed about someone undergoing a surgery, such a dream might indicate something you want that person to remove or cut out of his or her life or personality.

Sometimes, this dream might indicate removing something from your life which is connected to the person you have dreamed about.

Sometimes, the person from the dream has nothing to do with the meaning of your dream, and the only important symbol is the surgery itself.

You will determine if the dream had more to do with you, or the person you dreamed about, if you consider the feelings you had during the dream. If you were focused more on the person having the surgery, in such case, their appearance is important for the meaning of your dream.

Conversely, if the main focus was the surgery itself, most likely the person was in your dream by chance.

Dreaming about recovering after having a surgery. If you dreamed about recovering after you had a surgery, such a dream might indicate you might need some medical help in the near future.

Dreaming about having a plastic surgery. If you dreamed about having a plastic surgery, such a dream might signify trying to improve your self – esteem and self – image.

Sometimes, this dream might be a result of actually planning a plastic surgery and expecting that moment. Maybe you are having second thoughts, or you are afraid of a possible negative outcome.

Dreaming about having a facelift surgery. If you had a facelift surgery in a dream, such a dream might indicate a rise in your confidence and self – esteem.

Dreaming about seeing a surgeon. If you saw a surgeon in your dream, such a dream might indicate the need to pay attention to your mental health.

This dream might be an indication some problems are coming your way, which you have to carefully resolve, bit by bit.

Dreaming about being a surgeon. If you dreamed about being a surgeon, such a dream might indicate the need to pay attention to your overall health and take better care of yourself.

Sometimes, this dream indicates the need to solve some problem you have, analyzing it thoroughly prior to solving it.

Dreaming about watching a surgery. If you dreamed about watching a surgery being performed, such a dream might signify potential danger coming from your business partners.

This dream might also be an unfortunate forewarning about worsening of the health condition of some friend of yours, who is currently sick, and that situation making your bond even deeper.

Dreaming about showing someone your surgery marks. If you dreamed about showing someone the marks from a surgery you have undergone, such a dream is a good sign and might indicate getting a promotion soon, due to your efficiency and effort demonstrated in your work.